Ticked Off

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It's impossible that this could ever happen...or is it? Are we nothing more than an idea gone wrong...and can it be corrected by something we can't really imagine?

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

The moon with its opal skin scared by comets, whispered to a newborn star. The star glittered as it told the same story
to a red giant sun a billion miles away.

The giant roared and passed it on through waves of iridescent blue plasma. A pulsar picked it up, although it wasn’t supposed to. Its radiated beam of light sent it on its way, disgusted with the facts laid out.

A black hole, stationary and hungry, gulped the message down and then burped as a glob of goo emerged too small to see. It gathered other globs as it sailed a vast expanse until it reached an edge.

It pushed and tugged for quite a while until it opened a teeny, tiny hole. Its then the glob ran into some dark and somber matter, which blew that glob of goo to smithereens.

Inflation, gravity, along with constant motion brought forth a parallel universe, just like the one that came before.

The moon grinned as it stated to the new earth right below, “They just couldn’t get it right last time around. But don’t worry we’ve started it all again. This time they’ll have to keep their mouths shut, and listen to what they’re told. Instead of building bombs and rockets, they’ll need to tend to one another and allow mother nature to run the show.”

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