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They All Think He’s Just Crazy, But He’s Talking to a Ghost

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["Keep your friends and family close, but your enemies closer." A saying that's a little too literal in Takahashi Reimi's life. After being hidden away and controlled by his parents due to him having a troublesome Spirit that bonded with him, Takahashi Reimi is finally allowed to get a job. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), Zhao Wai, a very famous Hardanese-Chinese popstar, is looking for an assistant. But not only is Zhao Wai stuck up, he's also an Antriponi--Takahashi Reimi's family enemy. Though they start off with a rough start, the two find out that they’re more connected than they thought when Takahashi Reimi gets dragged down to the ghost realm by a ghost organization that sells off others for money. With fondness bubbling up in his chest, Zhao Wai feels compelled to find a way to save Takahashi Reimi before he's sold off to a ghost who's willing to use his powers for their own gain; all the while Takahashi Reimi contemplates whether to give in or not.]

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue- Takahashi Reimi (Read this!)

Have you ever felt invisible? Or have you ever been left out? Well, I’ve felt like that too, just on a much greater scale. You see, I can actually turn invisible, and I cannot control it. It happens at random and I don’t know why or when it’s going to happen.

I come from the Kuansenti’enoko family, and my family and I learned what my spirit was when I was seven. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

One day, I was sitting in my room while playing with my toys. My dad came into the room and he called out my name while he looked around, I was right in front of him. I called out to him but he couldn’t hear me. He left my room in a panic and he told my papa that I was missing. They ended up searching the house and the whole time I was following them and crying and yelling to them that I was right behind them. They called the police and they filed a missing child complaint, even though I wasn’t missing. It was the scariest time of my life. Everyone was looking for me in a panic, but I was standing right in front of their faces! I started to question if I was even alive anymore. I truly thought I died. But, after a few hours, my papa could finally see me again. He found me crying in my room. He asked me where I was and I told him that I was with him the whole time. Everyone was very, very confused. For two years, we didn’t have an explanation for what happened. We finally found out what happened when my nana and an eye spirit told my dads and I that I was “The One That’s Overlooked”. A ghost spirit. But that’s all they knew. They didn’t have a lot of knowledge on the spirit because there’s only one ghost spirit, and that’s me.

Presently, I still have to deal with becoming a ghost at random times. My parents don’t send me to public school because people could find out about my spirit. My parents don’t let me have any friends that aren’t close to the family. And they hardly let me go out anywhere. I’ve lived in Hardane almost my whole life, but I only really know what it looks like because of movies and shows. But when I do go outside, I have to be very careful because I can appear and disappear at any moment.

How I know when I’ve turned into a ghost is when everything turns black and white and voices become monotone. I can’t see anyone’s faces because they turn into white masses of energy, and the rest of the world turns black and different shades of grey. The way that I communicate to my parents that I’ve turned into a ghost is by possessing a random object, and making sure they see that it’s moving on its own.

Honestly, this is the worst spirit to ever exist. It’s hard to have relationships with this spirit because I can disappear from someone’s life at any time and I can’t give them an explanation. I’d rather just be human than have this spirit. I already have hard times with relationships, but this spirit just makes it worse.

How I cope with this spirit is by listening to music. And not just any music, music made by Zhao Wai. He’s a famous eighteen year old Hardanese and Chinese singer; he’s two years older than me. His music is the only music that doesn’t sound monotone when I turn into a ghost. His music sounds quite euphonious when I’m a ghost. It’s calming and it helps me forget that when I’m a ghost, I go into a world where no one else is. When I’m human, he sounds monotone; but once I turn into a ghost, I can hear all the emotion in his voice. It’s so weird. Everyone says that he has a monotone voice, but I can hear the emotion in it. This guy has kind of become my savior, but there’s one thing that’s very wrong with him. He’s a stuck-up, “narcissistic” Antriponi.

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