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Two shades of love

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I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me….

Fantasy / Romance
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Comic shop

I was going through this old corridor of our apartment as I heard my Aunt's voice from the kitchen.
"yo, girl, where ya going?" She asked while watching her favorite Tv show. Imagine an old New York apartment but the only room that was clear was mine.
"I want buy some snacks" that was the only thing. I could think of. I could've said "I wanna do some school work with my friends" but all the schools were closed years ago. And education system was zero. I don't think you need to have special abilities to understand the result. Apocalypse.
"Why you spend money on some bullshit we have food on the fridge" she said and I could feel the smell of alcohol coming from the kitchen. She might've had a bad day.
"I don't know I just want too" I wanted open the door.
"Why you need that huge bag, tho?" She saw it.
I don't know maybe when I run away at least for being able to survive?
"Erm..." I wanted to think of something but useless.
"Don't you dare to run away from us" she said with a rage and I heard a glass crack.
I opened the door and pulled myself to the stairs. My heart was racing so badly. I wanted to get down as fast as I could but that's what happens when you don't have a quirk. At some moments they can get higher than you.
"Come here little, bug" she raced at me clapping her wings aggressively.
I then decided to get rid of my bag as it was making hard running faster. It didn't help too much as I already was getting tired.
I finally exited the building and was running through the old streets of Venopolis.
The people around me were acting normal. They were thinking that it may be another robbery or something else which was so usual for this town.
Suddenly I felt some strange power pulling me back I looked down and it was another my aunts quirks.
"Now you can't go". She pulled me. She did? I can't make it end like this. I don't want to live with her and her lord. I want to live a better life. Better than my parents. I want love.
As I thought about those things while pulling myself away from her power. Something in the streets got her attention that made her loose concentration over me and that was the moment.
I pulled myself away and fell into the ground. I didn't loose any second as I stood up and didn't brush off the dust on my knees and ran away.
She didn't find me. I could her voice going so far away from me.
I was running. Still. And for my luck it started raining. I liked the view of the city while it's raining. I felt like a main character in a manga. Wet cement under your foot. The neon lights over the cafes. Light sound of cars and radio playing in the background with the sound of a light rain along them.
Can't imagine more romantic view.
I was already tired. My feet were hurting and it felt like they were melting in some lava.
I wanted just to sit and take a breath as.
"She ran this way. I'm telling" as her annoying voice jingled in my ears.
I slammed my hand in the nearest door and close it behind me. I think she will not be able to find me. Not again. I was relaxing and closing my eyes but.
"What do you want?" An old voice asked.
I opened them immediately. An old not a tall man with a long and white beard instead asked me. He was wearing some traditional Chinese outfit.
I looked around for an answer and realised that I was in an old, wet comics shop.
"Comics of course" I made a fake smile.
"Really? I've never seen you in here" he asked with a doubtful look on his face.
"Because my friend just got me into comics. I'm new" and I'm also a good liar.
"Hmmm okay. What comics you want?" He said then turned away.
I tried to not fake it and remembered the one comics that I saw in my way home in a supermarket a year ago.
"The dark mask, sir" I said.
"Oh really? It is a good one" the man said and started looking for it.
"Oh it must be in the other half. I'm too old for getting there my assistant will help. Come on" he showed me with his arm to follow him. We entered a dark narrow hall and soon enough we're in a little old kitchen with some cracky table and shelfs.
There were five people but the old man wanted only one to get me to that place.
"Chan, help this young and strangely wet lady to get "the dark mask". You know the way to it is too long for me" I was expecting a big muscular man to show up but instead of it a boy with unusual hair colour stood up.
"Of course, sir" I think he's actually someone my age. (I knew it because of the look and the voice).
He came towards me and took me in his arms in just one second.
"Hold tight" was the only thing he said as he flew away. I understood. He's quirk was super speed.
We went through the kinda entrance street of the shop that I was running through some minutes ago. I was holding tight into his chest and a weird warming was feeling my body. I couldn't see his face because he was so fast but I liked the feeling.
Then he suddenly stoped.
"We are here" he said. My grip still was around his shoulders and even my wet hair got combined from the wind that was blowing through my hair while he was running.
"Thank you" we stood like these for some seconds. His hair was so unusual. He had normal brunette hair actually but at the endings there were some strands of a light brown.
I couldn't see his eyes tho. They were hidden under his bangs that were almost covering his whole face.
"I think you wanted this" he carefully dropped me and handed the comics.
"Can we go back?" I nodded as he took me again and rushed away.
That was weird. I wanted to hold him like this for hours and this warm feeling last forever...
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