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By Arianna Riddle All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


What would you do if your mind invited you to a place where you could escape the world around you? Would you be enticed? Would you trust it? Sloane and Liam live in a state of existence that isn't exactly living. Sloane is an overweight, underpaid and overlooked black woman. Her life is not going the way she thought it would be going at the age of 25 and she regrets her decisions. Liam is a shy, red-haired man who hasn't accomplished anything at all in his 27 years in this planet. He is getting kicked out of his parents’ house and is in the verge of losing his crappy job. One day, while the two are trying to make their troubles go away, they get invited to enter a new land. A land where all their dreams can come true. A land called Ialu. Ialu is a place a person enters when their mental illness gets the best of them. It is in their minds when they dream at night and in their thoughts during the day. It is mysterious, fascinating and different. It seems to be the greatest place ever. Sloane and Liam enjoy Ialu and all it has to offer until they find out the real point of the land's existence. Can they expose Ialu for its truth or will they be forced to live in its secret?

The Start

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. . .
“Open the fucking door!”

There is a bang on the door. A strong force pounds on it and a hand tries to turn the knob. As it grabs the knob, the person pushes on it and tries to thrust the door open. “Go find the damn key! Run!” Inside of the bedroom, it is very dark. The curtains consuming the light from window are dusty and small flecks of dust dance around in the air and tickle the nose of the girl on the bed. She has a small, frail body. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she stares off into the darkness. Her eyes aren’t fixed on anything in particular. All she is focused on is her breathing.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. . .
“Open the goddamn door!”

There is an eye peering through the keyhole of the old door. It sees nothing. An ear presses up against the door. It hears nothing but the inhaling and exhaling of the girl inside of the room. Still staring ahead, the girl places her right arm on her lap and uses her left hand to explore it. She feels her wrist. The veins in her arm pop out and she caresses them, feeling the blood pulsate within. She feels around the left side of the bed for her blade, her escape. She brings the blade to her arm and allows the sharp edge to hug her skin before she presses it firmly into her flesh. She brings the blade up her right arm from her wrist along the line of her vein. As the blood spills out of her arm she starts to feel lightheaded. Her mind begins to leave this world and enter another one entirely. She passes out.

“Open the door! Please!”

There is a thud on the floor. The people outside of the room scramble to open it. “Just move out of the way!” A foot kicks down the slab of wood blocking them from the girl. When they open the door they discover a body on the ground, a pool of blood on the bed, a note attached to the night gown of the girl and a razorblade next to the body glimmering in the light from the hallway. With light hitting the girls face, everyone can see that her mouth is mutter something but nothing comes out. Someone screams. . .

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exh. . .

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1. The Start
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