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Rogue's Innocent Mate

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A story about a psycho king of Rogues and his innocent mate. "Please let me go. I am not your mate. You have mistaken." She said twisting her arms to get away from him but only got a dark chuckle from him. "No can't do that. Mate." He said leaning to her neck. Her eyes widened feeling his sharp teeth brushing her neckline. "I can't wait to ruin you my innocent mate." His evil voice told her the ruthless actions he was planning to show her. Suddenly she was shoved over his shoulder with him smirking evilly. "It's time to leave now little mate." Her heart dropped. Dark romance story about a heartless psycho rogue king and his innocent omega mate.

Fantasy / Romance
Mirah Selim
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Author Pov

“Thank you Alice for helping my son.” Alice made a respectful bow to the alpha.

Even though it has been extremely tough for her to come here and treat the Alpha’s son. Raymond Allen. The man who is the ruler of this Black lead pack. The powerful alpha yet the man.

She despises the most.

Alice Jones, 20 years old omega and pack doctor as well as a therapist. She was born with the extraordinary power of healing. She can’t only heal outer wounds but also can help any wolf going through mental illness.

She has never met her wolf. In simple words, she wasn’t supposed to be born in this world. Her father was a wolf and her mother a human. The mixture has done huge damage yet favors her at the same time.

She was born without a wolf but with a powerful capability of healing. Even though she doesn’t even have enough strength to be called an omega but still the previous alpha of the pack Allen, Raymond’s father gave her the title of healer of the pack and an omega.

She might lack physical strength but her brain was faster than most of the pack members. She wasn’t born mateless but the painful incident two years ago has snatched the chance of feeling a mate bond from her.

Even though she couldn’t feel the pain of the mate bond cutting off but in her heart still somewhere she feels the pain of being rejected every day by her mate.

She may be a healer of the pack but to this day she couldn’t be able to heal the pain emerging each day in her heart.

The pain of rejection by her one and only chance mate.

Alice from the day she was born heard that she lacked the happiness of having a mate. As she didn’t have any wolf so it was impossible for her to have a mate. But indeed miracle happens.

And in her life, Raymond Allen happened. Her first and only mate.

The mate who rejected her.

Being an omega Alice had no choice but to accept the high ranker’s decisions. And Alpha is the highest-ranked wolf. Alpha Raymond always wanted an influential mate who could rule beside him.

He might be nice to Alice from the outside but from heart, he always had seen her as a lowlife. A lower omega. And the moment he got her as a mate he showed his disgust for her.

It’s been two years of that dreadful day she got rejected by the man who was destined to accept her without another thought. He was supposed to love her, care for her, protect her but maybe having someone who she could call hers isn’t possible. At least in this life.

“It’s fine Alpha Allen it’s my duty.” No matter how much she wanted to refuse to treat Raymond after hearing about his injury she had no other option but to do so.

Alpha’s command is something no one can refuse. Especially an omega like her can never. Raymond went hunting when suddenly rogue men attacked him. It was a fortune that he had a beta pack beside him. They both fought with the rogues and caught them.

But during the fight, Raymond got a severe injury on his stomach and shoulder. Pack had a few capable doctors but Alpha Raymond asked for only Alice Jones.

Everyone in the pack knew about the rejection Alpha gave to Alice and many pitied her. After all, it’s not like there will be any second chance for her like other wolves. She had only one chance and Raymond destroyed that.

Alice entered Alpha’s room taking a deep breath. There he was sitting on the edge of the bed. Shirtless. She walked near him avoiding his black eyes that were intensely staring at her approaching him.

Dressing up in a long black skirt with a fluffy sweater she placed the equipment on the side table. She was about to approach him when suddenly the door of his room got burst open.

“Babe.” The girl ran towards him touching his cheeks. Alice stayed standing awkwardly turning her head away from the couple.

“Babe are you alright? I heard about the attack.” She said caressing his bruised cheek. Raymond smiled at her pecking her cheek instantly giving a hard tug over Alice’s chest but she gave no reaction.

“Hellen my love I am alright.” He said loudly giving another stroke to Alice’s heart burning it successfully. She took a deep breath licking her lips.

Even though she had no wolf in her but she has no idea why even after two years of rejection she still feels the pain of seeing him with another woman.

Hellen. The reason for his rejection. Hellen is a powerful wolf having alpha blood. She belonged to the Silver pack. The neighbor and good friend of Black lead pack.

Hellen and Raymond met on his 20′s birthday. The moment he met her he knew she was the woman he wanted. Beautiful, powerful, and well-mannered girl.

And Alice wouldn’t lie Hellen had been nothing but nice to her. She even apologized to Alice for what Raymond did but Alice knew when the man with responsibility is running away then it’s no one’s fault but his.

Hellen hugged Raymond and he reciprocated wholeheartedly. He placed his chin on her shoulder still staring at uncomfortable Alice. A small smirk appeared over his lips seeing how their close proximity is disturbing her.

Alice showed no reaction but Raymond could still feel her uneasiness. And this connection wouldn’t end completely till he or she marks someone. The moment any one of them marked someone the connection and bond will completely break.

It’s not like Alice doesn’t want to have a partner she does want to have but she doesn’t want anyone who she knew will have a mate soon. She doesn’t want any other girl to be another Alice. She doesn’t have any heart to see another girl going through what she has been for the past two years.

“Oh, Alice what are you doing?” Hellen finally noticed Alice who looked in her direction keeping her eyes down. No matter if Hellen was marked or not but she was already announced as a future Luna and soon on the night of the full moon Raymond will mark her as well.

Alice just wishes for the full moon to come fast. She can’t stand herself having any feelings for this man. This mate bond needs to end or she wouldn’t be able to move on.

Moon goddess sometimes can be cruel but reminding herself that whatever she does is for good, Alice sighed.

“Alpha asked for me to treat his wounds,” Alice said looking down. Raymond was so lost in staring at her that even after Hellen called him he didn’t respond.

“Alpha!” Raymond finally blinked looking at Hellen who had her jaw clenched.

“I am asking you something.” She calmly said making him raise his eyebrows in question.

“I can treat these wounds. You can ask Alice to leave.” Alice heaved out a sigh of relief but before she could celebrate fully Raymond’s next words snatched her relief.

“No. She will heal me.” Hellen looked at Raymond in shock.

“Darling I want no wounds on my body when I will meet the rogues we caught. I can’t afford to let them see that they have put even a little scratch on me.” Hearing his words Alice looked at him gulping down.

“Alpha I am sorry but do you want me to heal you by using my power?” She questioned looking down Raymond turned his dark eyes towards her.

“Yes.” Alice shook her head in disbelief.

“Alpha you know I can’t use my power.” She said biting her lower lip. Raymond smirked.

“It’s an order.” He paused glaring at her.

“Omega.” She shut her eyes gulping down.

Hellen sighed standing up placing her hand on Alice’s shoulder.

“Heal him, Alice. I am waiting outside.” With that Hellen left the room.

Even though Hellen never mistreated Alice but there was something about Hellen, Alice never liked. She has no idea what but her aura, her gaze, and even the way she smiles don’t seem sincere to Alice. But maybe it’s because she has her mate.

As soon as Hellen left Raymond stared at Alice waiting for her to approach him and start her work. She came near him opening the first aid box. Before she would start using her power she needs to attend to his wounds first.

She blocked his gaze from her mind and started concentrating on her work. She wiped the blood away from his chest and shoulder before accidentally looking up into his eyes.

Raymond whole time watched her doing her work. She looked beautiful. He wouldn’t lie he had always been a fan of her beauty.

Those light purple orbs, petal pink lips, light brown hair, and a dainty nose. He grew up with her. She has the most prominent yet innocent features. Her eyes and face scream the innocent and purity held in her heart.

How he wish it was enough! But it wasn’t. Her beauty wasn’t enough to become his Luna. She lacked the most wanted thing among wolves. A wolf.

She had no wolf which means no power, no strength, no dominance over her pack members. She is indeed a great doctor and therapist but it wasn’t enough. He needed a woman who could stand beside him holding the same title as his.

And his wolf agrees with him as well. Even though it has been hard two years for his wolf but he knew he will soon be free from his pain after marking Hellen as his mate.

Just when she was done her purple eyes met with his making her instantly look down. Raymond narrowed his eyes at her. She never looked in his eyes the last time she did was the day he rejected her.

“It’s time Alpha.” Alpha. Yes, she never took his name. He had seen how she addressee every Alpha with their names except him.

Alice gulped placing her hand on his shoulder closing her eyes. He knew already why she was so hesitant to use her power. After he rejected the mate bond her body strength has drained out. She can’t use her healing power till he will break the mate bond. And even after the mate bond will be completely demolished she will never be able to use her power properly after all he was her other half. He was supposed to give her strength by mating with her but he rejected her.

And Raymond already knew it. He just loves proving to her how weak she is. He loves assuring himself that whatever decision he made was right. He did right by rejecting her.

Alice kept her eyes closed using her power to heal his shoulder and the scratches all over his arm. Her body started feeling weaker time by time. All her strength was being drained to heal him and he could see it.

She gulped down removing her small palm from his arm. Opening her purple eyes she looked at the healed arm. It was clean, there was no wound left anymore.

She palmed his chest closing her eyes. Her legs started trembling as the strength started draining out of her system. Raymond noticed it and a small smirk appeared on his lips seeing her struggling with her remaining strength.

He looked down finding his chest being healed perfectly. Alice opened her eyes but at the same time her legs gave up. Raymond took the chance and held her wrist along with her waist jerking her tiny body against his.

He placed her body on the bed instantly hovering his face over hers making her stare into his eyes filled with an evil glint. Her half-opened eyes started tearing up seeing how happy he looked seeing her so weak.

He caressed her cheek making her whimper as she turned her face to the side. Raymond chuckled seeing her wanting to get away from his touch but she was too weak to even move her body.

He leaned his face closer to her shoving his face in her crook. Alice breathed out heavily not liking his actions. His lips touched her earlobe earning a horrified flinch from her.

“See that’s why I rejected you!” She whimpered at his hurtful words.

“And I will reject you every time I can!” A lone tear rolled down her eyes. Her eyes started shutting off.

“You can never be my Luna Alice. Never!” With those hurtful words, she found herself blacking out.

Indeed Moon Goddess sometimes can be really cruel.


I will update the Disclaimer too. It’s a dark romance but with a twist.

I will try to Update this book more frequently.

Keep on liking and following me here. Follow me on Instagram as well. It’s mirah_selim

Till the next adios.

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