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Celestia | A fantasy romance

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"The survival of all of mankind, lies in her hands." In the kingdom of Umral, every person acquires a sihra at the age of 18. Sihra are magical powers that come from an ancient relic called Yazilla. The relic was created by dragons thousands of years ago to protect their world from the demons of other realms. Dragons are now known to be extinct but their magic lives on. Celestia, a commoner, was supposed to activate her powers using the relic on the day it suddenly disappears. With the Yazilla gone, dark, inhumane forces bring a threat to all of humanity.14 villagers are chosen to embark on a mission to bring back the magic relic. However, if they fail, every living being will be consumed by the creatures of the dark. themes/tropes: royal family, royalty, dragons, fantasy romance, slow burn, love triangle, enemies to lovers, magic, magical world setting, betrayal, heartbreaking. A huge thank you to @liyanamk_ /on ig for the gorgeous cover art ♡(˃͈ ³ ˂͈ ༶ )

Fantasy / Romance
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Pov: Celestia, 9 months after the story starts.

I can't control it. I'm a mess. I was stupid to think that I'd lost everything because it seems that there is always more to lose. The darkness is taking over me. And this time, I'm going to lose myself.

"You can't let it have it's way! You have to fight it! You're the only one who can save us." he shouts.

"I can't!" i cry out "I'm trying but it's too strong.", It hurts so bad, i feel like I'm dying, but the guilt of letting him down hurts even more.

It's closing, the gate, there isn't much time left.

"Go! Find a way to fix this!"

"What about you!" I yell back, "I can't leave you alone!" My body is giving in, and i see white spots in my vision.

He runs towards me and cups my face. Before i know it, his lips are on mine. i'd forgotten what being loved felt like. I kiss him deeply, pushing back unwanted tears. I pour out all my love as he deepens the kiss further. Something tells me that this is the last time we get to do this. i can feel his tears dropping gently on my face. Gently. It's how he always treated me. I thought I'd hate him for that at first, but now I realise that it's why I loved him in the first place.

He pulls back and kisses all over my face. Then he rests his forehead on mine. We're both out of breath, panting.

"I love you" he breathes out.

"More than i ever thought I could love someone", i add, and hug him like my life depended on it.

"But I can't let you do this. I can't lose you to it." he says holding me tightly.

Huh? What does that mean? I pull back and look into his eyes.

"What do you me-"

"Please forgive me. This is the only way we'll have a chance of defeating it." He says "I believe in you, Celestia. I believe that we will meet again." he finishes and pushes me through the gate.

"NO!" I cry out. But it's too late. I'm already on the other side. The gate has already vanished. He won't make it, not alone. It's gonna swallow him whole. How could he do this to me? He sacrificed himself because he believes in me. But I don't. I can't bring back what's lost. i can't fix what's broken. There is no way back. And nothing to go back to. Not anymore. I'm utterly lost. How did I get this far? All alone. Everything I loved, has been destroyed. All because of it. All because of what happened 9 months ago.

I'm Celestia, and this is the story of how my whole life broke apart.

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