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Why is my Best Friend a Depressed Magical Girl Despite Saving the World Twice?

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My name is Kazume Shiro and I'm a normal school girl and Tsukiro Kurai is my best friend. My title explains itself better than I ever could, and I want to find out why. Not why my title is so amazing but why my best friend, is a Depressed Magical Girl. The story follows young Kazume Shiro and her thoughts on her best friend as she explores the world that doesn't exist and the side effects often put forth towards these characters and how the realism of the world makes these, fictional magical girls. Stay fiction.

Fantasy / Mystery
Vince Galmier
Age Rating:

Prologue 0.5 (Diary)

That’s a long title.

I’ll say that now.

I think I might have made this title way to long.


My name is Kazume Shiro, I’m 13, I like reading and I my favourite food is ebi fry*.

Kazume meaning harmony and Shiro meaning white.**

And I have something important I need to write down.

I don’t know when, I don’t remember when. But I feel that my best friend might be a magical girl.

But magical girls can’t be real, there’s no way, real life doesn’t have magical girls, that’s just how the world works.

I need time to think this through, I’ll write again when I have more details.

*(Ebi Fry is a Japanese fried shrimp)

**Kazume isn't really a last name but Kazumi does mean 'beautiful peace'. Shiro is a direct translation to white.

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