The Beast Within

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"Everyone has a beast inside them. But, some of them are true monsters." The fifth book to the Luna's Series!

Fantasy / Romance
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Morana’s POV

The councilman’s blood splattered the lawn’s grass as the Alpha’s slowly lowered to their knees. Finally the Alpha’s submitted to us. I was holding Bill’s head up in the air I took in a deep breath as I looked over to Aeron. My mate looked away from me as his wolf finally allowed him to shift into his human form. He took in a deep breath as his body slowly grew wider and taller. His body, maturing into an Alpha King as my body followed his lead.

It was a painful ache in my muscles as I looked towards the Luna’s who submitted and those whose bodies were the ground. It was painful, gaining their power. Truthfully it made my knees buckle. Aeron walked towards me and quickly I held onto his arm as he looked out to the Alphas. “Alpha King and Luna Queen!” Alpha Cal shouted, he clapped his hands as he looked up at us. His clothes were still attached, he never fought against us as he smiled towards us and clapped his hands.

Slowly Kevin followed Cal’s attitude as he looked at me with widened eyes as he clapped. ′Pussy.′ Ontas growled as we looked towards him. All the Alphas showed their respect as they bowed towards Aeron and I. Slowly I dropped Bill’s head on the ground, and looked up to Aeron’s pale face. He took a deep breath.

“Now that we got your attention.” Aeron said and looked out to the group, “We will be holding a meeting tomorrow right here to discuss what this will mean for all of you.” He said, “Clean this mess up.” He said and walked away from us.

Alpha Jack glared towards me as I slowly started to walk away from the group. Walking back to the house I tried to catch up with Aeron. But as soon as I reached him, he shifted into Aero and was rushing away from my outstretched hand. Our mate bond went silent as I watched his white wolf rushing towards the trees. Drew, Aeron’s oldest brother followed behind me tagging along Tyler, the human sergeant that had warned Aeron to leave the mountain. A human that showed his loyalty towards us. His face was pale and he was walking sideways. Stumbling over his feet. We all walked silently towards the house as I looked out to the dark woods. There was no howling, so mourning. But, I could feel the pain setting in the bond as I stood on the porch.

“He will be okay.” Zack said, Aeron’s other brother softly rubbed my back, “Luna Queen.”

“We need to end the war.” I said and looked at Zack, “If I hadn’t killed him, we would still be fighting.”

“We know.” Sanna said and nodded her head. Recently I didn’t care for Aeron’s younger sister but now she stood tall, her hand rubbing her growing belly as she looked up to me, “Aeron knows.”

Slowly I licked my lips and turned away from the opening and walked into the house. Jason stared at Lucy who stood at the very end of the house with Tae. She looked embarrassed as she looked at me and then looked quickly away. I took in a deep breath as I walked up the stairs as Aeron’s siblings searched for the Alcohol. Lucy and Tae followed behind me, but they didn’t come into my room. Instead they went to the attic.

The first thing I needed was a shower. Aeron’s fathers blood was all over my body. I needed to get rid of his scent on my body. As I peeled off the jacket I could hear Jason plead to Lucy to talk to him as the attic door shut. I sighed and turned on the water to the shower and waited for it to warm up. I stepped into the scolding water and closed my eyes. Allowing the burning water to turn my skin red and washed the blood down the drain. I covered my face with water and then washed my hair. I took extra time in the shower as I lathered my body in soaps.

Hoping to scrub the sins I had committed away. I wanted to forget them, I wish I could scrub my brain clean. I wish there was another way. But what I did was to save my family. Was to save my children. I told myself that as I allowed the water to drown me as it fell on my face. My heart ached as my hands gripped my head. What I had just done, I would never forgive myself for.

Slowly I walked out of the bathroom and dried my body. I looked into the mirror. What have I done? Aeron knew those Alpha’s personally. He knew everyone we had just killed. He spent years knowing them. He knew them longer than he knew me. I only sighed and walked out to our room. I pulled on a pair of pajamas and walked out of the room. Drying my hair with a towel. Jason stood in the hallway and sighed, “She won’t talk to me.”

“She will come-”

“I wasn’t ready.” Jason said and looked at me, “I wasn’t ready to tell her.” I looked at him confused as he sighed. My eyes widened.

“Were you going to reject her?” I asked Jason. Jason looked at me and then up to the closed door. Keith followed his gaze as Jason slowly nodded his head. My eyes widened as I then looked over to Keith, “And you?” I asked. Keith looked at me shocked and then slowly he nodded his head.

“When did you know?” Jason asked.

“Since the cave.” I said. Both of their eyes widened as I shook my head. My heart ached for Lucy and Tae, “Why?” I asked them.

“Because they are young.” Keith said and looked at me, “And they need to heal. They need to focus on themselves and not on anyone else, or anything else.”

“All they’ve been talking and thinking about is you two.” I hissed towards the two of them. Their eyes widened, “They just didn’t realize what was happening.”

“We thought if we ignored them, they wouldn’t notice us.” Jason said, “So we decided just to watch and make sure they are protected but that is all.” Keith nodded as I looked at them.

A headache was forming. I could feel it, as I slowly walked down the stairs. Drew, Zack, and Alex were pouring shot after shot of liquor as Sanna only sipped on water. Her face was red as she looked up to me and wiped away her tears, “Sorry.” She said and rubbed her stomach “I’m emotional.” She said and shrugged her shoulders as her lip pouted out.

“I’m sorry.” I said and looked at the three of them.

“It’s fine.” Drew said as he took another shot.

“Yeah, it’s not like you killed our father for a political move.” Zack said and lifted a finger, “Wait you did.”

“You all agreed to it.” I said and looked at them.

“Morana.” Drew said and looked at me, “Tonight, was just outrageous.” He said.

“If you hadn’t killed Bill, we would be dead.” Alex said and looked over to Sanna, “What you did was right. You needed the Alpha’s to listen. Now they will listen. But, now you also have bigger threats. The lives that were taken today won’t easily be forgiven with a new title.”

Sanna just looked at her mate as I looked back at Jason. He nodded his head as he sat down on the stairs. Slowly I turned away from them and walked back up the stairs. Why did I even bother leaving my room? Feeling their eyes on me as I walked towards my room and closed the door. I climbed into the bed and pulled the blanket closer to my chin. I did what was right. I did what was right. Didn’t I?

Aeron’s POV

Aero ran, our paws were aching as he grew restless. My body burned in pain as I pushed him to keep running around. No wolf stepped in my way. No one reached out to me. I just ran. And ran, running through the pain so I didn’t think about my mate holding my fathers head. I ran so I didn’t think of his body falling beside me, of his blood landing on Aero’s fur. I wanted to run away from the pack. I wanted to run away from my mate. I felt selfish. I had agreed to this.

But, as soon as he was gone I felt wrong.

Part of me wondered if I would feel relieved that he was dead. But, I knew that I didn’t. Part of me was aching. I had allowed her to kill him. I allowed Morana to rip my fathers head off. What kind of a son was I? Would Daniel and Luke conspire and do that to me? It was eating me alive with guilt as I pushed past a tree. The moon was slowly falling down and the sunrise was lighting the world around me. Had I run all night? The wolves patrolling stood straight as I rushed past them and towards the house. I wasn’t surprised to see my brothers standing out on the porch. Both of them looked horrible as they sipped coffee, “Your liquor is strong.” Drew said.

“Where were you?” Zack asked, “We waited all night for you.” He hiccups as he leaned against the swing and laid down, “My head is wobbly.”

“I went for a run.” I said and stepped onto the porch.

“For that long?” Drew asked and looked at me, “Are you okay?”

“Just fine.” I said and walked through the door.

The first thing I noticed was Tyler sleeping on the bench. Curled into a small protective ball. Then there was Keith and Jason sleeping under the attic door, their bodies sitting up and leaning on their own door. My own door was closed. I walked past them and went to my room. Morana was sitting in the bed, pumping as she looked up to me. Her blue eyes sparked as she smiled. And as I looked at her, I felt a simmering rage fill my heart along with guilt. I walked towards the bathroom and closed the door as I closed my eyes. After a moment I sighed and walked towards the shower.

Morana’s POV

It was a restless night, waking up to always find that Aeron hadn’t returned. And when I had given up sleep and pumped, he had returned. But, he looked so broken, so angry. I finished pumping and softly sighed. I opened my lips as I slowly moved my body. Everywhere ached, even pumping was more painful than usual. but, I was determined to get out of bed. I slowly walked towards the closet and pulled out a regular long sleeve shirt and pulled on a pair of tights. I got dressed quickly and left the room before the shower stopped.

Grabbing the milk bottles I softly shut the door. As I walked down the hallway, I scratched my head as I thought of what I could do to make it up to Aeron. I disliked him looking so lost. I also disliked sleeping by myself. I was so focused on Aeron that I didn’t realize that Jason and Keith were still sitting out.

When I did realize it was too late, I had tripped on Jason. My feet started to stomp down as I stepped on Keith and my body went forward. I tried to catch myself as I fell on Keith. But, I couldn’t hold onto anything as I tucked my head. My body then fell down the stairs. Rolling down as the cups burst open.

My body painfully landed on the floor. My breast milk covered the carpet and my body as I laid on the ground and softly groaned. My head was now screaming in pain as I listened to Zack laugh loudly. Laying there, I took a moment before I moved. And when I did I felt hands on me. I looked up to see Drew as he touched my head, “You’re bleeding.” He said.

“It’s just a scratch.” I said as I slowly stood up. Keith and Jason looked at me with wide eyes, “I’m sorry.” I said as I looked at the two males and grabbed the cups, “Great.” I whispered as I walked the dirty cups to the sink and dropped them in as I placed my head in my hands.

“You should let me look at that for you.” Drew said as he walked over to me and placed a cold rag on the back of my head, “You took a fall-”

“Drew.” I said and looked at him as I took a step away, “I’ll be fine.”

“You don’t have to be so hard on yourself.” Drew said and looked at me.

“I’m not.” I said and moved away from the rag, “I’m going out.”

“Where?” Drew asked, “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be out by yourself right now?”

“All the Alpha’s are going to see you and want to kill you.” Zack said.

“Zack is right.” Aeron said as he looked down at the carpet as he walked down the stairs, “What happened?” He asked.

“Morana fell.” Drew said and looked at me, “She won’t let me check her head.”

“What is wrong with her head?” Aeron asked as he walked towards me.

“It’s bleeding.” Drew said. Aeron nodded towards him as he grabbed my face. I sighed and looked up to Aeron.

“I’m fine.” I whispered.

“Better to be safe than sorry Morana.” Aeron whispered as he kissed my forehead. His lips were warm as butterflies filled my stomach. I looked up at him as he touched my face, “I’m sorry my love.” He whispered. I could feel Drew touching my head, “I needed a run. Why don’t we go see our children today?” He asked. My eyes widened as I looked up at him.

“Can we?” I asked him.

“Yes, I can have warriors watch over you four all the time now.” Aeron said and kissed my nose.

“Ow!” I shouted as I went to move. Aeron kept me still as I looked at him, “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Looks like there was a nail.” Drew said as he pulled on something. I took in a deep breath as I growled towards him. My foot softly stomped as I whined. Then Drew yanked something out. I could feel warmth fall on my neck as the wet rag went to the painful area. Drew then showed me a small nail and sighed, “Must be from the stairs, the carpet is getting old. If it was a little bit bigger it could have done real damage.” Aeron kissed my forehead and sighed.

“We will add that to the to-do list.” Aeron said and looked at me. I grabbed his hand and frowned.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“My mate decapitated my dad.” Aeron said and looked at me, “I just didn’t think I would have missed him.”

“I’m sorry.” I whispered and looked down at the floor.

“Don’t be.” Aeron said and lifted my chin, “What you did was the right thing. And I know we wouldn’t have gotten out of there alive if you hadn’t.” Aeron kissed my lips and then pulled away, “Once you stop bleeding we can go ahead and call for the meeting.”

“Okay.” I said and looked back at Drew who was still holding the rag.

“This is going to be a little bit.” He said and placed my hand over the rag as he walked away from me.

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