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"Daughter of the moon, Daughter of the seas. Daughter of the wind, Daughter of the leaves." -- LISA THIEL

Fantasy / Romance
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|| moonlight ||

The moonlight seemed to dance across the forest. Bouncing from tree to tree. Casting an almost ominous glow.

No one ever walked the forests alone, even with the constant patrols, curfew and other pre-cautions set up by the Elders- missing cases, murders and sightings still filled up most of the reports.

“Serena,” the soft voice was like a whisper. A girl crouching near the river, her eyes a deep cerulean blue, turned to meet the eyes of her sister.

They were the color of deep honey, and if the light hits them perfectly, they reminded Serena of embers from the fire.

“Luna,” the smaller of the two replied, her voice carrying a soft melody to it that if one listens hard enough, they would know of what she was. Luna reaches a hand for her sister and as their fingers interlaced, quickly pulled Serena with her.

“Where is mama?” Serena asked, her soft voice almost too loud for the silence that seemed to drown them. Luna placed a finger over her lips, a sign to stay quiet and Serena clamped her mouth shut. She knew they were in dangerous territory. Their parents had both left them here to stay hidden and to stay safe but after a while of waiting for them to return, Luna had had enough. Their parents would not leave them alone for that long, especially with Serena being out in the open.

With hands clasped together, the both of them began walking back towards the small cabin that had served as their hiding place. Only their parents knew of it and because of the decay that surrounded it, it also hid both their scents.

Luna pushed the door open quietly as Serena slid inside. Luna followed, closing the door but leaving it slightly cracked open so she could hear and smell anything or anyone that may approach. Serena sought comfort under the table where Luna had set up a make shift bed with the blanket that held a strong scent of their parents.

“When will they come back?” Serena asked and when Luna turned to her she saw in her sisters hazel eyes the answer. Luna did not know. Or did not believe their parents would return. Then her eyes were glowing and Serena knew enough to know it meant danger.

As quickly as she could, Luna grabbed her sisters hand and immediately whisked her into one of the open cupboards by the sink. It smelled foul in there. Good. Their kind were sensitive to smell.

She closed the cupboard, with enough space for the thinnest light to go through and whispered, “Stay silent, Serena. Stay hidden.”

It was a moment later that Serena had finally heard the approaching creatures. Their ragged breathing always made her palms sweat. She wiped them off desperately on her shirt, peeking at the tiny space, she could just make out Luna’s bent form, standing by the table and facing the door. Then she heard her sister shift.

It always made her feel uncomfortable. The sound of bones breaking and rearranging themselves. The sound of her sister trying desperately not to give into the pain. This would be the second time Luna has shifted tonight. The second time in her whole life yet the pain felt like it kept intensifying with every shift.

Her fur, a midnight black, was considered rare. Black was the color at the end of the spectrum. It was believed by their kind, the farther your fur color was from the color of the moon, the more control you had over your wolf. They were somehow correct, for Luna learned to shift at the young age of 13. Although their parents had dark brown fur, which was why they were both surprised when Luna had shifted the first time and revealed her dark fur. The wolf replaced her sister, as it shrugged its coat, lifting its paws like it was testing the weight of them.

Luna turned to meet her sisters eyes by the crack on the cupboard, they were glowing a fierce amber before the door creaked open and revealed the monsters Serena had always heard stories about.

Stay silent. Stay hidden. Her sisters eyes seemed to say so she clamped her mouth shut with her hands and pushed herself back softly against the wall, feeling her shirt get drenched by the liquid that seemed to leak around her. The smell was making her dizzy, but the fear pumping down her blood was enough to keep her conscious.

The creature had no hair. It’s body bent in an awkward angle that made one wonder how it kept itself upright. The bones were jutting out here and there, like it would rip the skin it was wrapped in at any given moment. It shook violently, its teeth chattering against its jaw. If it had a jaw...or lips for that matter.

Luna made a small growl at the back of her throat. They disgusted her. The creature’s head snaps up with a disgusting crack. It’s eyes were bloodshot and sunk deep into its skull. It’s teeth chattered, excitement? Or hunger? Or both? Luna could never tell, they always just seemed like they were laughing to her. The creature took an eager step toward her and she let out another growl when the bloodshot eyes darted to the cupboard, it’s excitement heightening.

Luna quickly jumped in front of its vision, urging it away from her sister. She growled again, this time sensing more of them outside the cabin. Her heart beat escalated as panic threatened to envelope her. She had just learned how to shift. How can their parents leave them like this? Then her desperation turned to anger as she prepared to fight.

The creature lunged as she pounced, throwing both of them off on the ground with Luna desperately trying to rip its neck off. That was the only way to kill them. To rip their heads off their pale little necks. There was a loud shriek before the sound of tearing flesh. Then silence.

Luna watched the creatures head roll under the table just as two of them came running up the front door and another jumping through the window. Luna stilled before she heard the sound of a familiar howl right outside. Her father’s pack was coming. She grinned. Their parent’s were back. The creature by the window had not even moved before a wolf bounded in after it, easily ripping its neck. Then the silence was filled with the fight outside as two dark wolves bounded up the front door, each decapitating one of the creatures.

There father watched her, praising the control she had over her wolf. There was a look of pure pride in his eyes before he turned to the wolf beside her who was small compared to him, but just as strong. Their mother had a smooth like grace about her as she gestured for Luna to come with her. They were leaving. Luna nodded once as she walked over to the cupboard, slipping it open with her nose to reveal Serena, her face drenched in sweat and silent tears. Luna made a whimper of a sound, her snout resting on her sisters shaking figure before Serena reached out a hand and crawled out the cupboard. She felt relief, seeing the two wolves waiting for them by the door just as another wolf howled outside.

Then the three of them were running through the forest, with Serena carefully placed behind her mother’s back, her mother’s fur felt soft against her hands. The last thing she saw was the cabin becoming smaller and smaller, her father perched on the top most step watching them leave. The cabin was surrounded by wolves, with fur varying from brown, to white, to gray but never black. Her eyes flitted to the smaller wolf running alongside her mother. Luna. Luna was the only wolf she knew who had black fur.

Serena knew they could not talk to her, not in their current form, so she kept the questions for later as they bounded through the thicket of trees. Luna glanced in her direction and she wondered if they were talking. She knew enough to know that they could talk through a mind link but she was not sure if Luna had already learned how to do it. Then her eyes caught something running through the trees around them. It was not easy to miss them for their skin almost glowed by the paleness. She felt her heart drop down to her stomach. It made her feel sick. She glanced at Luna whose hazel eyes had glowed indefinitely, like a warning torch before their mother turned her head slightly, her teeth clamping onto the collar of Serena’s dress.

Before she knew what her mother was doing, she was flung across as Luna dashed quickly to catch her. She barely had a hold on her sister when Luna stopped, turning ever so slightly to watch five of the creatures attack their mother at once. Luna felt her heart constrict at the sight before she caught her mother’s eyes. They were hazel like hers, although now they looked red. Howls from the distance drowned the sound around them. Serena watched in horror as Luna seemed to be fighting an inner battle before she turned and ran away with Serena clutching onto her fur, her silent tears enough for Luna to shed her own.

Run, their mother had told her. So she ran and never looked back, only piercing the chaos of the night with her own cry.

A howl clawed its way up her throat that left even the ones that are dead- awake.

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