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The Moon Sword

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Annabelle, a beautiful vampire-witch hybrid, is on a mission to find and destroy the Moon Sword, which has been hunted for centuries by many different types of supernatural beings. During her hunt she stumbles upon David, a writer with a secret of his own: he knows that there are such things as vampires, witches, werewolves and more. He didn’t know that he would fall in love with Annabelle, a perfect candidate for his novel, along with his werewolf best friend. After some steamy times and colder times afterwards, they hunt for the Moon Sword as a team, bringing them closer together. Will they find it?? A short story by Makala Thomas.

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The Moon Sword

Annabelle Randall took confident, measured steps across a busy street in Oxford, walking expertly in sky-high black heels. More than one head was turned, and one man even laid on the horn of his automobile, trying to catch her attention. No one did catch her attention, at least not until she entered the small café.

David Ferguson sat at a small rounded able in the corner of the café, a white porcelain mug filled with an espresso sitting beside his laptop, translucent white steam spiralling from the liquid to bounce lazily against the large front window where golden streams of sunlight came falling in.

David’s brown hair fell over his eyes as he hunched forwards, his fingertips striking the keys of his laptop quickly and forcefully, filling his little area with an unending click-clack.

Annabelle threw the café door open, her long legs carrying her over the threshold as a small bell chimed over the door.

Again, heads turned.

The fat man at the counter turned in mid order, and the barista taking the order slid over to get a view from around the fat man. The male half of a couple at a table holding hands was spared a sharp slap for staring at the beautiful woman, only because his girlfriend was doing the same.

Annabelle was used to the attention. She was tall and thin, heavy at the bosom and with beautiful cascading blonde hair down to her shoulders. Her hips were wide, feminine, and usually encased in a short, tight skirt.

Annabelle sat, and gave everyone staring at her a pointed stare back. Slowly and reluctantly the café got back to normal and the heads turned away, but through it all, the click-clack of fingers on keys had never stopped.

Annabelle looked towards the man writing curiously, noting he had been the only one who hadn’t stopped to stare at her when she had entered. She found it somewhat endearing and annoying at the same time. Annabelle was used to being stared at, and had grown to like it. She wouldn’t have taken care of herself for so long if she didn’t.

Many witches let themselves go, and even vampires could grow more animal like and ugly if they allowed themselves to drift too far to their animal side. Annabelle was both, a vampire and a witch, protected by the sunlight with a large floppy black hat that just managed to cover the few spots of bare skin. She always wore pantyhose, somehow effective in keeping her legs from smoldering in the sun, and the hat cast a shadow over her bare shoulders; the trendy shirt she wore today was hanging off them.

Soon Annabelle was ordering something to drink. Coffee wasn’t something she needed or got often, but she enjoyed the taste and treated herself to something other than blood every now and then.

As soon as she received her order and had a steaming mug in her hand, Annabelle decided to investigate the handsome young writer who hadn’t immediately looked to her when she entered. He still hadn’t looked at her at all. Her heels made louder clicks and clacks than his computer keys, and she marched over to a table near David, sitting down where he would see her as soon as he looked up.

She looked the young man over, finding herself instantly attracted. He was tall and muscular, with wavy brown hair and soft green eyes. Annabelle could hear his heart beat, could almost feel the blood rushing through his veins. She thought about it rushing to his neck and then into her mouth as she fed on him.

But after thinking about pressing her full lips to a small wound in his neck, imagining what it would feel like, his warm skin against her lips, her tongue, she began imagining his blood rushing somewhere else, further south. Her fantasy wasn’t about feeding anymore, but about loving.

Annabelle allowed herself to partake in the pleasures of the flesh often, but she was usually the aggressor. She liked to be in charge, to be on top, but here she sat looking at this human and imagined him taking the lead, pressing her down with her body, running his hands wherever he pleased.

“Excuse me,” Annabelle said suddenly, and David looked up after a moment.

His eyes grew two times bigger when he saw the beautiful woman speaking to him. He recovered quickly, trying to play it cool.


“What are you writing?” Annabelle asked, tilting her head to the side and flashing a slight smile on her ruby red lips.

“A novel,” David said simply. He couldn’t bring himself to stop looking the woman over. She grinned openly at him, knowing she was being ogled. David felt his temperature rising a little as he took in her beauty, and her smile enhanced it. Her teeth where a dazzling white, and perfect.

“About what?” asked Annabelle, and he replied “Werewolves actually. And a woman who loves them.”

Anabelle smiled at him. “You believe in werewolves?”

David paused for a moment and then laughed; a soft easy thing that made Annabelle want him even more. Then he answered “No, it’s just a story.”

“I believe in them,” Annabelle said with a quirk of her brow. She took a sip from her mug and then set it down on the table in front of her. “Will you come to my home?”

David couldn’t help letting his mouth hang open in shock. He certainly wasn’t a prude or a virgin, but he had never been so absolutely propositioned before.

“When?” David said stupidly, regretting it as soon as he did.

Annabelle simply laughed. “Right now.”

“Yes,” the writer said, shutting his laptop and gathering his things. “Let’s go.”

* * *

Annabelle’s home was a flat in a historically old building in Oxford, all brown crumbling brick on the outside, but beautifully furnished on the inside. David stood just inside the doorway.

“Wow, this is beautiful. You have a lovely home, Miss.”

“You aren’t here to admire the architecture,” Annabelle said, dropping her hat onto the back of a white plush looking sofa. “You can admire mine though,” she added as she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a lacy blood red bra.

David dropped his bag beside the door and stepped forward. Annabelle kept her smile inward while reading his mind and knowing full well what he was thinking.

He was a take-charge kind of guy. She resolved to give herself over to him completely. David wrapped his arms around her bare torso, his strong hands pressing into the small of her back as he murmured “I’d like to do more than admire yours.”

His scent was intoxicating, his voice so smooth. Annabelle could hardly keep herself from both tearing all of his clothes off and sinking her fangs into the crook of his neck.

“I don’t even know your name,” David said softly into Annabelle’s ear, his lips brushing sensuously over her ear lobe.

“You don’t need to,” Annabelle said, throwing her head back as he pressed his lips to the side of her throat, nibbling softly. His hands moved down, cupping her butt and pulling her hips forward to press against his pelvis and his hardness.

“The bedroom, behind us,” Annabelle managed, and he smiled at the tiny amount of weakness she was showing after acting so dominant a moment ago.

“The couch is fine,” David answered, pulling her around it and then pushing her downwards, gently. He knelt in front of her and reached up her skirt, pulling panties that matched the bra down and off.

Annabelle closed her eyes and threw her head back as he kissed the inside of her thigh, inching his way up towards her womanhood.

* * *

Annabelle lay under David an hour later, him sweating and panting, her completely satisfied.

“Wow,” David said, smiling down to the woman. “I’m David by the way.”

“I don’t care, David,” Annabelle said sharply, pushing him off her. “Get dressed. That was fun, and I needed it, but let’s not keep up the charade. You know what I mean?”

David slid off Annabelle, unable to hide the mixed look of shock and hurt from his face. She stared back up at him, her face showing no emotion at all. David felt used and slightly upset as he nodded.

“Yeah, okay.”

He got dressed and found himself being walked to the door by a still nude Annabelle. He let his eyes wander over her body once more, and she allowed it, then he was gone and she shut the door behind him.

Annabelle moved back to the couch, gathering her clothes that were strewn about and got dressed. That had been… interesting. Sex was usually just sex, but she found herself more connected than usual to this one.

Very often she killed and drank from a partner after the deed. This time she had to fight her desire to ask the man to stay longer, so that they could make love again.

Annabelle sat on her couch, wondering what is was about the man named David that was making her act like a teenage girl in love for the first time.

All she could agree on was that she wished she had asked him to stay, for just one more go at it.

* * *

“She was the hottest girl I’ve ever been with,” David was saying a few days later, sitting at a small table in his tiny apartment across from his friend Jason Belding. They were playing cards as the sun began to fall, throwing orange and purple light into the room through a couple of windows.

“You’ve never been with an ugly one,” Jason said with a laugh as David scowled at the wooden floor, still stung by the way Annabelle had treated him.

“I know, but this one… man, you have to see her.”

“I’d love to,” Jason said. “But she kicked you out. You must suck in bed.”

“I don’t think so man,” David said with a roll of his eyes. “I took care of her, I always do. I’m a gentleman.”

“Speaking of being a gentleman, you better get me downstairs,” warned Jason. “I’m about to become anything but.”

David nodded and they two men tossed their cards to the table and stood. They walked out into the hall and down a couple flights of cement steps. Soon that small trip had the two men standing in a small room off the area with a washer and dryer for communal use.

The door to a smaller room within the communal area was padlocked, and David held the only key. Inside the room was a metal cage of sorts, big enough for a man to sit in with thick iron bars. This too was unlocked and Jason climbed in. Outside the sun sank and a full moon started to rise into the night sky.

Jason was a werewolf, the inspiration for David’s novel. David had been surprised to learn his friend had a monthly problem, but had taken it in stride. David and Jason had been friends for over a decade, and the one time Jason had tried to eat David wasn’t going to change that.

David had built the cage, hidden it down there in his apartment building, and his friend spent one night a month there, safe from devouring or attacking anyone.

“See you tomorrow,” David said as he locked the cage door. Jason was taking his shirt off as he nodded.

“Hey, go talk to that woman,” Jason said. “Sounds like you like her.”

“I can’t take you seriously when your ears look like that,” David said with a grin, and Jason scowled at him before he reached up and felt his ears. They had grown long and pointed at the end, and were sprouting hair. He felt his jaw breaking and extending.

Turning into a wolf was a real drag.

* * *

The next morning David found himself once more in the café, his laptop open in front of him, but he wasn’t getting much work done. Every time the chime sounded, signaling the door opening his head would snap up, hoping to see the woman he had slept with earlier in the week but always being disappointed.

Lunch came and went, with David purchasing and downing a scone from the café counter. As dinner neared, he packed up his things and walked aimlessly through the streets of Oxford, hoping to run into the woman, but he saw no sign of her.

Darkness fell and the streetlights turned on, bathing the streets and walkways in horribly fake orange light.

David cursed and turned towards the woman’s apartment. He just had to see her again, and get some answers about her perhaps. He didn’t think she had a boyfriend or anything, but he wanted to know why she had been so sharp and cold after he’d made love to her. Was she like that with everyone??

David had no problems with a no-strings-attached sort of sex but he felt he did get attached, even if she didn’t.

Annabelle was surprised when she heard the soft knock on her front door. She was in her room, painting a large pentagram on her wall, preparing for a new spell. Such was the life of a witch. She sniffed, and could smell David out in the hall. Such were the gifts of a vampire.

She couldn’t tell whether she was annoyed to know he had returned, or excited. Either way she pulled a white silk robe over her nude frame and answered the door.

“What do you want?” she asked, deciding to be rough on him. “I said not to bother me.”

“Did you?” David asked, his head tilting to the side. “I didn’t hear.”

“Well hear this,” the woman continued. “Stay away. I’m not good for you, nor you for me. Fair enough?”

“Why though?” David tried not to sound hurt, but she could hear it in his voice. “I thought we were pretty damn great together.”

“Of course you did. But we weren’t. Sorry,” Annabelle said without even knowing why she was shutting the man out. She liked him, it dawned on her suddenly.

She liked him and wanted him to come in, and wanted to get to know him after he made love to her again. She hadn’t actually liked a man in a long time. She needed to put an end to it.

David was just opening his mouth when the door slammed shut in his face. He lifted his fist to knock once more, but decided to cut his losses.

* * *

Over the course of the next few weeks, David hoped in vain to run into the woman again, and his friend Jason was always there to lend an ear and share a pint.

He didn’t know what it was about this woman that was drawing him to her like a magnet, but he couldn’t get her out of his head. He was wondering if she had even thought of him again after casting him away a second time, and knew she probably had or hadn’t slept with another man since seeing him, or a few other men.

That thought made David’s blood boil, but he knew he had to snap out of thinking of the woman as his. He’d only seen her twice, had been rejected both times, and still didn’t know her name. He had to get a grip.

Finally something happened in Oxford that took David’s mind from the enchanting woman, at least for a little bit of time.

A body turned up in an alley, murdered there so late at night it was better described as shockingly early in the morning. The papers reported strange markings had been cut into the victim. A week later, another body was discovered, this one too defaced with strange markings in the skin.

A few days after the second body was found David was walking through the streets at dusk, trying to clear his mind after a long day of writing.

Up ahead he saw a group of boys playing, they looked to be twelve or so. As he got closer he realized they weren’t playing, but a group of four boys were chucking rocks at another boy, this one portly and cowering. David began to run forward, intending to help the boy when he saw her.

It was the woman he had slept with; she was there suddenly, sweeping forth from a nearby alley with her face taut and her eyes blazing. She seemed to almost glide, her hair whipping behind her as the wind picked up and the sky grew darker.

“Leave him alone!” Annabelle yelled and the group of boys turned towards her. The bravest in the group was also the stupidest, and he chucked a rock in Annabelle’s direction.

David watched in amazement as Annabelle lifted her hand, her palm outwards. The rock stopped in midair, then began somersaulting in the opposite direction and then sped forward, cracking audibly against the boy who had thrown its head. He screamed and fell to the ground, and Annabelle raised her arms. More rocks lifted from the street, it looked as though hundreds of stones of various sizes were hanging there.

Annabelle motioned forward and the rocks shot towards the fat boy’s tormentors, but amazingly never hit the boy himself. The other children covered their heads and ran, all while being pelted with the stones and gravel.

Annabelle walked forward to stand before the fat boy. She ran her thumb under the boy’s eyes, wiping his tears, and then she bent and pressed her lips to his cheeks.

David watched this all, his mouth hanging open.

The woman didn’t speak, nor did the boy. She just kissed him and he smiled and then turned to run away.

The wind had died down as soon as Annabelle had let the rocks fall. She watched the boy run off before with a small smile on her face, then she sniffed and spun, pointing a finger at David. She marched up to him on her heels and jabbed that index finger into his chest.

“Following me now?” she asked, and David smirked at her.

“You don’t own the streets, do you princess?”

“Don’t you ever call me princess,” the woman warned.

“Tell me your name then,” David said flatly, and she snapped “No.”

“Fine,” David said just as flatly, and he added “Suit yourself, Princess.”

“Annabelle,” she said with an exaggerated sigh. “Want to come home with me? One more time, and then you leave me alone.”

“No. I’ll come home with you Annabelle, after you let me take you to dinner,” David countered, but Annabelle rolled her eyes before she answered “You have no idea where to take me to get the food I like.”

“Tell me then,” David challenged. Annabelle smiled, her teeth glinting in the soft light of dusk. She traced her finger up David’s chest, her long manicured and red painted nail slipping over the collar of his shirt and onto the soft skin of his neck. She could feel his heartbeat, feel the flow of blood racing through his veins, just under her finger. She longed to bite into him, and she longed for him to push into her. She was in trouble.

“Right here,” Annabelle said finally, tapping the man’s neck. “I eat here.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but man you smell good,” David replied huskily.

“Come home with me first, then you can feed me,” Annabelle said with a sly grin, unable to control herself any longer. David simply nodded, and she took his hand. The two practically ran through the streets and to Annabelle’s apartment.

This time they made it to the bedroom, and after their love-making they laid in bed together, nude and entwined in a soft silk sheet.

“Interesting wallpaper,” David said, nodding towards the blood red pentagram. “You Wiccan?”

“Not quite,” Annabelle said, watching David’s throat pulse ever so slightly with each beat of his heart.

“So, you hungry?” he asked. “Should we order in?”

“Something like that,” Annabelle said, shutting her eyes and drawing in a long breath through her nose. She bent her head and pressed her soft lips to David’s chest, leaving a small trail of kisses behind as she moved up towards his throat.

She didn’t want to kill David, but she wanted to taste him, to feed from him. She hoped she would be able to stop herself from draining him. She had never been so infatuated with a man before. Annabelle felt her canine teeth extend, she was barely in control of herself. Her lips slid along his skin to the soft tissue of his neck. She parted those ruby red lips, moments from biting down and releasing the man’s sweet nectar.

“Get out!” Annabelle shrieked, denying her basic urges and shoving David out of the bed. He slid right out from under the covers and onto the floor with a loud bang.

He was up on his feet in an instant, intending to give Annabelle a piece of his mind when he saw her.

She looked… different. Ravenous. Her mouth was slightly open and she seemed to be panting. Her teeth were different; two of them seemed an inch longer than before. He knew immediately what she was then.

“You’re a vampire?” David said weakly, snatching at his clothing without ever taking his eyes off of the woman. His werewolf friend Jason had long since filled David in on the existence of most things people took to be spooky fictional stories.

Vampires were real, werewolves were real, hell bodies could be reanimated as zombies, and so on and so forth.

“More than that,” she said, smooth as silk. She flicked her hand at David’s shirt and it lifted itself off of the bed and went tumbling into his arms. “I’m bad news for you. I like you David, but if I’m around you, I’ll kill you. So leave. Now.”

“Well wait just a minute,” David said, unsure of what his follow up would be.

Thankfully he was saved from having to come up with something: Annabelle flicked her hand again and this time David was flying through the air, the remainder of his clothing following him out of the bedroom, through the living room and out of the front door that was somehow already standing open. He was dropped onto his feet in the hallway and the door slammed shut in front of him. David gathered up his clothes and finished dressing right there.

On the other side of the door Annabelle stood, sensing that he was still there, smelling the blood that ran through his veins. Oh, how she wanted to taste it. She placed her hand on the door and closed her eyes, waiting for the man to walk away.

Finally, he finished dressing and after a moment of hesitation, wanting to fight for this woman he hardly knew, he left.

* * *

A couple of days later David was back in the café, working into the late hours. The café was open twenty-four hours a day, but David hardly ever stayed past dinner time. Tonight, that time had long come and passed and still here was David, knocking away on his keyboard. He was the only patron there, and two people sat bored behind the counter, speaking in low voices so as to not disturb David.

Suddenly there was that familiar ding and David looked up to see a portly older gentleman in a suit stumbling into the café. He had a wild look upon his face and his shirt front was stained crimson with blood.

“The Moon Sword!” the fat man shouted, making his way to the front counter after knocking over a few chairs and whole table on his way. “You have to help me. Please, anyone. We can’t let them have the Moon Sword.”

One of the café employees was already on his mobile phoning the police, and the others shrunk back away from the counter as the bloodied crazed man who leant forwards over it. The man opened his mouth as if to say something else, and then he fell to the ground, dead.

* * *

It was a long night for David.

He was forced to stay at the scene and recount his version of the events over and over again, each time to another officer of the law. It never wavered though and finally he was released, just as the night sky was turning grey with the upcoming onslaught of morning.

David went directly to Jason’s house, slightly shaken up by the night’s events. He knew that his friend would give him peace of mind about the whole affair, and make open his eyes as to what was going on, because David knew that what happened was not normal as far as mortals like himself went. Something involving the supernatural beings had to be going on. He was sure of it.

Jason let him in and called in late to work, making coffee for the both of them before they settled on Jason’s front porch and David filled him in on what had happened the night before. When David got to the part about the Moon Sword, he couldn’t help but notice his friend’s eyes go wide at the name.

“You’ve heard of that before?” David asked.

“Yeah,” Jason admitted. “When you are… like me… you run in some circles and you hear about stuff.”

“So what is it?”

“Well,” Jason said, pausing just long enough for it to be hesitation.

“What?” David asked, curious at his friend’s response. Jason was acting a little weird.

“It’s a powerful weapon… for vampires,” Jason said finally. “It’s said that whoever can claim the sword as theirs, takes ownership of it. And if they’re a vampire, they can walk in the sun, they increase their strength and senses even more, and worst of all they can put any number of people under their control.”

“Annabelle,” David said, a little warily.

“Maybe,” Jason agreed. David had of course filled his friend in on the whole Annabelle being a vampire-witch thing. David hadn’t seen her since the night she kicked him out.

“I’ve seen her during the day though; do you think she has it?” David asked.

“No, I’m sure she was bundled up, they just need to keep the sunlight from hitting their skin directly.”

“She had a big hat on,” David said.

“Yeah, that would do it. It sounds daft but that’s enough. And of course, being a witch, she may have some sort of spell on herself, because vampires are usually sluggish during the daylight hours. They don’t go out unless they have to.”

“Do you think she’s looking for it?” asked David. “Annabelle?”

“She may be. If the sword is here, that may be what drew her here. There isn’t a big group of us spooks here in Oxford,” Jason said.

“Spooks?” David asked.

“That’s just what we call ourselves,” explained Jason. “But she hasn’t popped up on anybody’s radar: I was the first to know about her. So she’s here but she’s keeping it a secret from even her own kind. There’s two witches and one vampire in our little Oxford club, and they haven’t head a thing about her.”

“The other killings… they’re related, I know it,” David said and Jason nodded in agreement. David downed his cup. “Can I get more?”

“Yeah but listen, I have to get to work. If I’m any later than I am, I’ll be crashing at your place. Just lock up for me when you leave, will you?” Jason asked.

“Sure,” David said, bidding his friend farewell and then going inside. He drank another cup of coffee as he leaned against the kitchen counter. He couldn’t help but think about what Jason had told him about the sword. David was just about to leave when he noticed a pad of paper sitting on the kitchen counter. The top pages had been ripped off but the piece below was indented with what had been written. The letters M O O N S W were unmistakable. David grabbed a pencil and rubbed along the page with the side of the lead to reveal the whole message.



A chill ran through David’s body. Reginald Harum had been the man who died in the café the night previous. Somehow his best friend was involved, and was keeping it from David. David wanted answers but he could ask Jason later.

First he wanted to speak to Annabelle.

* * *

She surprisingly pulled the door open with no fight when he knocked a half-hour later.

“I told you not to come back,” Annabelle said simply, somehow looking ravishing with no make-up and in a tank top and silk pajama shorts.

“Are you looking for the Moon Sword?” David asked, and Annabelle’s eyes went wide. She grabbed the front of David’s shirt and pulled him inside.

“How do you know of that sword?” Annabelle demanded, closing her front door.

“So you are looking for it?” David replied with a raised eyebrow, and she said “Yes. Everyone is. Its existence has been well known to us… creatures of the night, but only recently has it’s hiding place been uncovered.”

“It’s in Oxford?” David asked with a feeling of dread, and Annabelle confirmed “Yes.”


Annabelle shrugged. “No one is quite sure.”

“Does the name Reginald Harum mean anything to you?” David asked.

“He was curator at the Oxford museum. He’s well known to certain circles, he is a firm believer in the occult and supernatural and strove to uncover its many secrets. He’s the one who traced the Moon Sword to his own backyard,” Annabelle said, showing no feeling or trace of care about Reginald Harum at all.

“He’s dead. I saw him die,” David said.

“What?” Annabelle asked, surprised. “How are you mixed up in this?”

“I was at the café, he came in pleading for help. He said someone had to hide the Moon Sword. Then he died.”

“Oh no.”

“What?” David asked warily, and Annabelle answered “Someone is after it. To use it. To enslave humanity, and put all of us who have had to hide on top.”

“And that’s a bad thing for you?” David scoffed.

“Yes. I mean it,” Annabelle insisted, when David rolled his eyes. “I’m not a monster, David. I’m just different. Yes I feed on humans, yes I kill them. I try to feed on people who deserve it. I remember what it is to be human.”

“My friend says you’ve kept it secret that you’re here. From the rest of the spooks. That what they call themselves.”

“Yes,” Annabelle replied flatly. “I have. Someone is on the hunt for the sword, I didn’t want anyone to know I was on the hunt for them. Who is your friend? A vampire?”

“A werewolf,” David answered.

“I see. And he told you what the sword could do for a vampire?”

“He did.”

“And did he tell you what it could do for a werewolf?” Annabelle asked.

“What? No,” David said, startled. “What can it do for a werewolf?”

“If a werewolf should possess it, they will be able to change their form at will, not only when the moon is full. So too will they keep their human mind. Also they will lose their weakness to silver. Nothing will be able to kill them, at all. Not even a bullet to their head.”

“He didn’t say that,” David said quietly.

“I bet,” Annabelle replied scathingly. “Tell me, is your friend a man who would want the freedom to be immortal and strong?”

“Wouldn’t everyone?” David asked.

“Fair point,” Anabelle said, “But I wonder if he would use the power for good, or for evil?”

“He’s a good man,” David said, but he didn’t seem sure at her words.

“Someone has been killing people who have bits and pieces of the location here in Oxford. Someone is searching for that sword.”

David closed his eyes and put his head in his hands. “Jason had the curator’s name written down in his house.”

“Jason is the werewolf?” Annabelle asked.

“Yes,” David confirmed.

“Maybe I should speak with him,” Annabelle said thoughtfully, but David said “No. Not without me at least. I don’t know what you would do. I don’t know what you could do. You’re a vampire, you’re a witch. Two combos rolled into one.”

“I’m one of the good guys, David,” Annabelle assured him.

“You kicked me out because you wanted to eat me,” David answered flatly, and she smiled amusedly.

“I wanted to drink your blood,” Annabelle clarified. “And hey, I didn’t, right?”

That didn’t do much to pacify David, but he agreed to come back to Annabelle’s apartment once the sun was down and go with her to Jason’s house.

* * *

David’s heart was pounding when he knocked upon Annabelle’s door that evening, and for once it had nothing to do with the prospect of seeing the vampire-witch.

Still she did not disappoint, when she opened the door she revealed herself to be simply ravishing in a long red dress and an expensive looking necklace that sat around her neck, becoming nestled between her round breasts at her chest.

“Ready?” Annabelle asked; David nodded.


Annabelle stepped out of her apartment and placed a cool hand on David’s arm.

“I won’t hurt him if I can help it,” she promised, and David merely nodded again.

Soon they were knocking on the front door of Jason’s home. He answered the door looking disheveled and anxious.

“Who’s this?” Jason asked, standing in the doorway, not offering to let them come inside.

“Annabelle,” David said.

“Why did you bring her here?” Jason snapped.

“Do you have the Moon Sword?” Annabelle asked, stepping forward slightly.

“What? No of course not.”

“Have you had anything to do with these murders?” David asked sadly.

“Are you serious? No I haven’t,” Jason insisted. Annabelle could hear his heart beat, hear his blood flowing. She knew he was telling the truth.

“Do you know who is after it?” Annabelle asked softly, looking him right in the eye, and Jason hesitated. Annabelle waited, but he fidgeted some more. She knew he was pondering whether to lie or tell the truth.

Finally Jason opened his mouth to speak, but someone cut him off.

“I was after it,” a voice behind David and Annabelle said.

They all spun around to see a man standing on the street. He was slim and sickly looking. Held in his hand was a magnificent sword. The blade seemed to shine softly in the moonlight.

He smiled menacingly as they stared at him, and he added “And now I have it.”

“Who are you?” Annabelle demanded.

“His name is Harvey,” Jason said quietly. “He’s the wolf that bit me. We… became friends.”

“You became friends with someone who tried to eat you?” David asked, bewildered.

“So did you,” Jason snapped, nodding towards Annabelle.

“I didn’t try to eat him,” Annabelle said flatly. “I wanted to eat him. There’s a difference.”

“I was just coming by to thank you for your help Jason. You’ve been invaluable to me these past couple of months.”

“You helped this man? This murderer?” David asked his friend, surprised.

“I didn’t know he would kill anyone. I told him to stop… but…” Jason trailed off.

“You’re sick,” Annabelle said to Harvey. “I smell it on you. Cancer.”

“Right, and you are a vampire,” Harvey answered. “And something more I sense… now that I have the sword, I’m as powerful as you are, lady. I’m sick, but soon I won’t be: the Moon Sword will wash it from my system. I was dying… and quickly… but now-”

“No one should have that sword,” Annabelle said quietly. Harvey was going to answer but Annabelle didn’t give him the opportunity. She raised her hands and stepped forward once, throwing her hands out to the man and an unseen force flew from her and sent Harvey flying.

“No!” Jason yelled, stepping forward to fight Annabelle, but David stepped in and restrained his friend.

“We aren’t strong enough!” David yelled to Jason. “Either one of them could kill us!”

On the street Harvey was climbing to his feet, sliding the sword onto his back in a makeshift scabbard he had constructed out of belts.

Then he began to change.

His skin split, hair began sprouting, his teeth elongated and his nails turned to claws.

David had seen his friend Jason in his wolf form, but this was… different. The Moon Sword added to the power. It added to the wolf. Harvey’s shoulders were massive and hunched, his snout long and his teeth massive. His eyes were big and yellow. The wolf let out a growl and dove forward; Annabelle swung her arms up, creating a shimmering light in the air between her and Harvey that sent the wolf tumbling to the ground when he hit it.

Harvey was on his feet in no time though, hardly shaken by the vampire-witch’s shield. He jumped forward again and this time Annabelle decided to get her hands dirty, jumping forward to meet him. She caught the wolf’s paws in her own hands, his claws coming down painfully on the back of her hands, but still she managed to keep the wolf off of the porch, away from her new lover and his friend.

Annabelle turned and threw the wolf away, sending him into the street. She noticed more than one person was out of their home, watching what was happening, and she knew the police would be here soon. She resolved to end this before they got here.

The wolf was strong and powerful but had no way of hurting Annabelle without getting in close. Annabelle had a multitude of spells and incantations to keep him at bay. As the first hint of sirens filled the air Harvey found himself in the air, surrounded by dancing lengths of flame. His hair was singed and missing in many places on his body, the straps that held the Moon Sword to his back were burning and snapped. The sword fell to the street below and Harvey roared in anger and fright.

“Get the sword!” Annabelle shouted, having to concentrate on her spell to keep Harvey bound. On the porch Jason took a step forward but David grabbed his friend’s shoulder, stopping him.

“I’ll do it,” David said firmly, knowing the power of the sword would mean nothing to him, but would be too enticing to Jason. David ran off of the porch and ducked down below Harvey, the back of his neck tingling unpleasantly from the heat. He snatched the sword off of the ground and went running back to the porch.

As soon as David had taken a hold of the sword the ownership changed to him, and Harvey began to transform back to his human form, since it wasn’t a full moon.

Annabelle let the fire fade away and Harvey fell to the pavement, a mess of burned flesh and ruined clothing. Annabelle strode forward and once again cut off Harvey from speaking. Just as he opened his mouth she reached forward and snapped his neck. He fell to the street, dead.

“We have to go,” Annabelle said as she met with the men on the porch. She looked to Jason. “You have to run.”

“No” Jason said. “I will not run. I need to answer for what I did.”

“They won’t understand any of it,” Annabelle said. “The police I mean.”

“Maybe not, but I will not run from them,” Jason said flatly, and David nodded, knowing that is friend was strong of will. He hugged Jason goodbye without words and he and Annabelle left, sprinting away together just as the first police car sped around the corner.

Annabelle and David went to her flat, where they stood in her living room looking at one another, taking deep breaths.

David held the sword out to her but Annabelle shook her head.

“You must keep it,” she said. “It’s not something I can have. Nor any other supernatural.”

“Okay,” David said, nodding in acceptance. After watching Annabelle defend humanity a moment ago, he knew he trusted her and her judgement. “What now?”

“I have to leave,” Annabelle said quietly, and he stared at her for a moment. She stared back at him, waiting for a response, and David said “I don’t want you to go, Annabelle.”

“A part of me doesn’t want to either, but that’s the best reason to go,” Annabelle said, stepping forward. Their lips met and David let the sword drop to the floor.

He wrapped his arms around Annabelle, lifting her off of the ground and carrying her into the bedroom. They made love for hours, slowly and gentle, hard and passionate after that.

Finally, it was time for David to go. He dressed and gathered the sword and at the door he looked to Annabelle sadly.

“I hope to see you again someday,” David said quietly, a little upset.

Annabelle said nothing, she just nodded. She felt like she hadn’t felt in an extremely long time. She reached out and pressed her lips to the side of David’s face in a gentle kiss, then she turned away and shut her door.

* * *

David knew that one of the spooks could have witnessed what happened, seen the Moon Sword, and may come after both him and it.

He had to leave too, at least for a while, to protect the sword and hide it where it could never be found again.

David didn’t know how he was going to do that. He didn’t know if spooks could sense the presence of the sword, and that made him wary. He had no special talent, no magical abilities. There was no way he could stop a vampire or werewolf taking the sword if he was attacked for it.

David grabbed his laptop along with a few other things, thinking about Jason and knowing he would be alright. Even if he was arrested, he’d be out again as soon as there was a full moon. There would probably be a lot of bloodshed, David thought grimly, but that couldn’t be helped. Jason was what he was thanks to Harvey.

David’s mind then fell to Annabelle. She was probably gone like the wind already. David prayed she wouldn’t forget him. He knew that he would never forget her and desperately hoped their paths would cross again one day.

* * *

Annabelle was already on the other end of the city.

It was dark out; the night enhanced her powers including speed greatly. She had a suitcase with many outfits inside, which was all she had bothered to take from her apartment. She had no need for the ornaments, but she did take a few books with her.

She intended to get a train and ride anywhere, just see where she would end up, and maybe stay wherever that may be if she liked the area. If not, board another train.

The further she was away from the Moon Sword, the better it would be.

She knew she was going to miss David and he could even be killed if the sword was discovered and in his possession.

She could have stayed with him, been his bodyguard even, but being near the sword was too tempting. She would be tempted to hold it, feel its power, and she wasn’t having that. The Mood Sword could be in nobody’s possession.

Annabelle hoped David had come up with a good plan to keep it safe.

* * *

David’s eyes were heavy.

He was on a train heading towards the airport.

He had a plan to take the Moon Sword far away, out of the city and possibly the country, and then board a ship and take it even further away.

He just knew he had to get it away from Jason, who had lost a little of his trust, and Annabelle, whose head was definitely screwed on, as she didn’t want to be near the sword at all even though it would make her invincible, and she didn’t want to sword in the hands of a spook, or supernatural.

David’s eyes were starting to close. Maybe he should get some sleep… he wouldn’t be at the airport for at least another hour.

Just as he yawned and started to settle down, he noticed a man watching him a few seats down. David cursed inside his head as he sat up straighter, thinking please do not be a spook. Not now.

David stared back at the man, sizing him up. He was wondering if he would be hard to take down when the man smiled at him, saying “Bit late to travel, isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah. It’s an important affair so I don’t really have a choice,” David replied, and the man nodded.

“You only have one case. You not going far?”

David relaxed as he realised the man had to be human. A nosy one, but still, he wasn’t a spook.

“No, I’m only going for a few days. I’ll be back home real soon,” he lied, and the man nodded and looked down at a book he was reading. “Good book?”

“Oh, yeah.” The man laughed. “Just a childcare book. I have a one year old and it’s hard as hell looking after him sometimes.”

“I guess a book could help,” David answered as he yawned, and the man replied “Yeah, I guess. Or the Moon Sword could.”

David didn’t have a chance to react as the man leapt up and charged at him, his fangs unsheathed as his hands closed around David’s neck, squeezing the life out of him.

David’s hands scrabbled at the vampire’s long fingers, but he didn’t have the strength to pull its hands off him.

David could hear his heart pumping furiously as the vampire rasped “Give me the sword!”

“I don’t have it,” gasped David, but before the vampire could answer he was blasted off David, tumbling away with the force of something unknown. The speeding train’s doors opened and the vampire slid out of them, the doors slamming shut again.

David’s vision was slightly blurred as he rubbed his neck. He blinked a few times, then Annabelle slid into focus, glaring down at him. David pushed himself back up on the seat as she towered over him, and he meekly said “Hi Annabelle.”

“What the hell are you doing on this train?” she demanded angrily, and David weakly said “I had a plan.”

“Which was what??”

“Take the Moon Sword far away where nobody can find it ever again,” David said, swallowing hard and wincing at his bruised neck. “Then we’ll be safe again.”

“That’s not a plan,” Annabelle said, annoyed. “That’s just wishful thinking. There were five spooks maximum in Oxford. There will be dozens all over hunting that sword. You just thought you’d leave and end up getting killed??”

“Well it’s better than staying home to end up getting killed,” David retorted, stung that she thought his plan was useless, then he frowned at her. “What are you doing on this train?”

“I decided to travel and go anywhere, before starting over,” snapped Annabelle. “I was on the other end of the train when I caught a whiff of your scent. Then the scent changed. I smelt your fear when the vampire attacked you.”

“And you came to my rescue,” smiled David. “Thank you.”

Annabelle’s glare intensified, and he sighed.

“No need to say you’re welcome.”

Annabelle waved her hand and her suitcase appeared at her side. She sat on the seat opposite David, still scowling at him.

“If I wasn’t on this train, you would be dead David. You should have been more careful, especially with the Moon Sword!”

“How was I supposed to know a vampire would be on the train?” pouted David, and Annabelle snapped “You should have expected anything while being in the possession of the Moon Sword and been prepared for everything.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” David said exasperatedly. “Stop fighting me, Annabelle. You fight me all the time.”

Annabelle scowled at him before she reached into her suitcase for a book. She read in silence for the rest of the journey, ignoring David when he tried to make conversation.

David gave up after twenty minutes, very annoyed, and he decided to go to sleep.

Annabelle’s eyes locked on David as he slept, at his folded muscular arms and his head against the train window, his brown hair falling in front of his face.

He was a perfect specimen.

And although she’d never admit it to him, Annabelle knew David had gotten deeply under her skin. She cared a lot about him, and it surprised her. It had been years since she’d cared about any human she’d been involved with romantically. Most of the time she ended up draining them of their blood and leaving their dead bodies to be found. This time, she wanted more than just hot sex and blood.

She wanted David.

* * *

Annabelle rapped David’s forehead with her pointed knuckles, startling him out of slumber.


“It’s time to go,” she said flatly, and David quickly gathered up his things and followed Annabelle off the train.

“Where are we headed?”

“We will decide soon,” she said flatly, and David sighed and said ok.

* * *

It was the early hours of the next morning when David and Annabelle were boarding a plane to another part of the country at least five hours away.

Annabelle was alert the whole journey; David slept for the majority of it. She knew that there were three spooks on the plane with them, but for now, they had no clue that the Moon Sword was also on the plane.

David put an arm around her, startling her as she looked at him, then she softly said “I didn’t realise you were awake.”

“Do you want to grab a bite to eat?”

“I want to grab a bite in general,” Annabelle answered, and David smiled at her.

“Do you have urges?”

“No. I just know I need to feed soon or I will weaken,” Annabelle replied in a hushed tone, and David frowned at her.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Because there are spooks here on the plane,” Annabelle said quietly. “So we’re not going to deep talk.”

David understood. He nodded, then he asked “How do you know there are spooks on the plane?”

“I can sense and smell them,” Annabelle answered, and she stopped an air hostess from walking past their seats, an arm outstretched even though she was still facing David.

David gaped as the woman nervously said “Yes Ma’am? Can I help you?”

“Can I have a coffee please, white, two sugars,” Annabelle replied as she turned to smile at the air hostess, sensing how wary she was. “David? Want a drink?”

“Tea please,” David said warmly, and the woman nodded and said she’ll be right back.

Annabelle could hear her heart thumping, faster than usual because Annabelle had startled her. Annabelle wanted blood more than coffee, but she tried to control her riotous urges as the air hostess set to making their hot drinks.

David watched Annabelle’s expression, noticing the change. She looked different, paler; her eyes were wilder. Even her hair seemed lanker.

“Annabelle,” David hissed; she didn’t reply. “You can’t. Not yet. Please, just have the coffee and when we’re settled you can do what you have to do.”

Annabelle looked at him, and she blinked and took a deep breath. David saw her fangs were on show, and he waited with bated breath, exhaling with relief when he saw the sharp teeth shrink back to normal size.

She fell into David’s embrace with a deep breath, and he cuddled her close, murmuring “Not long before we’re in a hotel.”

Annabelle nodded.

When the air hostess returned with their hot drinks, she noted Annabelle wasn’t looking ok.

“Ma’am, are you alright?”

“She’s fine,” David answered for Annabelle, and Annabelle looked at her with a smile.

“Nothing a cup of coffee won’t fix,” she said cheerfully, and the woman giggled and handed their drinks over.

“Enjoy the remainder of your flight.”

“We will,” David answered, Annabelle taking a sip of her coffee. “Thanks.”

Annabelle felt a little better after drinking the coffee. At least she had drunk something.

David sipped his tea, watching her. A little colour had returned to her face; she seemed much calmer than when she was pondering whether to suck the life out of the air hostess.

“How are you feeling?”

“Don’t pamper me, David,” Annabelle said tonelessly. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t have to act so hard, Annabelle. Me and you are together, right?”

Annabelle cringed, but she said “Right.”

“So don’t be so hard on me,” smiled David, and she replied “Get used to it.”

* * *

David and Annabelle signed into the closest hotel to the docks when they got off the plane.

By that time, the sun was high in the sky, and Annabelle was asleep.

David sat typing on his laptop, thinking of Jason and wondering if he was ok. He’d gotten enough juice to continue writing his novel, even though it was at the expense of his close friend. David was sure Jason wouldn’t mind.

Annabelle snuggled deeper into the covers when there was a knock on the hotel door. Frowning, David got up and quietly walked to the door before locking it gently, then he called “Yes?”

“Room Service,” a jolly voice said. “You ordered a large breakfast upon arrival?”

David relaxed and opened the door, thanking the member of staff and wheeling the trolley into the hotel room.

“Annabelle,” he said anxiously, and she opened her eyes. “I have food for us.”

“You eat. I don’t need to,” she yawned, and David said “Have some coffee with me then?”

“No,” she answered flatly, and he pulled a puppy dog expression.


“Still no. But you look cute,” she added amusedly. “It would make your mother’s heart melt when you pulled that face I bet.”

“Yeah, it would,” laughed David. “I could get anything out of her most of the time.”

Annabelle smiled, then she said “Eat. I will be going out tonight to get my fill. For now, I must rest. I’ve been guarding you for hours.”

“Alright,” David agreed. “That sounds reasonable.”

Annabelle nodded, then she closed her eyes again.

* * *

It was midnight.

David waited anxiously in the hotel room for Annabelle to return from her blood hunt. She’d been gone for two hours, and had told David upon leaving that he didn’t have to wait for her to return, but he was waiting for her regardless.

He cared about her so much. It was a little startling; he hadn’t even known her for three months, but the feelings were there. And they were very strong.

Yes, there was the possibility that she would bite him and drink his blood, but he saw that she had stopped herself from doing so, and that said enough.

“She cares a lot about me too,” he murmured with a smile, and he began typing on his laptop, deciding to write a few more chapters while he waited for Annabelle. He had already eaten; he just wanted to cuddle her and make love to her when she got back.

Their love-making was different to the others he’d been with. This time, it was way more intense. David could feel it in his bones; he knew Annabelle was for keeps.

But they had a mission.

Confessing his love for her would have to wait.

* * *

Annabelle wiped blood from her mouth and let the human fall to the ground.

He was the second one that night. Annabelle knew two was enough to last her a week or so without drinking anymore blood.

She leant back against the wall in the alleyway where she had lured the drunken fool, who thought that he had got lucky and was about to have his way with her. As did the man at the bar before him.

Annabelle ran a tongue over her teeth; they were back to normal. She straightened her clothing and stepped into the dim orange light of the streetlights, and began walking.

* * *

David was snoozing in the hotel armchair when Annabelle entered the room.

She stepped out of her heels and clothing and walked to him, nude as she murmured “David.”

He opened his eyes slowly, then his jaw dropped at the sight of her perfect frame.

“I’m back,” Annabelle said with a smile, and he got up and removed his clothing fast as lightning.

They tumbled into bed kissing passionately, and David figured life couldn’t get any better than this, even with so much danger in it.

* * *

“We should stay here forever,” David mumbled as he stroked Annabelle’s hair, her head on his chest and her arm around him. “Just keep the Moon Sword hidden with us, and stay together forever. We could have a whole new life.”

Annabelle smiled at that. “Wishful thinking again.”

David laughed. “Yeah, it is. Another stupid wish.”

“It’s a lovely idea, but it’s too dangerous. Another could trace the sword to this area and we’d have to fight to get away with it again, just like before.”

“But you’re powerful. You can defend like nothing I’ve ever seen,” David said, looking at her impressively. “Even when you defended that boy from the bullies, I knew pretty much nobody would be a match for you, even a werewolf with the Moon Sword.”

“I’m a hybrid, that’s why,” Annabelle answered. “There aren’t many vampires who are also witches. Being a mix of both makes me stronger than either.”

“And you’re sure you don’t want to be in possession of the sword?” asked David, and Annabelle sighed “You know I don’t. I can’t, I… I won’t. And I won’t let any spook take possession of it either. It’s too powerful and that makes it one of the most dangerous artefacts. If a spook got hold of it, it would be the end of life as you know it, David.”

David nodded. He understood.

* * *

David and Annabelle had been at the hotel for a week.

David was just about to kiss her as she stepped back into her clothes when she pushed him back.

“Playtime is over,” she said coolly, and he sighed.


“Do you have the tickets?”


“And you’ve packed everything properly, including the Moon Sword?”

David nodded, and she smiled briefly before she said “Alright. We need to check out and board the cruise. If anyone asks, we’re a couple who want time away together.”

“Which is true anyway,” grinned David, but she didn’t smile back. He sighed again. “Annabelle, what made you so tough? Did something happen to you in the past that changed you? Or have you always been this way?”

Annabelle opened her mouth to snap a fast retort, then she stopped. Memories rushed to meet her before she could suppress them, and she sat on the edge of the hotel bed, looking at her knees as her eyes filled over.

David had never seen her look so sad before. He put his bags down, and he joined her.

“Annabelle?” he said softly, and she looked at him. “What happened to you?”

“I… I wasn’t always this way.” Annabelle took a deep breath. “I had a family.”


“I had magical powers, always. The community I lived in, a few were witches. I had my first Wiccan initiation when I was twelve. My mother was human, but she knew what I was. She didn’t hate me for it, she got help, and I learnt to control my powers.”

David listened without interrupting.

Annabelle sighed, and then she said “I became the most powerful witch in the village. I could create spells, my own spells, and curses. I learnt from the superior witch of course, growing up. By the time I was twenty, I was all powerful. Nothing could harm me in anyway.”

“Sounds cool,” David said, surprised. “What changed?”

“A vampire is what changed. They changed everything,” Annabelle said quietly. “There was a pack of vampires, much like a wolf pack. They couldn’t control their bloodthirst, just like the werewolves cannot control savaging when in wolf form.”

David nodded, waiting for her to continue.

“Many of us were killed,” Annabelle said quietly. “I tried to hide my partner, my mother, and my little sister from the vampires. But their senses were too high. They smelt human blood, and were determined to drink from every human in the village.”

“How many were there?” David asked quietly, and Annabelle closed her eyes in pain as it all came back to her.

Fire, burnt houses, screams… and death.

“Annabelle,” David said, interrupting her thoughts. “How many vampires attacked you all?”

Annabelle’s eyes filled again as she looked at him, and he wanted to kick himself, because all he thought was how stunning she looked when she was upset. It was innocent.

“Twenty,” she whispered, and his jaw dropped. “Twenty vampires attacked my village.”

“Did anyone get away?”

“Yes. Mother Superior gathered the witches and they got away. Including me,” Annabelle said quietly. “But I turned back. I had to save my mother, my little sister, and my partner.”

“And did you?” David asked just as quietly, but she shook her head.

“I was too late. They were all dead when I ran in the house. I tried to bring them back to life using my powers, but… I…” Annabelle swallowed hard, but two tears fell from her eyes. “They weren’t the same.”

“Zombies?” asked David, and she nodded.

“I had to kill them. I realised no spell can really bring the dead back to life,” she said softly. “They died twice that night, and all because of me.”

David was stunned.

Annabelle sighed, then she quietly concluded “I was pounced on from behind by a vampire. They saw me and thought I was human like my family, and they drank my blood. They drank, drank and drank. I thought I was going to die… everything went black. When I woke up, the vampires were gone. And I had new senses, more than before, and I was hungry. I knew that I was now one of them.”

David stared at her. “Why didn’t you die?”

“Because of my powers. I wasn’t human to begin with,” Annabelle replied, “But they didn’t know that. That vampire who drank my blood probably thinks I perished like all the humans in the village.”

“And the witches who ran?” asked David. “What happened to them?”

“I was mad with rage and grief,” Annabelle admitted quietly. “The witches could have defended the humans with their powers, but they chose to flee.”

David nodded, knowing what happened as he stated “You killed them.”

Annabelle nodded. “Yes. I could smell them from a mile away. I was bloodthirsty. They all became my first feed. Their blood was heavenly to drink.”

David nodded, and Annabelle said “I did take into consideration that they could come back like I did, so I decapitated their heads.”

“You what?!”

Annabelle nodded. “Yes. I left them all dead, and moved on with my life. It took me years to get over what happened, David. I found myself maybe ten years ago.”

“And are you finally happy?” David asked softly, and she looked at him. “Or do you still have resentment lodged inside somewhere?”

“I will always have resentment about the whole affair,” shrugged Annabelle. “But I have put it behind me.”

David nodded, and Annabelle smiled and gave him a gentle kiss.

“I know it was a lot to take in. We should check out now, David.”

“Alright, let’s go.” David stood, and picked up his travel bag and Annabelle’s. She was wearing a bright red dress along with red heels. They matched beautifully with her blood red lips.

They left the hotel room together, and David said “Annabelle?”


“Have you every shared your past with anyone before?” he asked, and she smiled at him.

“No, I haven’t. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Oh, I know I’m lucky. Lucky to have found you,” smiled David, and she took his hand.

They left the hotel together, content.

* * *

David had his fill of delicious food in the cruise restaurant.

Many men had been ogling Annabelle with their mouths hanging open, and although that annoyed him a little, he knew it couldn’t be helped. She was gorgeous.

Annabelle sipped from a glass of red wine, content.

She and David had a plan, and it was a pretty good one actually. They knew what to do with the Moon Sword.

* * *

Annabelle was wide awake at three in the morning.

She was anxious as she woke David up.

“It’s time, David.”

“Alright,” he yawned, and he sat up. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I am.”

“We have to be on guard. You said there were spooks on the ship, right?”

“Right. But none are where we’re headed,” she replied, and David relaxed. “Let’s go.”

* * *

Annabelle and David stood on the deck at the back of the ship, staring down at the ocean water. Annabelle stood back, listening and sensing if any spooks were headed their way, but no one came.

She nodded, whispering “Now, David. Do it now.”

David obeyed, placing his travel bag down and taking out the glimmering Moon Sword.

Annabelle inhaled harshly as she felt herself being pulled to its power, and she gasped “Quickly!”

David noted her eye colour had darkened a little as she stared at the Moon Sword.

Well, there was no way he was going to deal with a vampire-witch turned dark. She would kill him as fast as lightning!

David turned and hurled the sword hard, like it was a javelin. It zoomed through the dark air and splashed into the equally dark water, glimmering for a split second before it began to sink.

Annabelle breathed out as the ship continued to move, away from the spot the sword sank.

David turned to her, and he gently asked “Are you ok?”

Annabelle nodded, her eyes normal again. “Yes. I’m fine. In fact, I’m very relieved.”

“You’re sure it won’t be found again.”

“I cannot say for sure. But I know it would be hundreds of years before so,” she replied, and she took his hand. “Now we can relax and enjoy our time on the cruise, and the many years together after.”

David smiled broadly at her, nodding, and Annabelle smiled back.

She had a new focus, a new lover. To live and enjoy life with David, without much worry. She was finally at peace.

The Moon Sword remained lost for thousands of years after Annabelle and David departed the ship, buried in the depths of the sea.

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