The Hidden Moon Goddess Daughter’s

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I’m the Beta protector and my sister is the Alpha. If I told you my mom was the moon goddess would you believe me? This is a just our luck no one believes us either but they will all see what mother has blessed us with. So, sit back and enjoy the ups and downs with us. Will you still be with us or will you go against us?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This is an original story. Names and characters are all fiction. This story is copy righted and under editing. This is my first story so please comment to help me. I hope you enjoy.

Amelia’s POV: My sister was the greatest big

sister in the world. She was beautiful, smart,

funny, caring, and a kick-ass fighter. She was

5’8’’ with caramel colored skin that glowed in

the sun. She also had the prettiest eyes and they

were green with gold and red flakes noted in

them. The red in a wolf’s eye had not been seen

in several centuries and she wore contacts to

cover the red when she was around other people

and at school. She got really good grades in high

school and will even graduate early if she keeps

taking the extra classes in the summer like she

has been doing for the past 2 years. I was

grateful to have her because without her I would

either be dead or dead. It wasn’t that I was a bad

kid or even disrespectful but once our mom died

that was when things got bad for us.

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