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crazed fan story

By smartgirl26 All Rights Reserved ©


crazed fan story

Emily always liked to write. She was always writing stories and poems and she did great with writing stories and essays in school. Now she’s 30 years old and she just got her creative writing degree from the University of New York. Now she knew what she wanted to do which is write books, but she was so tired from college, that she couldn’t think of any new ideas for stories, but luckily for her, she had copies of the work that she had written for school, so she decided to submit those, until she came up with new ideas and so she could get a head start of getting her stories on the publishing circuit. Weeks went by without any calls from publishing companies, until she got a call from Big Apple Publishing and they said they wanted to publish her story. Months passed and the story was made into a great book. One day she got a fan letter from a man named Robert Dune who was saying he was a big fan of the book. Emily wrote Robert back saying thanks for the interest in the book. Over the next couple of weeks, Emily kept receiving letters, packages, and drawings from Robert and it was starting to creep her out, he even knew her birthday, and would send her packages for it, but she never opened them though because she thought there might be a bomb in them and then she threw them away. One day she got a call from the book store saying that all of the copies of her book were stolen and so she rushed down to the store. The police said that there was a ransom note saying that Emily would be his or all her books would be destroyed. They also said that the compared the handwriting on the note to everyone in the criminal database, but there wasn’t a match. Emily remembered Robert and thought he might have done the crime so she went back home to get all the letters so the police could compare them to the ransom note , and sure enough, there was a match and when they checked the criminal database, they found out that there was an extra section to the database with people who used different names and that there was also a match and that Robert Dune was actually Travis Green. The information in the database also included where he lived too, so they went to his house and arrested him and they also found all of Emily’s stolen books in the house too. Travis received 10 years in jail and the books were happily restored to the bookstore.

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