Mother May

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A mother's love is unparalleled. No restrictions will ever be able to separate a mother from her child, but what obstacles will stand in the way of this mother keeping her son in her life in this tragic twist of fate?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

**Hey guys, I have been struggling with a good title for this story, so if you see it change halfway through, then that is why! 😅

Also, small warning! This story might take me longer to upload and get updates to you because life has just been kicking my ass lately! But if you stick around, I look forward to hearing what you all think about it as it progresses! Anyways, enjoy! x”

I exhale as I run my fingers through my hair; I had not gotten as much sleep as I clearly needed the night before, and I was eager for the day to be done. Thankfully, it was time for me to leave work; I needed to get home to pick up my son and prepare dinner for my family.

I arrange the papers on the desk and grab my possessions, putting them in my purse before racing out the door, a brief farewell to my coworkers over my blue scrub covered shoulder.

I got out of my white car after an hour of driving to the babysitters to find my son waving at me from the window. I wave to him with a big smile on my face. “Hello, little one!” Walking up the concrete walkway to the front door’s stairs.

He was waiting for me just inside the house, hopping up and down, arms held up wide and aloft, eager to be scooped up while yelling, “Mom! Mommy! Mom!” My heart skips a beat as I wrap his little arms around me and embrace him. Nothing could compare to how I am feeling right now.

I tighten my grasp on him before sitting on the grey couch next to the door, my baby still clasped in my arms. “Hello, baby!” “Have you had a good day?” I question.

He wiggles free of my grasp as he races over to his sitter, his great grandmother, and steals his juice cup from her before rocketing back over to me. “Rocketrip! Orange, rocketrip!”

I smile at him, inspecting the cup swiftly, “Did Gran bring you a new cup? With an orange rocket ship? Very exciting!” He looks up at me, pleased with his new rocket-ship-themed cup. I had a light talk with Gran about the day until a large yawn escapes me, telling me how exhausted I am.

I take Charlie’s bag, put on his shoes, and kiss and hug Gran goodbye, thanking her for babysitting Charlie. Strapping him in is usually a game since he tries to be Mr. Independent, but he can never entirely grab the latches, so I have to be extremely slick and buckle him quickly.

Reveling in my success, I jump in and head on home. Looking in the rearview mirror multiple times to notice my handsome boy staring out at the trees passing by. Taking in the world one detail at a time. I love that little boy more than anything in this entire world.

A loud continuous honking jolts me out of my adoration for him, and I return my gaze to the road to realize that I am driving straight for the side of another vehicle that has just pulled out onto the road! I yanked on the steering wheel, doing the only thing that seemed sensible at the time, sending myself and my vehicle drifting into the opposite lane, into oncoming traffic.

In an attempt to reverse my stupid decision to pull into the other lane, I yanked the wheel again, sending me flying back into the other lane, but the vehicle was already out of my control, and bursting through the little barrier and going over the edge of the small bridge that was over the river.

Weightless. That’s exactly how it felt. Flying through the air, falling. My lovely boy’s screams were the only thing that pulled me out of my daze. I rolled down the window as quickly as I could and waited for the hit. It was a hard smack into the water. My forehead smacked on the steering wheel for a split second, but I refused to stop going, knowing that now was not the time.

As the sound of sloshing water entering the car fills my ears, I hastily unbuckle my seatbelt, clambering into the rear as hastily as I can and unlatching Charlie’s belts as swiftly as my shaking fingers can. I take a big breath as I pull him to me, and we are entirely emerged in seconds.

I squirm my way to the front seat, forcing him out the window while grabbing onto his arm. My foot gets tangled around the seatbelt in multiple loops as I’m almost out. I could see the top of the water, which was becoming further away as the automobile sank lower, and I wanted to scream as the reality of the situation hit me.

I pull Charlie in for the quickest hug, blowing all the breath out of my lungs into his. I gave him a light kiss on the forehead as I shoved him up to the surface as I felt myself falling farther away.

Another figure in the water and a red tube looping around Charlie were all I could see. He’s not in danger! He is safe, thank God. I’m just sorry I won’t be around to watch him grow up, and I’m sorry I won’t be able to tell my husband how much I love him.

As the last of my consciousness leaves me, my eyesight fades to dark.

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