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Chapter 1 - Story Telling

The scorching rays of the sun, from where it stood at its peak shone down on the capital city of the Euphorian Kingdom , Euphormica. Representing its busy hour of noon to its residents.

Out in the southern gates a group of young people could be seen going out, seemingly heading towards a small wooden house out in the field in the east.

On the porch of the wooden house sits an old man on its stairs holding a gourd.

For even though he was old with white hair he wasn't frail and weak either, he's more lean and well built, A body more fit for a adult that's in his forties

He was watching over his field and when he was about to take a drink from his gourd he heard a voice call out to him, without needing to turn his head he smiled and immediately knew who was calling him.

"Grandpa! Grandpa!"

It came from a tall young girl who looked like she was 18, with blue hair and purple eyes. Which were complemented by wearing a blue dress with red and gold as follow up compliments, with lavender gloves and stockings which put further emphasis on her body.

She could have been said to be the most beautiful girl in the city. It was unfortunate that her beauty was taken down by a birthmark on her left cheek that's in the shape of a flower.

Due to which led her to be antisocial, even with her family and friends support she still grew to have an inferiority complex outside due to the shame she brought to her family.

Only during which she's with her family and friends could she fully express herself.

Her name was Louise Euphorica, the only daughter of the current head of the Euphorica family and the most beloved granddaughter of the previous head, Jon Zurich Euphorica.

"Well if it isn't little Louise, did you bring your friends out to skip Miss Suzanne's lecture?"

"Grandpa, You can't always assume that I will skip the lecture just to see you, and besides Miss Suzanne let us go early, you can ask Father, he was the one who said to go to you." said Louise complaining to her grandfather.

"Hahaha, ok then what are you here for? Knowing you, you definitely have some leftover homework that hasn't been done yet and your father wouldn't have let you all out if you did" asked Jon.

"Mhmm" Louise nodded. "The lecture was about our Kingdom and the Ebullient Forest strength in the past, we were asked on how does our current strength compared to our past, Father asked me to ask you so i brought the others along to"

Jon took a second to respond before letting out a chuckle to proceed to respond.

"Compared to the past, with our current strength we can't even hold a candle to the past, and you're maybe asking why? It's because of the internal strife that led to our inheritance being cut off and led to many leaving and going on their own way. Which was later given the event name of'The Crippling' due to which we weren't the only one who followed down that path. "

"'The Crippling'? There aren't any records of that in the history books Grandfather"

The one who asked wasn't Louise, but her older brother from a concubine of their Father , Reynoldston Euphorica, or Rey for short.

He was fit and well proportioned and is quite tall for someone his age with fiery red hair and eyes, which were followed up by his full red clothing showing his blazing personality.

Even though he was older than Louise by 5 Years he still came with her due to the request of their father to watch over her.

"Because it all happened during the Mythic Wars little Rey, majority of records were lost and were made confidential and can only be Retrieved with special means. And even if only the upper class knew of the Mythic Wars, most families do not know most of the major events" Explained Jon.

With that Louise grew interested and asked with sparkling eyes. "Grandpa, do you know about what happened during the Mythic Wars and why 'The Crippling' happened?"
Jon, knowing he can't refuse the request of his granddaughter, sighed in defeat and said "Alright come inside and take a sit, even if it's a long story I can at least tell you its beginning."

"But first you all must know what was the Mythic Wars, or more specifically the Mythic Era, where even Gods, Demons, and Immortals fell to their deaths".
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