Time & Darkness (Magic; Books 1 & 2)

By Arcin_Enroth All Rights Reserved ©



Time; Come to the world in which that of fantasy is true, back in time as I show you the series of events that becomes the cause of the large deserter that this world has seen. Everything the cause of one thing. One thing sets everything in motion. One event in this world is the cause of everything and many other problems that come along. Darkness: A dark cloud falls on the world. An enemy of large proportions appears and starts on a path that will lead to the death of all life in this world. Is there any​way of stopping this rampage. The only hope of this world of stopping this threat is of humans and magic joining forces. But is that possible after years of fighting? Darkness consumes and all it leaves in its wake is death. Will this darkness consume this world and all in its path or can a light shine through and bring hope.

Time; Introduction

I’m going to tell you about a time that has almost become a legend in the world. But not your world no.

It’s not the Earth that you and I know... no this of another Earth. One which at one point the things of fairy tales, myths, and legends in our world are real or were. Witches, warlocks, dragons, fairies, etc.

What I’m going to tell you this time to begin is a legend and the history that will bring us to the story.

On this earth, all the problems that happen in this tale... one thing is cause for all of it. The one thing that occurs made everything collapse to what it is today over there.

Human’s and those of myth once lived in peace but that all changed. And this is the story's of why.

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