The Neko Boy

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He smiled warmly, and walked towards her again. “I’ll always protect you AJ. I’ll come back, and when I do, you’re going to be my wife.” He took one of her hands, and AJ’s heart leapt into her throat. “I’ll always protect you AJ. I’ll come back, and when I do, you’re going to be my-” That phrase has haunted the mind of teenager AJ Ferris for the past while, and with no clues as to who could have made her that promise, it's nothing more than a reoccurring dream. Or is it? After taking in a stray cat, bizarre and deadly circumstances lead her to realize that the promise made to her might actually not be a dream, but a long-suppressed memory! Well that is, if she can believe that the boy who made her that promise is a Neko-Mata. That's right, a Japanese Cat Monster who claims to know her and be the one from so long ago. With that declaration, AJ is launched into a harrowing journey, starting from her own house and to the Land of the Rising Sun, where the unbelievable lives and danger lurks around each corner. It's going to take a lot for her to survive... and a lot to accept the impossible along with it.

Fantasy / Romance
Raven Hill
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Mythology is comprised of hundreds of legends and tales, some true… some are only warped in their telling. Ranging from Greek heroes to Roman gods, Chinese beasts and Syrian monsters, even modern day myths exist. Myths are a part of us, as we are a part of each story. Sometimes, it’s so hard to believe, you’re not even sure if what you’re imagining matches what’s written or said. But sometimes… it just makes so much sense. That’s what happened to me. My part in all of this has to do with a Japanese legend, the story of Susanoo, the powerful Storm of Summer who fell from the heavens; and Yamata-no-orochi, the evil eight-headed monster of darkness.

Long ago, the god Susanoo fell from the heavens. He came to the province of Izumo, and there he found a lesser god and goddess weeping alongside of their daughter. When he asked what their troubles were, the man explained that Yamato-no-Orochi, a serpent-like dragon had devoured seven of their eight daughters, and now desired to devour their last and youngest daughter Kushinada-Hime. Susanoo, who was wishing to regain favour amongst the other gods, agreed to help them in return for their daughter’s hand in marriage. He transformed Kushinada-Hime into a comb, and he also ordered a fence built around the house. Eight gates opened in the fence, eight tables placed at each gate, eight casks placed on each table, and the casks filled with eight-times brewed rice wine. Once that was done, Susanoo prepared himself for a fight.

Orochi arrived and was allured by the wine. It drank it, and was slain by Susanoo in its stupor. A nearby river turned red with the blood of the dragon. As Susanoo cut the dragon into pieces, he forged an excellent sword from the tail of the dragon that his sword had been unable to cut. The sword was later presented to Amaterasu, his sister, as a token of forgiveness and named Kusanagi.

All in all, it seems like nothing more than another story. But no… it’s not. Why? You’ll find out why. Now, it’s my turn to tell you a story, and this one is about me, and my bizarre adventure.

This is my story, about the Neko Boy.

It was almost midnight.

At midnight he would leave, she knew that. But she didn’t want it to happen. ‘Not yet,’ she pleaded inwardly as tears ran down her face. ‘Please not yet! I’ll do anything! Just don’t make him leave now!’ She couldn’t keep it in, as soft lips pressed against her forehead. Tears spilled out of her brown eyes and down her cheeks, onto the icy ground below. Only a little time was left before he left her behind. She whimpered and gripped his hands, her bare ones cold from the winter night air.

She quietly sobbed as he pulled her into his arms, comforting her. His arms were bigger than hers, but were so strong and warm and safe. Arms she’d gotten used to over these past months. She inhaled his scent, a smell she couldn’t ever really pinpoint. But it comforted her nonetheless. She swallowed hard, and tried to clear her head for a moment, then looked up into his face and whispered,

“I don’t want you to go! Please, stay with me forever!”

Those large hands combed through her soft brown hair as he leaned down and whispered to her, “I’ll always protect you AJ. I’ll come back, and when I do, you’re going to be my-”

His voice was cut off and things began to fade to white!


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