The Makoan

By Trinity96 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

The Makoan

Drake was sitting in the back of his parents Toyota when they pulled up to their drive way “Happy to be home?” his mother asked him, half asleep from their family trip. “Yeah it has been a bit-of-a-week.”

he replied, “at least we had fun while we where away.” his dad said from the front seat of the car. His dad, Jefferson Delta, was a small time business man who owned a company called ‘Jefferson & CO.’ and their job was to manufacture space heaters. Although because his dad’s job did not pay very good, Drakes mom was forced to take a job too, so she worked at a book store. Drake didn’t mind it much if he was on his own for a few hours, after all he was sixteen years old going on seventeen, his birthday was tomorrow. Although Drake couldn’t shake the feeling that something out of the ordinary was going to happen. Every one felt so tired that they never bothered to get the suit cases and what not. They all went to their separate rooms, when Drake got to his room he immediately flopped down onto his bed and fell asleep. It wasn’t peaceful dreaming though, he woke with a start, or what he thought was waking up. He was standing in nothing but darkness, but he could see himself. A voice called out to him and said “Drake, I know who you are, I know your deepest secrets. But you don’t know mine!” the voice sounded insidious and evil, Drake started to get scared and yelled “Where are you! Show your self!” again the voice said “Oooohh, gettin’ bold are we? I am your deepest fear, I am the monster in your closet.” then a form appeared, or rather, a monster. The being had white bird wings, and black eyes with bright yellow iris’s. The most frightening feature though was the fact that it’s face was a skeleton head with cracks all along the right side of his forehead, cheekbone, and jaw bone. “you seem surprised Drake, why so scared hmmm? After all...I am you!” the being said and then laughed maniacally at him as the bone like mask split apart at the jaw line with a blood curdling crack. As much as Drake feared this thing that claimed to be him, he asked “what do you mean...I’m not you, and you are definitely not me!” “Oh really? Do you want to test that? Lets try something shall we? I am thinking of a number what is it” the creature inquired. “your thinking of four aren’t you?” Drake said but he didn’t know how he got the number right because the creature smiled and said nothing more. At least thats what it looked like to Drake. “Why are you here...I don’t have to accept the fact that we’re the same but I want to know why your here and why I’m here” Drake yelled, he wanted to get out of this morbid place as soon as possible and never come here again, but as if reading his thoughts the other ‘him’ said “get used to it, how do you think I feel, and I still have to live my life here with no one else...Hahaha its no wonder I’ve gone a little crazy! But as for why your here, is because I’m part of you which means you can ‘use’ me so to speak.” as he mentioned the word use he held up his hands and flexed two fingers as if to put that particular word in hyphenated form. He continued to inform him on this so called power he could use. “just remember though that if I come out I will try and take over and kill everyone you know!!! So don’t get careless with me, I’m not just some pet you can call whenever you want! Does that clear things up a bit for ya?” Drake was so confused at that moment but he just nodded and asked how he got out of this place. The monster jumped at a great height and at high speed, getting ready to attack. Drake was paralyzed and couldn’t move and just before the beast even touched him he woke up in his own bed screaming bloody murder. He had no idea what just happened, one thing was for sure though, he had to keep in mind what the figure in his nightmare said. He did not want innocent lives getting murdered because of him. He stepped out of bed shaking and stepped on something, it was the mask the beast had been wearing, maybe thats how he tapped into this power or switched his personalities or whatever. He took the mask and hid it in his jacket. He took it outside and tried to smash it out of fear and hatred. He then tried to smash it with his fathers hammer, but the mask would not brake, there was not even a chip in it. It was still light out so he decided to take a walk, he didn’t even tell any one, all he brought was a small back-pack that contained a water bottle, and the skeleton mask. He walked anywhere, he didn’t even care how long he was gone so long as he could think things through on whether or not if the dream was real. It had to be real, he thought, “If I have this mask then that must mean that the dream was real, or was it a real place?” Drake heard some commotion from a nearby cull-da-sack. It was a road that led for a good quarter mile and dead ended in a round-about. Drake saw what was happening, three people where surrounded by your stereotypical thug gang. There where five thugs total that he could see, and he ran toward them as fast as he could and surprisingly made it to them in nothing flat.

He pushed his way in between the attackers and the victims and said “HEY what do you think your doing trying to hurt innocent people?!” he was out raged and reached for the mask in his back pack, something gave him a crazy idea that he was willing to try, it could just be that he was desperate, or the monster in him telling him to put it on to let him take over, either way, one was going to end up worse than the other. “I think I should be asking you a similar question; What are you doing getting in the middle of our ’business.’” asked one of the thugs who looked like he had tons of scars on him. “I’m getting in the middle of your ‘business’ because its not just that, your trying to hurt these people. Now, get out of here and never come back!” all five of them just laughed and two pulled out knives, Drake cursed under his breath and pulled the mask out and put it on his face. There was nothing to hold the mask there but it held to his face, his eyes turned black and bright yellow, and his voice changed from normal to an insidious, maniacal sound that clashed with his own. He grew not wings but talon like claws on his finger tips, and as far as Drake new, he was still in control of himself. So he first tried to scare the thugs as the being from his dream scared him, he acted like he was going to roar like a beast and took a couple of steps forward. The attackers where not easily swayed. They exclaimed in horror but did not run in fear, rather, they charged in waves. First, the two with the knives, one made a stabbing motion at him, but as it was made Drake ducked underneath the arm and behind the man and slashed his back with his claws. Drake was in pain at the motion, but not as much as the man he had felled. When he looked down at the man he looked at Drake with pure fear and the next thug came at him and tried to slash at him in a downward motion. All he did was side step to his left and clawed his arm and sent the man wailing in pain. The others came at him at once and where throwing punches. Left, right, left, right. There was a lot of bobbing and weaving and apprehending the attackers but since there was three against one it was hard to get a good hit in. On one of them he slashed his chest, the next he kicked in the stomach, and the third one was so scared he couldn’t move. Part of him wanted to finish him off, why should he be able to walk away without a scratch? He heard what sounded like the laughter from the beast in him and thought to himself, “No I cant let this thing get the better of me, if I fall now then I will become a threat to everybody I know.” so he looked at the man, who was still stunned at the slaughter, and said “Boo”. The man ran for what he was worth. Drake tried to remove the mask from his face...but the mask would not come off. He found himself saying “It’s no use, you do not know how to remove the mask from your face yet, you are insignificant compared to me and only I have the ability to remove this mask. I am the king and you are the horse.” Drake realized it was the other being speaking and he said to him “Then if I’m the horse... I guess I’ll have to drive you off a cliff!” he said and pulled with all his might at the mask, and the creature in him started to wail and shout at him to stop but Drake just yelled “Get outta my head!!!” and he yanked the mask off of his face and he was no longer interrupted by the creature in him again. He could tell he had started to bleed slightly on his forehead from where the mask was sealed to his face. He looked at it with loathing and distaste as well as fear. He had almost slipped and fell and he would have let that thing take over him. Just then though he became really tired and really sleepy. He couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and soon he passed out. It felt like days, months, even years. All he knew though was that he better not end up in that morbid place of his that held his other personality, otherwise he was gonna kill him himself for trying to take over.

Drake didn’t now how, when, or where it happened but at some point he must have fallen asleep, and when he woke up he was in somebody else’s house. Drake was getting scared half to death, so he fainted back onto the couch he lay on. When he awoke he forced himself not to pass out because standing there and leaning against the couch was a young women who had short dark hair, and was dressed in a kimono. She stood there smiling and peering down at him, she looked to be about his age when she said “Hi I’m ZUMI!” Drakes head pounded with intensifying pain, as if someone had kicked him in the head. “how-how, did I get here?” the girl Zumi said “I just found you eagle-spread in a wheat field, other than that I was hoping you could tell me.” “Sorry, but I don’t know how I got here, much less know where here is. My names Drake by the way-” Drake started but was cut off by another voice that called Zumi and said “I hope your not bothering our guest, are you?” this new comer was another women, she had long white hair that went down in curls to her waist, she had dim emerald green eyes and a dress that seemed a little too tight around the middle of her waist. Drakes eyes and the newcomers held for a moment, until he said “...Uh, Drake Delta, pleased to meet you miss-” “Cassandra, please, call me Cassandra.” She said with a smile as she came around and held out a hand to help him up. “I can manage, but thank you” grunted Drake as he started to stand up slowly. Cassandra presented him with a tall, stout, wooden stick. It was just a little bit taller than him. “Please feel free to walk around but avoid the farthest door on the right of the hallway please.” Cassandra said as if she had rehearsed it. “whats down there?” Drake questioned, “Its down for repairs, and I’m afraid that at its current state it will be dangerous for you to go in there.” she replied. She too looked no older than Drake, and he started to wonder where he was. She then added “Zumi, could you find Jax and Cor please? I think its time we had a meeting, I’ll collect the rest of the members.” Zumi replied with a humble nod and a “mm-hhhmm!” and ran off to fetch these men. Obviously Cassandra was head honcho of this place so he didn’t think he wanted to get on her bad side. He still had this whole monster business to deal with. He just now remembered the fight with the thugs back home and he wanted to forget the whole nightmare. To do so he got up and started to walk shakily outside whilst Cassandra went down the hallway and entered one of the many rooms. Drake went outside onto the deck and was astounded at what he saw out there. A Cherry blossom tree, Chinese maples, koi fish ponds here and there, it was a beautiful sight to behold. Underneath the Cherry blossom tree was a stone bench, which, fortunately was not far off. Drake used his staff to hobble his way on over there and sat there for quite some time. Thinking to himself and trying to sort things out. “was I kidnapped? Is that why my head hurts so much? Did these strange people beat me from behind and kidnap me? No, not only are these people kind folk, but Zumi said she found me in a wheat field...The next question is, where am I? The Orient? I really don’t know.” Finally tomorrow he decided that, if he was allowed a room to stay the night, he would investigate this puzzling predicament, for now he was just going to rest. Drake sat there on the bench for a while when a gust of wind picked up, once, then fell which caused Cherry blossoms to fall on him slowly, as if in slow motion they fell on his head and shoulders. Half hoping that they would bury him forever so he may escape this nightmare. He almost fell asleep when Cassandra came and touched him gently on the shoulder and said softly “Drake, its time to come inside.” Drake nodded drearily, and this time he took the hand that was offered to him and walked inside where Cassandra showed him his room in which to stay in for the night. She told him to stay as long as he’d like, the place he was staying at was somewhat of a mini hotel except strangers weren’t allowed in, but considering the circumstances Drake was an exception. Thanking Cassandra, Drake set down the staff and laid down on one of the two beds in there. He guessed there was some one else that would be sharing this room with him, he hoped that they would be as nice as Cassandra and Zumi. Soon sleep overtook him, for once what felt like a lifetime he got a good nights sleep. When Drake woke up in the morning he noticed two things. The first was that his head didn’t throb like someone had kicked him in the face, the second was that his room mate was here and awake. It was one of the girls and she was making her bed. This wasn’t one of the girls Drake had seen. She was dressed in what appeared to be a karate uniform only without the belt. She turned round as he sat up and stirred in his bed and exclaimed “oh! I’m sorry did I wake you up?” Drake yawned as he said “No, no your fine I actually didn’t here you.” the girl had green eyes and red hair, and she said “My names Kira, whats yours?” “My names Drake, nice to meet you, Kira. Um, you might find this odd, but, where am I, and whats the date here? I’m a little confused.” Drake inquired as he stood, while Kira explained where and when he was. “your in Starfield of course, and the year is 2016 A.D.” Drake didn’t seem as surprised as he thought he would be and said “I’m sorry but I’m in star- what?” “Starfield, thats where your at.” Kira said getting a little worried and thinking that maybe Drake had bumped his head a little to hard. Drakes stomach rumbled and Kira said “why don’t we go get some breakfast?” In Drakes mind he was thinking “What in all that is pure and holy happened to me! Either I’m on an alien planet speaking to aliens or I’ve just been thinking that the world was called Earth instead of Starfield!...NAH!!! Its official I’ve been abducted by aliens.” as Drake thought all this the demon piped up and said “No their not aliens their just people, honestly did you really think that earth was the only inhabitable planet!” “Kira, you go ahead I’m gonna stay here a moment I’m still a little drowsy.”

he lied to Kira so he could get some answers from the monster. “sure thing Drake just don’t take to long K’?” when she left Drake was allowed to speak openly to himself, literally. “Alright how do you know so much, talk.” the being in him (whom he nick-named Insidious) answered in his head, like a thought spoken for Drake “you ask me, we’re both the same person aren’t we? So you already have the answers to your problems.” “True we may be in a single body which for me is a little unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean that I have your personality or your memories. Thats including the answers I want out of you!” Drake told him out of frustration. He was not going to be a recreation of the Marvel hero ‘The Hulk’ but if he got answers maybe he might not get as frustrated as he is now. “Your a pretty smart kid, I think now that I have some company in this empty head of yours the madness has started to subside.” said Insidious and then he said “Oh wait...NOPE Its still there! You wanted answers? I have them, because I have been dormant in your head for sixteen years MY brain has had more time to develop than yours has. If you try to think about it then don’t it just hurts your head and makes me even crazier. To put it strait I’m smarter than you. So smart in fact I was able to calculate all the possibilities of intelligent life forms on other planets.” “Thats impossible no one is capable of doing something like that. Plus, you only became active when I got home from my vacation...What do you mean ‘other planets’?” Drake asked him, but then Insidious went silent and didn’t say any thing more, so he went out to get breakfast considering the fact that he was starving. He found himself following the voices of a bunch of different people. He was curios about these men, he wanted to meet them. Hopefully they were as nice as the other people here, he soon found himself in the dining pavilion. Once there, he saw three young men there, the first one walked up to him, he had greenish black hair almost like a crows feathers, he had gray eyes with a hint of blue in them and wore gloves without the fingertips, almost like hand warmers. “Hi I’m Jax, you must be be Drake, I’ve been dying to meet you.” He said as he shook his hand vigorously. Drake could see now that Kira was blushing as they said good morning to each other. The two’s names where Crow and Cor. Crow had blond hair that went every where, when he walked up to Drake he said “Good morning, my names Crow.” Drake held out his hand and said “Morning, my names Drake.” Only to notice that Crow did not see the hand offered to him because he was blind. as if reading his mind he said “Ah, don’t worry about, even though I cant see, I can sense that are too fast for the naked eye.”Crow then held out his hand and Drake shook it, feeling a little freaked out and it was quite possible that he was getting a case of vertigo. He then went over to Cor and said “Good morning, I’m Drake, and you are?” he stood up from his seat and introduced himself “Top ‘o’ the mornin’ to ya, my name is Cor.”. After introductions where made Drake looked around to see if Cassandra was up, he wished to tell her ‘good morning’. Finally he saw her and told her, asked her if he could talk to her more about this place “O.K, whats on your mind?” She asked him, “well I was hoping you could tell me how I got here.” inquired Drake. “Sure, meet me outside and I’ll try to answer your questions.” she said, Drake thanked her and sat sat down next to Kira and Crow as breakfast was served. The lay out of the dinning table was simple, Cassandra sat at one end by herself, Zumi sat at the other end, then Kira,Drake, and Crow on one side and Jax and Cor at the other. They all loaded up on foods such as hazel nut bread, banana bread, apple bread, any kind of bread you could think of was being passed down. Then eggs where being handed down. Poached, scrambled, fried, even Benedict. After that there was fruit salad of every kind, and Drake couldn’t resist. He took one of at least everything. After he had his plate loaded with food(which probably made him look like a pig) Kira whispered in his ear “Hey, don’t eat your food yet, it’s tradition that we let Cassandra take the first bite of food.” “Why is that? Is she, like, the boss or something around here?” Drake asked, “Yes, of course she is! Honestly, sometimes I think you come from another planet.” she hissed in his ear. He looked mildly offended and whispered back, “News flash, Kira, I’m from planet Earth, not Mako...Don’t tell anyone that.” But Kira either had a look of horror or disbelief on her face as he told her this, but Drake thought that with all the weird stuff happening to him, he decided that he was going to throw some of it back to the people around him. Besides, that was nothing compared to his alternate personality, or the fact that he somehow traveled through space to another planet. Cassandra took one bite of everything on her plate and said “It’s all very delicious, thank you all.” everyone said in unison “YOUR WELCOM!” and began eating their food. Drake tried to focus on not looking like a pig as he ate his food, but it tasted so good! The eggs where fabulous but the hazel nut bread had to be by far the best thing on his plate. Across the table Jax was talking with Cor about a shipment of something from a couple of countries over from where they where, they where talking about a man who had been raiding their cargo shipments. His name, was Flax. Drake leaned over and said to Crow, “Hey, who is this Flax guy?” Crow answered his question, “Jason Flax. He used to live here with us, but something happened. Even I cant say what happened because at the time I was still very young...all I know is this, Flax is a backstabber and someone who is not to be trusted.” Drake felt he was lying, he felt that there must have been some form of trust between the two young men in their early years, but Drake didn’t want to push the subject. He decided to change the subject and asked “So, I hear that there’s gonna be some sort of shipment, when will that get here?” Crow told him it was just a decoy shipment and that it would arrive tonight, the fake cargo was meant for Flax and that they where going to capture him and turn him in to the authorities.

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