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Romance of the Vampire

By Kristina Marie Schaefer All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

This is a story about a receptionist named Sarah who works at St. Luke's hospital that falls in love with vampire prince Roland. It all started one Saturday night when she receives an emergency call about a criminal missing from one of the holding rooms. Sarah tries calling the doctor in charge of the ward but he is busy with another patient, so she goes to see for herself, however when she gets there she notices a puddle of blood on the floor. Then when the cops arrive, so does her boyfriend who is also the police chief. They had met 6 months earlier at the train station.

"Hey John, could you let me know when you figure out who could have done this," said Sarah. And John replied, "hey, you know I won't have to when it hits the front page." "I know, I just want to be the first to hear about it at least from you, considering it would be the only thing you'll tell me," she said. "What the hell do you mean," he said angrily. "You know very well what I mean, I know that you cheated on me!" she practically screamed at him. "What's your point, he said casually. "It's over between us," she said angrily as she stormed out of the room. And by the time she was back at her station, tears were streaming down her face. Then something took a turn for the better when her best friend Jeannie showed up and asked what was wrong. After explained what happened, they went to the local pub in an effort to drown her sorrows.
The next morning she felt better despite the massive hang-over. From that moment she decided to avoid all of the assholes, which included the techs who constantly flirted with her and tried to ask her out.
That night, another injured criminal was almost killed by the same thing that killed the first. However Sarah caught him in the act. She closed the door in an attempt to cut off his exit. Then he winked at her as he jumped out of the third story window. Rushing to the window, she noticed he was gone. No dead body, nothing. She tried to figure out where he went and who he was, but he completely vanished like a ghost or something straight out of a comic book or horror film.
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