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Envious Desire

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Envy, trust, fabrication, deception, betrayal ... can love thrive with depraved intentions skulking at every corner? Can a relationship survive the turmoil of a begrudged heart? Will Axle locate his love? Will Eric and Shelly sail off into the sunset in marital bliss? Will Jade allow the possibility of love into her life again? Can Amanda move beyond what's mutilated her heart most? Enjoy the twisted tales as truths unfold, treacheries are exposed, and envy lurks in the shadows.

Fantasy / Romance
Marie Terry
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“Honey, I’m home!”

Her playful voice jolts me in the dead silence. Raising my eyes to her, I allow my pen to gravitate to the paperwork. With ease, my back slopes against the seat in anticipation of what’s to come next.

Coming into view, a single red stiletto hugs the doorway, following up her voluptuous legs, black stockings conceal her creamy flesh. Caressing her thigh, she exposes each delectable inch of her leg until her stocking is revealed as thigh highs causing my mouth to water. Her hand makes its way up her skin giving a slight glimpse of something black. Fuck, she can turn me on just by her presence.

Entering the room, the click of her heels on the floor excites me with each seductive step. I gawk in awe at the masterpiece before me, my heart accelerates taking in the beauty that is Chloe.

The curve of her face, her almond shaped eyes, the accentuated cheekbones, cinnamon colored iris’, that lighten depending on the day, her infectious smile. Her mannerisms are beyond anything from this planet. She is the embodiment of perfection.

She’s adorned in an above the knee trench coat dress tied at the waist. Ugh!!! This woman can get my dick hard just by existing.

“Excuse me. Are you Mr. Cross?”

She’s all doe eyed and innocent with a hint of lust dripping in her voice. I chuckle attempting to maintain my composure.

Clearing my throat, “Yes, how may I help you Ms...?”

“Ms. Knox.”

“Ms. Knox.”

“I was informed you’re the best investigator and I require your assistance... desperately.”

“Assistance with what exactly?”

“Acquiring something I’ve been seeking.”

“Could you please be a bit more explicit?”

“Of course!”

Reaching for the bottom of the dress, her hands flow upwards, undoing each button as her amber eyes burn into my soul. Reaching the top, her trench coat sways just enough to expose her black lingerie, peeking from the shadows.

Mouthwatering at the sight of her, my pants motion. Tensing my jaw at the lewd thoughts of being balls deep, filling every warm inch of that sweet pussy of hers, I need to adjust in my seat in continuation of our roleplay.

Raising one hand to uncover her shoulders, she allows the coat to pool at her feet, surrounding her red stilettos. Only Chloe can discard an 800 dollar coat dress on the floor and make it so fucking seductive.

Fuck this woman is going to give me a fucking heart attack. She’s wearing a black triangle lace bra, exposing her perfectly round nipples through the fabric. A single strap wraps around her waist with what I would assume four straps with clips to hold up those black thigh highs on those voluptuous thighs of hers.

Of course I would assume that lace triangle piece covering her core is a thong with a tiny string riding up that ample ass of hers. My head moves back and forth with the slightest movement, she really is a marvel to gaze upon.

Licking her lower lip, sucking it in, she raises one eyebrow. Oh, she wants to play, does she? She has no idea how ready I am, the tent popping up is shamelessly betraying how aroused the very sight of her makes me.

“I’m seeking something... unusual.”

“Ms. Knox, I’m afraid if you are not more detailed, I will be unable to properly assist you,” leaning on my right elbow, my fingers coat my chin and lips.

Caressing her breasts over her bra, causing her nipples to harden, my tent bounces, extending a hand, I offer a seat, “Please take a seat Ms. Knox, I’m at your disposal.”

Her hips switch from side to side with extra emphasis at each step, sauntering to the chair before me.

“Thank you for being so understanding,” she perches on the edge of the chair.

“I think, perhaps it would be better if I showed you exactly what I mean.”

My curiosity piqued, “Perhaps a demonstration would suffice.”

Her back meets the top of the chair, raising her left leg, holding it to her chest, allowing the other leg to drape on the arm rest, exposing her pretty pink pussy, pulling the tiny material to the side. I swallow hard, controlling the urge to pummel into her.

“Well you see... I’ve been seeking something that seems to have been absent lately and... I CRAVE it... badly.

“I’m still confused.” My eyebrows furrow.

“Allow me.”

Two fingers dip into her mouth, Watching her tongue swirl, glazing her appendages. Removing them, they flow between her slits. Her eyes flutter closed as they disappear inside her triggering a low erotic moan to escape her lips. My dick couldn’t be any more at attention.

Extracting her finger she displays them for me to examine.

“See, there is some... moisture but what I’m seeking is utter... and complete... saturation.”

A half smile smears across my face, “I see and what exactly have you tried to extract such... moisture?”

“May I show you?”

“Please do.” My cock is so hard right now it’s about to fucking explode.

Lowering her legs, she rises to full height headed towards the discarded coat, bending at the waist when I spot the blue jeweled heart shaped butt plug I bought for her. Fuck she knows how to drive me to madness.

Ruffling through the coat, she extracts a toy. Oh yeah, I’m in for a great fucking show. Strolling back to her seat she perches just the same, leaning back releasing a subtle moan as she moves back and forth for what I imagine is pleasure from the butt plug.

“I’ve utilized this but unfortunately it has not generated the desired... saturation I’m seeking.”

“How exactly have you utilized this device?”

Her tongue falls past her lips meeting the vibrator, just as she performs on me, coating it, preparing it for insertion.

Disconnecting from her lips, she gazes into my blazoned eyes pressing a button causing the ears to vibrate with haste with each push of the button, until it’s at its peak speed, barely visible. Pressing another button makes the top rotate while motioning up and down.

“Now that it’s prepared, I find my way here,” she separates her legs mimicking her previous pose, exposing her glistening lips as the vibrator disappears within her. Her head cascades back, eyes rolling shut, thrusting it in and out as she cries in sheer pleasure. I can’t help but stroke my cock watching her body jerk from the sensation. Fuck, I want to bite every inch of her.

Her lustfilled whimpers fucking drive me to the brink of insanity. Arching her back she steadies the vibrator on her clit with intensity in her eyes as she gazes my way.

Her cries grow louder, urging me for the first time to cum without a single touch. Her eyes roll to the back of her head. There’s no way she won’t culminate.

Silence fills the room as she extracts the vibrator, “See, it’s moist but I’m seeking a complete ... volcanic eruption of arousal to seep from my lips. Do you think you’re up to the task?”

I release a quick breath, laughing at her statement, I’m down for the game.

“Well Ms. Knox, I’m pretty sure I can complete the task to your satisfaction but I may need to use unusual equipment.”

“Unusual equipment, can you show me what equipment you plan on utilizing?”

Rising to full height, pop-up tent on full display, I stroll around the desk extending my arm. Placing her soft hand in mine I assist her to rise. I bend ever so slightly as to kiss her supple lips, they part in anticipation but instead, “Could you afford me? I’m sure you heard I cum... at a hefty price.”

“Payment is not an issue as long as I’m satisfied with the outcum.” The look in her eyes is enough to make me have her scream my name so loud she’ll alert other lifeforms in the universe.

With swiftness, I twist her at the waist, guiding her chest to the desk. She releases a quick whimper at the movement which only furthers my desire to compel her to scream my name.

Tugging her hair at the nape of her neck, I steady her body as I grasp every inch of her curvaceous figure, running down her back to her ample ass.

“Tell me again Ms. Knox. What is it you seek?”

“Utter and complete saturation,” a hushed erotic tone escaped her lips.

Jerking the nape of neck, “Mmmm, upon exiting, I crave to hear the squish in each step or else I’ll never return.”

“Is that so?”


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! My middle finger finds its way over the butt plug, urging more cries with each motion to fill my ears with satisfaction. Slipping between her damp lips, allowing my fingers to fill her, she bucks her hips impatiently to my tempo. Rendering her motionless, I’m unwilling to allow her movement.

The vigorousness of my appendages have her voice in octaves I’ve never heard before, gratifying my need for her ultimate pleasure.

“Mr. Cross!”

“Yes, Ms. knox.”

“I... I...”

Nope you’re not cumming, withdrawing my fingers, she whines in dissatisfaction. Unbuckling my pants they plummet to the floor, buckle ringing in the air upon contact. Releasing my hardened cock from my boxers, I glaze my dick in her moisture. Moaning with every prolonged stroke, jerking back to swallow my length, I grasp her hips commanding my dominance over her.

She’ll have to linger in anticipation for when I’m prepared to grant her what she craves, it’s my game. Patience is a must.

“Ms. Knox, are you attempting to do my job for me?”

“I would never fathom the thought,” her moan sends shockwaves to my cock. “I was just... endeavoring to... assess the equipment.”

Chuckling, with raised eyebrows, “Is that so?” I can’t help but smile at her lame justification for her arousing actions.

“Yes.” Her giggle causes the edges of my lips to curl harder. Smart ass.

“How’s this Ms. Knox?”

With restraint, I inch my way into her hot, wet core, begging me to fuck her but all I grant her is a tease with my head. She cries out in semi-satisfaction.

“Oh!” Her frustrated sigh triggers my hips to catapult her forward, ramming into her, curbing her disappointment into unmitigated gratification.

“Yes! FUCK! That’s what I want!”

“What else do you want from me Ms. Knox?” Pulling the nape of her neck, I urge her body to bow to meet my lips to nip on her neck.

“Everything! Do with me as you please. I’m yours!”

Fuck she knows just what to say to get my cock throbbing. Withdrawing, I twist her around to face me. Damn she’s fucking beautiful. Grabbing her ample ass, I hoist her atop the desk, spreading her legs, crashing into her, dispensing to her what she craves most.

Her erotic tones echoing off the walls has me pummeling into her harder with each stroke. Watching her full breasts bounce with each stroke triggered my carnal desire to latch on and suck.

Securing my mouth to her nipple, her back arches, shoving more of her breasts into my mouth. Fuck they’re so inviting. Licking, sucking, squeezing and biting her creamy skin is driving her mad and me to the brink of ecstasy.

Slowing my pace, “Marry me Chloe? Commandeer my last name just as you’ve captured my heart.” Above her nipple, I ask her the burning inquiry I’ve been dying to receive a response to.

Just as I’m about to make my way to her clit, she moans, “Axle.” Meeting her face, concealed by massive strands of brown, “Yes, baby?” Clearing the curtain of locks, my body solidifies, watching blood consume her face.

My throat, now dry, strains in panic, “CHLOE! CHLOE!”

She’s dematerializing right before my eyes, into the darkness, not a trace of her in sight. I’m hurled back to the hospital hallway where her purse and phone were found, every inch of the place covered in blood.

I wake screaming for her, reaching for where she slept, to be met by the cold sheets of disappointment. I cannot continue to live without her.

Grasping my phone, I call her cell just to heed her heavenly voice. Burning her voice into my memory at the moment her cell sparks to life only to reject the call.

“This is Chloe. Leave a message and I’ll be sure to return your call ... if I want to,” and then you hear a faint giggle. God how I miss the sound of her voice.

Every fucking night since I’ve awaken to this nightmare it’s the same fucking dream over and over again. We’re together happy, I pop the question and before we can culminate, she’s non-existent.

In a fit of anger, I launch my phone across the room desperate for her whereabouts. Grasping her phone, I scan for her photos. She has a folder just for me, named “Pulchritudinous.”

Leave it to her to refer to me as beautiful. The folder is filled with nothing but candid photos of our time together. One after another hundreds of photos of me. I’m mystified at my heedlessness.

“FUCK!” Tossing her phone on the bed, I grasp the sketch pad she so graciously gifted me for Chriatmas, flipping through the pages gawking at her beauty. She fades every night in my night terrors. I refuse to forget the curve of her face, the arch of her smile, the glint in her almond shaped eyes.

Frustration consumes me, I storm to the bathroom grasping the sink counter, “FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” I wail at the top of my lungs. The vein in my forehead pulsates instantly when my knuckles turn white at my grip.


Anger devours my reserve, punching the mirror, I observe it shatter like my spirit. Rivulets of crimson drip on to the white ceramic sink like my soul abandoning my body. Where is she? Why can’t I find her?

How the fuck do I retrieve her back when she’s unlocatable. No surveillance, no witnesses... nothing. She strolled into a blind spot and vanished without a trace.

Ivy’s words permeate my head in an endless cyclone of repetition. Words I never wish to repeat out into the atmosphere.

This is all I have now... these fucking horrible dreams. What transpired that day? She’s gone... and so is a piece of me... I feel like I lost my soul.


Poor Axle, tormented by dreams of his love.

What’s your hypothesis?

What do you think of the role play?

Think you’d attempt the role? 😘😘

Tell me your thoughts.

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