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A Little Secret Volume 1

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Elementals are considered just some old legend, a myth; some stories you tell your kids in today's day and age. But is that really the truth?

Fantasy / Other
Sara Hunt
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Chapter 1


‘Where am I?’ I thought as I looked around. The place looked familiar, but I wasn’t too sure where I had seen it before. “Hale, Tate look what I can do!” I turned to see a younger version of myself run past and to two blonde-haired orange-eyed boys that were playing on the swing set. It’s been so long. How could I let them slip from my mind? They were two of my best friends when I was little.

“Thanks for watching him Jack,” I heard my father’s voice behind me.

“Not a problem, you have to take care of the academy,” The twin's father, Jack Said. His voice was soft and gentle as he spoke. Just by his tone, I can tell that he and dad have been friends for a very long time. He shares his boy’s blonde hair. I don’t remember much else about him other than he was maybe two or three inches shorter than my father.

“Daddy look! Sasuke can make a fireball!” I what? I quickly turned around and saw my younger self holding out my small hand with a small flame hovering above it. How was I doing that?! Can I still do it?

“He’s like his mother,” Jack chuckled.

“Well we don’t know if he’s just a fire elemental or if he’s actually a moon elemental,” Dad commented. “How about your boys? Are they showing any signs of being elementals?”

“Not yet,” I watched the twins and myself play around on their swing set as I listened to my dad and Jack talk. Soon enough the image faded and twisted itself into a different scene.

“Why did Hale and Tate have to move?” I looked over to see a four-year-old version of myself sitting on one of the swings at the playground that was behind the elementary school. I watched quietly. All the fun times that I had with Hale and Tate when we were younger. I wonder how they’re doing?

Why couldn’t I remember any of this though? Am I actually dreaming? Or is this a memory that I’ve forgotten? But if this is a memory type of dream I haven’t really forgotten it have I? I looked over when I heard a commotion by the jungle gym. Some of the older kids were picking on someone.

“What’s wrong, four eyes? Get back up. I thought you were a tough guy,” The largest of the boys said to the one on the ground.

The boy on the ground was shaking and looked like he was about to cry. “Why don’t you just go home and cry to mommy and daddy. Oh wait that’s right you don’t have a family,” Another boy commented and got the others to laugh.

“Hey, bullies!” The four-year-old me shoved one of the older boys and got in front of the boy with glasses. “Don’t go picking on someone just because they’re different,” The little me defended. I could see the little me shaking a little but that quickly subsided when I clenched my fists.

“The shrimp is standing up for four eyes. What are you going to do, Sasuke?” The biggest boy questioned.

“Sasuke move. You don’t need to get hurt,” The little boy with glass said. This little boy had raven black hair and chestnut brown eyes that were hidden behind thick-rimmed glasses.

“No, Sean, I won’t move. I can protect you, so let me,” The little me said. “Mommy and daddy told me I was different and that difference is a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

“You think you can protect four eyes? Ha! That’s a good one,” The little me turned around to face the boys, and before the little me could do anything, two of the boys pushed me really hard. I watched myself stumble back and trip over the little Sean. Then the four-year-old me hit the back of his head against the metal of the jungle gym with a very loud clink.

“Oh no, Sasuke!” Everything started to fade as Sean crawled over to the motionless body. “Sasuke wake up, please!” The place went black around me.

I listened to that annoying sound of my alarm clock and didn’t want to get up. Who wants to get up on their first day back to school? Yes, this is my junior year of high school. Unfortunately, I didn’t need to get detention on my first day of school. And gods forbid I make my dad look bad if I got one. So reluctantly, I got up and slammed my hand down on the obnoxious object generating that horrible beeping sound. My room was a mess, but I knew exactly where everything was. The walls are a light blue color, but you wouldn’t be able to notice because of all the anime posters that I plastered all over the walls. Finally standing up I made my way over to my dresser and pulled out a random pair of jeans and a shirt then I got changed in about two-three minutes. Then I walked out of my room and my bare feet made a quiet clicking sound as I walked down the wood floor hall and stairs making my way into the kitchen.

“Morning mom,” I yawned running my fingers through my hair to attempt to brush it but it really was to no avail considering that my hair was always a ness anyways unless I had to go somewhere fancy with mom and dad then I had to slick my hair back.

“Did you brush your teeth?” She asked, walking around getting things together for work.

“I’ll brush my teeth after I eat,” I told her picking up an apple from the center of the table and taking a bite.

“Just make sure that you brush your teeth and that you get to school on time,” She said brushing my hair back and kissing my forehead. “And brush your hair for once Sasuke.”

“Right, I’ll get right on that,” I told her, taking another bite of my apple. She left the house and I laughed to myself, “Right like I’m going to brush my hair.”

After I finished up my breakfast or lack thereof depending on how you look at it, I brushed my teeth and then looped into my bedroom to grab my bag. We had to leave our shoes at the door if we weren’t moving something into the house. It was a Japanese thing that mom and dad were pretty strict on. I slipped on my shoes tapping the toes on the ground to help straighten out the backs, then left the house. “That dream…was it something that I forgot a long time ago? It must have been. I hit my head in that dream. Is that why I have a hard time remembering what happened in my past?” I muttered to myself as I walked down the sidewalk. It wasn’t that bad. The house was about five blocks away. I didn’t mind walking, but I didn’t really like this walk in the winter it was always slick, but I tried not to complain too much.

The cold didn’t really bother me, though. I’ve always felt way too hot if I wore a coat. Mom is always madish, but not really at the same time when I come down in a light zip-up sweater or a long sleeve shirt, but I’ve always had a higher body temperature than others. Some of the people around school called me a personal body heater. Dad says that my mom is the same way for her body heat. But, other than that, I was always called the spitting image of my father. The only thing that’s different is that I have crimson red eyes. Neither my mother nor father have red eyes. Yeah, dads are gold, a scarce color, but moms are blue. No one understands how I ended up with a completely different eye color from either of them. Dad has always told me that there have been very strong people with red eyes and that I shouldn’t let others get the better because I’m different. It’s hard to do when my eyes stand out so much from my black hair. That was something that I always got picked on about in school. I’m hoping that this year though it’ll be different. I just have a feeling that this year things are going to change.

I don’t think that mom and dad realized how early it is sometimes. I made it to school about an hour before school was supposed to start. I guess that’s a good thing in a way. It lets me go and talk to dad first. Wandering into the school the principal’s office is right in the main hall when you take a left from the main doors. The secretary wasn’t at her desk so I just walked straight through and saw that the office door was open. I knock twice getting dad’s attention before fully walking into the office, “Morning again,” I greet him sitting on the arm of one of the chairs in his office.

“Sit all the way down in the chair Sasuke,” My father said looking back at the computer that was on the desk and typing away.

I slide all the way into the chair so my legs are propped up on the arm and my back leaning against the other, “Hey dad do you think I can…” He cut me off.

“Your mother and I discussed it and there is a bed open in one of the dorms, you can stay in the dorms. Your sixteen, we both agree that you are responsible enough to stay here.” He told me clicking away on the keyboard.

“Cool, so when can I move my stuff in?” I asked, perking up. Finally, a chance to be able to feel more independent and have a bit more freedom!

“I had student services give me your dorm room number and key,” Dad said stopping what he was doing and opening a drawer to pull out two pieces of paper and a small envelope. “You can check out your dorm after school and over the week you can get what you want to bring to your dorm. This weekend we’ll get your stuff over to your dorm.” He explained, a small smile spreading on his lips. I glanced at the papers then leaned over the arm of the chair and tossed the papers and envelope in my bag to keep them safe.

Right now dad is actually covering for one of his friends, who is the actual principal of the school Mr. Wolfe while he has his surgery and recovers. Dad has the raven black hair as I do, well clearly I actually get it from him not the other way around, but anyway, he wears it with his bangs somewhat in his face but enough to cover his eyebrows and just above his golden eyes and the side bangs were long and just brushes his shoulders while he has the back of his hair cropped short and he usually doesn’t brush the back and just lets it go whatever way it wants. Well, now he does since it’s not super short where he should have just shaved it. Dad has a stronger build than one would really think and that he doesn’t really show off. He has broad shoulders and a very strong chest. He’s six foot three inches tall, under the slightly loose clothing he has a firm chest and a finely toned torso with strong, defined arms and legs to go with his torso.

“Wait, so I have to spend the rest of the week at home?” I asked, raising a brow.

“Yes, you’ll be walking to school for the rest of the week.” Returning my raised brow with a smirk of his own. He exhaled through his nose and sighed quietly, humming with the sigh; he leaned back in his desk chair, “Now your locker is on your schedule paper. ”

“So I’m guessing that’s my indication to leave?” I questioned, starting to stand up. Straightening out my clothes, picking up my backpack, I look back up at dad.

“I better not see you in here for the rest of the day unless I call you down here.” My father said as I walked to the door.

“Alright, alright I’ll try to be good,” I stated and started to leave, but stopped and turned back around and looked at dad.

“Do you need help with something, son?” He asked as he looked over at me.

I want to ask you something about the dream that I had last night. I can’t tell if it was just a dream or clippings of memories. What happened to me? Why do I have this weird feeling I don’t even know who I am? I shook my head, “No, it’s nothing, never mind. Have a good day dad.” I waved and left his office quietly turning to my left once I exit the office itself and head down the senior hallway so I can make it to the sophomore lockers, “Then again it may be easier to talk to mom about it,” I mutter to myself as I brought my backpack in front of me and dug out the paper that has my locker number and combination on it.

It was such a small community that everyone knew everyone there were a fair bit of people in the school who called me the halfa since I’m half Japanese and half American. My mother’s name is Yui Kaisai and my father is Jonathan Kaisai. My mother is Japanese and my father is American. Though I don’t really look all that Japanese. My father’s real last name is Zimmer. But he took my mother’s last name instead. Sasuke Zimmer doesn’t sound all that fantastic so I’m thankful that dad took mom’s last name. I think that mom is older than dad. I don’t really know. I have a hard time remembering how old people are. I’m lucky I remember my own birthday sometimes. I guess I’m just a space case, as some people around here like to call me. Particularly Andrew. He’s the principal’s son and dear god he can get away with practically anything. That includes shoving and locking me in a janitor’s closet. Oh my god, that pissed me off to no end when that happened last year. No one believed me, and Andy and his two friends just got away with it.

After walking down a few random halls I found my locker. Of course, the sophomore hall for the lockers is actually the main hall where all the other halls connect. It just took me slowing down and actually reading the numbers instead of blitzing over them and making them a blur. Getting the locker open on the first try, I emptied my bag and threw it in the locker, then grabbed a pen, pencil, and notebook. Double checking that I also had my schedule I wrote down my locker combination again just to make sure that I wouldn’t forget it. Closing my locker I walk away and solely focus on the paper that I have resting in my notebook. Because of being a stupid person and not paying attention to where I was going since I know these halls pretty well from last year, but this time I end up running into something, well someone is more so what I should say. Because how I was in a brisk walk, the collision was hard enough to make me stumble back to the left, and I ended up running into the wall and bashing my head off the lockers.

“Ow.” I groan more so to myself and rub the side of my head. It wasn’t hard enough for me to see stars, but it was hard enough to sting a bit.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” Opening my eyes I look over to the male voice to see who it belonged to because it certainly wasn’t a voice that I recognized. My eyes widen as I stare are him. The first thing that catches my attention is his ice blue eyes that have the look that could freeze someone in an instant, but there was an overpowering softness to them as well. His ice blue eyes are framed with snow-white bangs that are too pure to be a dyed color. Even platinum blonde hair could not be bleached as pure white as his hair. His bangs brushed his cheekbones but were separated so I could see his eyes clearly. The side bangs came down just past his jawline and cover all but the tips of his ears. The rest of his white locks brush his shoulders and look like a soft blanket of snow. This porcelain skin was just the slightest bit darker than his hair. The pale turquoise t-shirt that he’s wearing is loose against his body so it doesn’t show all that much but I can tell that even though his arms as delicate looking there is the faintest bit of muscle definition to him. So, I’m assuming that he has one of those slight athletic builds, but he hides it with his slightly baggy shirt and blue jeans.

“Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about it,” I smile a little bit at him letting my hand drop from my head and standing up straight once again.

“I’m Toshiro, by the way, Toshiro Unido,” Smiling sweetly at me he holds out his hand for me to take.

“I’m Sasuke Kasai; nice to meet you,” I said, taking his hand and holding it firm. He was super cold to the touch and it took my own heat in my hand a moment to counter his cold as he squeezed my hand back almost matching my own strength.

“So your headmaster Kaisai’s son,” Toshiro started, shifting his books to his other hand once we let go of each other’s hand. Headmaster? Why would he call dad that? He’s just the temporary principal here. It’s not like we’re in some private school. Well, I guess it used to be a private school and the town has gotten bigger according to the town records and whatnot. This is also a school where there are kids from outside of the district come and stay in the dorms for the year and then go back home during the breaks and summer vacations. Maybe he’s one of the new kids who is doing that. I could ask or not even bother meddling. It’s not like a lot of kids like me here anyways. Why would he be any different?

“Yea, that’s me…well, I’m going to head to my first-period class,” I wave stepping to the side and go down the hall that Toshiro just came out of.

“What’s the class?” He asked, making me stop and turn around.

“An art class…why?” I respond by raising a brow at him.

“What art class?” Toshiro questioned. Why does he need to know? Well, he is new so at the same time, I’m not surprised he’s asking so many questions.

“An art class…I’ll catch you around Toshiro,” I wave to him and continue on my way.

I made it to my Drawing and Painting class and sat down in the nearest chair to the door. The morning seemed to breeze by, and before I knew it, it’s time for lunch. So far, so good with not getting in trouble. On top of so far, only have one class with Andrew, and we sit on opposite sides of the room so he can’t bug me. But I’m not all that hungry... do I want to bother going to lunch or roam the halls instead and just avoid the teachers on hall duty as best as I can and not go near the principal’s office? I think I’ll do that. I went into a bathroom when a teacher walked by. Running the water in one of the sinks, I watched the water twist it's way down the drain. I checked my watch and decided that I should start heading off to my next class. Of course, I skip lunch, and not I don’t feel good. Is this some sort of punishment, stomach? I’m sorry, I’ll feed you later or find a vending machine to get some food in you, or I can just ask to go to the nurse and see if she’ll let me lay down for a bit. When I got to class, I asked my teacher if I could go to the nurse’s office. Mrs. Harper is really sweet and does let me go. She felt my head before and said that I was looking pale and said I might be running a fever. I couldn’t make it there in time, considering it was on the other side of the school. I leaned against the wall and slid down. I feel like I’m going to just burst into flames. I’ve never felt this hot before. Just what the hell was wrong with me? I can’t get sick on the first day of school.

“I just want this day to be over with,” I muttered to myself as I got back up onto my feet and made it to the closest restroom. And sit back down on the cold tile floor to hopefully stop the room from spinning. After a few minutes of slow breathing and the room looks to be a bit more stable I get up slide my shoes across the tiles and braced myself on the counter of the skins. Turning on the cold water full blast, I let the water pool in my cupped hands and then splash my face. Steam rolls off my hands, and my breath catches in my throat. My hands didn’t feel cold at all; they were still warm like I had lukewarm water running over them. Hearing someone walk in I didn’t bother looking up to see who it was.

“Oh, hey Sasuke,” It was Toshiro, so I looked up into the mirror at his reflection and startled myself that my skin was completely dry even though I had just splashed myself with the water.

“Hey,” I nod a little trying to keep calm and hoping that he didn’t see my expression just a moment ago.

“You look sick,” He commented stating the obvious.

“I’m fine, so what are you doing in here?” I question wanting to quickly change the subject.

“We’re in the same class, so the teacher told me to make sure you were alright. She called the nurse to make sure you made it, and you weren’t there. I offered to go and look for you,” Toshiro explained in a very calm and soothing tone. “Would you like me to go and get the nurse?”

“No, I’ll be fine; you can just go back to class,” I mumble looking back down at my hands and pulling them out of the water. They quickly dried without me having to use a paper towel or stick them under the dryer. What on earth is going on?

“But Sasuke, if you couldn’t make it to the nurse yourself your clearly not okay,” He said and I look back at him and make him just slightly from my piercing stare. I get it from Dad, but my red eyes, it makes the stare so much worse. I’ve been called a demon from it, but then normally, it just ended up getting me into a fight with Andrew, Sam, or Nick. He sighed, and I watched his shoulders drop. “Fine,” He averted his gaze from mine, turned, and walked away.

When the door closes, I turn off the water to the sink and pull out one of the paper towels from the dispenser. I started drying off my hands, and it caught on fire. Dropping it in the sink, I quickly turn on the water again to put out the flames. “What…did I just do?” I mumble, my eyes wide and sight locked on the black ash stuck to the sink’s bottom as the water flows.

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