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Two shades of love

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Never watched a k-drama

"You are so beautiful" he said while softly holding my hand. We were sitting in a beautiful garden, full of flowers. A sound of water of the fountain added a peaceful vibe in the moment. The sunlights were blinding my eyes. I couldn't see the face of the person, but I felt good. A feeling of comfort and home was filling my heart.
I opened my eyes. For a moment I tried to figure it it out where I've been. The realization hit me when a girl entered the little kitchen.
The girl had blue hair with green eyes. She was wearing what seemed like an old green sweater with dark stripes.
"Hi. Do you still read?" She asked.
I stayed in here for an hour so my aunt will not be able to find me. I lied that I wanted to read the comics in silence and they let me stay.
"Erm. Yes actually" I said.
"Oh.Ermmmm the master wanted to see you" she said .
Another thing what I liked about her style was her crystal rings.
I stood and wanted to start following her.
"I liked your crystals" I pointed at her jewelry.
"Thanks" she said as her cheeks went red.
I didn't want to make the situation more awkward so just exited the kitchen and followed her.
Went through a long hallways and reached a small room with the old man I saw before.
"Come in, darling. You can go Borahae" he said to the girl. She tilted her head and went away.
"I will finish the comics soon, if you want me to give it back"
The man with a long beard and a Chinese styled outfit smiled softly.
"You are not here for comics, kid. You are running away from someone" he said which made my heart start beating faster. How did he know? He will announce to everywhere in order to get money! I thought. I need to hide it somehow.
"Erm no, sir"
I said trying my best to not to make it obvious.
"No you are. I'm 75 and old enough to understand. But you don't need to worry I will not tell anyone, kid" he said and stood from his old chair.
"Follow me"
He went into a room where the boy that caught my attention was in and beside him there was that girl and other guys.
"This is the kids that had the same problem. We are against the Lord and are using our quirks for safety of people's only. I guess you already know Chan and Borahae" the old man pointed at the kids that were standing at the door.
"I want to ask what is your quirk. You may be helpful" he crossed his hands and waited for an answer.
Third person's POV
That was the scariest question for her. The problem was that she didn't know. She tried so many times to find out her quirk but useless.
"Ermmm" she waited for a few seconds for any help.
"You don't have any?" The man finally asked.
Chan and Borahae were staring at the girl's back from behind the door.
Tesni just looked down and said "no" so quietly.
The old man started thinking carefully which made Tesni to get nervous even more. She didn't want to be pushed into streets where her aunt may catch and kill her any time. Who knows? Maybe this time she will not have any chance to escape.
The old man's thinking took longer than she excepted, so she said softly while tears were rolling down her face slowly as she realized that this strange comics shop made her feel more safe than the town she grew up.
"Please, don't kick me into the streets. I don't want to be one of the lord's people" she said still keeping her head down.
Her words made old man's heart to soften.
"I will not, dear. Why would I? But, promise that you will be helpful" man's words made happiness to shine again in her heart.
"I will be. I promise. I- I- I can clean dishes and clean the rooms. Keep it tidy" she smiled with excitement.
"No, that's too easy" he smiled mischievously.
Tesni didn't get what he wanted her to do.
"You will need to find your quirk" he said.
Tesni's heart dropped. She didn't have one, though. Well, at least, she thought like that.
"But, sir-" the old man stood from his chair and exited the room.
"You can start from tomorrow" he said after his exit.
How she's going to find a quirk that she doesn't have?
Couple of hours later all the kids were sitting in the kitchen after their dinner and talking about random things. Everyone was in a good mood. Except Tesni. She was stressed out.
"Hey... I know you have a quirk" a random voice sounded from the back.
Tesni turned to that person. It was Borahae.
"And... if you didn't discover it yet. It means you didn't have a specific feeling" she said and sat beside her.
"You think so?" Tesni asked her.
"Yes.... I had the same problem, but Master Vu will not leave you in the streets. He'll help you to find it as he helped me" she put her hand on Tesni's.
"Thank you" Tesni smiled softly.
"What's yours?" Then she asked.
"Ou... it's levitating" she moved with her hands and a purple light got out from her hands which made a little cup to levitate.
"Wow" Tesni was amazed.
"Not a big deal. I only can levitate light things" Borahae said looking down.
Indeed, something was weird all this time. Someone couldn't stop staring at Tesni.
"Ughhhh I need to drink some water" Tesni stood up from her bed.
It was midnight and everyone was sleeping in their own rooms. Tesni was in the same room with Borahae.
She stood up from her bed carefully and went down to the kitchen.
When she entered the kitchen Chan was sitting with a cup of water on the couch.
Tesni didn't say anything and just went straight to the shelf to get a cup.
"Couldn't sleep?" Chan asked suddenly.
Tesni had a weird feeling in her stomach all this time.
"Erm yeah kinda. You?" She asked teaching the cup.
"Same" he saw the girl trying to get the cup and stood up to help her.
"Let me take it for you" he wanted to get the cup as she already got it.
"Huh I'm not as small as the girls from k-dramas" Tesni smirked.
"K- drama?" Chan asked with a questioning look.
"Korean dramas, you know?" Tesni started drinking her water.
Chan couldn't understand. He has never heard about a K-drama.
Tesni saw that look on his face.
"You don't know about k-dramas?" She asked.
"No.." he answered.
"Oh my... you need to watch at least one.
Chan's cheeks went red.
"Okay don't need to be down. I will show you"
She got a little square thing from her backpack that looked like an iPad.
"My favorite is this one" she opened and put some series.
They sat in the couch and started watching "My name".
Slightly Tesni's eyes were closing so were Chan's. They fell asleep as the gun shots of the series fill the room.
It was safe there~
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