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It pained

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Just a fantasy of how am feeling

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

"I was in so much pain both physically and by heart. No one understood how I felt they only cared about themselves that I was being an egoistic person and being disrespectful but no one knew how I felt the pain and dilemma and no one understood. The tears in my eyes were nothing before them. They didn't care how depressed I felt. I wish there someone who cared about my feeling and stopped giving themselves importance"

"That was only how much she could explain some words are so hurtful that it cannot be spoken and if spoken breaks you down. How they knew the pain and mental pain they would have cared a little ounce it could have been treasured it worthly "

"But thats how people are they give pain but pretend you gave them pain i don't know if selfishness would end in the human race that would bring end to mental depression and painful heart seasons people face. How I wish everyone would feel that pain of either getting hurted by a loved one or painful depression some go through "

They are few people or may be not who care for someone else before themselves but I don't think it exist anymore maybe it has ceased to exist after all humans all bloody selfish. For example ur close friend is going through something maybe depressing or in other way hurting but instead of helping some say its your problem solve it yourself or it will be fine just hang on but boom they forget and thats how the wound gets deeper and more painful than in the first place.

Its humanly atleast to care for someone listen and understand them the pain will ease atleast. How I wish that happened in everybody's life it would be a life atleast meaningful.

Muna knew the pain she felt only her diary knew because being a teenager she was taken as a rebellious girl that is out of puberty she felt everything by herself she knew her so called friends only wanted her money nothing else.

Muna! Muna! Yash shouted after seeing her almost being knocked off by a car she was not able to contemplate what she was doing on the street. Yash the boy she rejected for the 50th time since third grade saved her. "Are you alright" yash asked but looking lost he offered to take her home. They walked for a while and arrived at a big mansion yeah that was muna's house her parents being a big so called tycoons gave her all the luxury that everyone was envious of but that was something muna never showed off with her parents money she always wanted to earn her hardworking money.

Because that was the money that led her into depression. She would atleast see her parents once in 2 weeks and wouldn't bother about her well being they just cared about her grades in school that was all that mattered to them. And at school she had no true friend some associated with her for money and some were envious from from her looks and how she had personal servants and how she dressed elegantly.

Muna's dream was to always be a singer and to join an entertainment company to showcase her talent. She decided that she would tell her parents today and decide to pursue her dream before it was to late. At night she her parents car and waited for them at the hall."hi mom and dad" although they never cared for her she still loved her parents. "Hi sweetie why are you still up" she gathered enough courage "mom dad iwant to be a singer and join a talent agency" .

"Honey are you crazy we give you everything why do you need to be a singer stop this madness and focus on your studies". Munas eye were seething with anger the only thing she wanted was getting away from her. She stood up and said" no never am auditioning for the idol singer and win it then you can no longer control me ". Her dad stood up with his bulging stomach" how dare you young lady ur not going anywhere and shame our family now go back and study well or you will get it from me" with that he got up and left.

Muna fell to the ground ters streaming down her face. She stood up and ran to her room and took her clothes amd savings and jumped from the window from now on only she will decide her life. She ran as far as sge could and her fate got bad and it started raining she got drenched with tears down her face. Did she do the wrong thing will she regret it as she was thinking she didn't notice a car speeding on her and knocked her down as she fell on the ground

"Young master i think we hit someone" said the driver. A man with blue eyes,a sharp nose had dangerous aura on him he eft the car and went to the girl they just knocked off with there car. The girl was beautiful and had a baby face as he thought he saw her head bleeding he varried her and her luggage to the car and drived to the hospital.

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