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An elf and her friends save the land of Fantahera

Fantasy / Romance
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Knight in Shining Armor ♡

Panting, the elf sprinted through the crowded forest, dodging trees and bushes as they ran. The low roar echoed throughout the trees behind her, making the leaves tremble, and making the elf's ears tingle at the volume. Leaping over a fallen trunk, their feet hit the ground.

The beast's footfalls shook the ground as the elf tried to lead the monster away. The village behind them would have beeb ruined if they hadn't taken off and distracred them. Although, their lead on the beast started to dimish as their heightened speed lessened slowly as they got more exhausted.

As they attempted another leap of a trunk, the tip of their boot got caught on a stray branch, and they went tumbling to the ground. Landing on their palms, and scraped some of the skin off, before quickly scrambling up again, brushing their palms off, and starting to take off again, ignoring the sting of their wounds.


A noise shot through the aie, causing them to stop midwat, and look over their shoulder. The beast had been pinned to a tree by an arrow, the gold of the designs shing in the sun. A figure clad in brown and gold stepped out of the trees, a bow in his hands, arrow at the readt. He lowered his bow when he noticed that the monster was dead. Turning to look at the elf across from him, he flashed them a smile, his sharpened ears twitching lightly as they let out a sigh of relief.

"Elio.", their relived voice spoke, a weak grin coming up on their face, "My hero."

He laughed, tilting his head back to let the sound go throughout the forest, making some of the flowers raise their heads to listen to the pleasant sound. Fully grinnung this time, the red-haired elf walked over and slapped Elio on the arm, the brown-haired boy moving his body away to avoid the hit, and failing.

"Well, sweet Alix, there was a beast to slay, and that being my job, I thought I ought to save you.", Elio slung his bow over his chest and placed his arrow in the holder on his back. Then he pulled the other arrow out of the monster's throat and flicked the arrow it rid it of the blood, before also placing that one in the holder. Taking Alix's hand, he led them back through the forest, thet had run so far into the forest that thet wouldn't know the way back without help.

After a few minutes of walkinf, they emerged from the forest, seeing the cillagers fretfully waiting for them to exit. A few ran out of tackle Alix and sob over her well-being. Insteas of beinf bothered, they just pet the hair of the girls practically sitting on her. After a little while, the faerie's tears turned into sniffles, and they let them get up. Elio extended his hand, and they grabbed it and pulled themself up.

One of the girls, wiped away her tears, before grinning and grabbing Alix's hand.

"So, is it all in a day's work to save the village constantly?", she asked teasingly, tugging at their arms a little. Alix laughed, having only saved the village twice now.

"Ok, no, the first time was an accident. And second, I didn't do anything. Elio had to be my knight in shining armor.", Alix said, grabbing his arm and pulling him over. The faerie with her dark brown hair, and chunky pink highlights looked up at the elf in front of her. After getting a good look at his face, she grinned even wider. Dropping Alix's hands, she quickly grabbed Elio's gloved hands instead.

"Well, sir, thank you for saving our dear Alix, they truly didn't think when they ran into the forest with a monster on their tail.", she hissed, tone playfully venomous, the end of her sentence was targeting Alix, who bashfully shuffled away from the faerie. Dropping Elio's hands as well, she stepped back and joined the group of a mixture of faeries and elves. Elio, ever the quiet one in crowds, nodded his head at the pink winged faerje. He then turned and made a shorr dash to the edge of the forest again.

He then turned once more to send a wink across the distance at the faeries, most of whom swooned, them he took off through the tree line. Alix turned back to crowd, lifting their arms in the air, almost celebratory.

"I lived!", they exclaimed, letting out a little cheer after, causinf the small crowd around them to let out little cheers and laughs, before dissipating into their normal daily work. A small group of faeries stayed behind, one of these girls being the pink and brown-haired girl, Talia. Her normal goth chick attire set her pink hair and winfs off nicely.

She grinned, and opened her arms out in front of her, beckoning them to join the group. Alix smiled and ran to join the group, leaping into Talia's arms, and having tbe rest of the hug the elf, the faeries wings all fluttering lightly and making a soft rustling noise.

Alix melted into the hug, and relaxed.

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