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AN Enchanted Story

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After a shocking betrayal from their most trusted companion, The Five Montgomery Sisters suddenly found their selves scattered around a weird and new looking place, With some weird and unusual looking structures and citizens. They only get to see and heard in the books before. All five princesses must find their way back to each other and back home, with their new found friends. But would they still consider going back to their plain, boring lives after knowing how fun it is at the new different world they're in? Story inspired from the movie “Enchanted” (Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel) ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ •Typos / Misspellings • Grammatical Errors • Some parts are cringe worthy tbh... (Full infos & character introduction available on Wattpad)

Fantasy / Romance
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𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙸

╔════ ∘◦ ♡︎♕︎♡︎ ◦∘ ════╗
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐈𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠?
╚════ ∘◦ ♡︎❈♡︎ ◦∘ ════╝
Once Upon a Time, There was a kingdom called Montgomery Empire, Their kingdom is known by many people, because of how kind and wise The Queen and The King are.

However, The King and The Queen felt lonely all by themselves at the castle... So, The couple decided to finally take their first ever step... Creating a family, To brighten up the place.

By the year 2010th the couple already had Five beautiful daughters.

They were know as, Anna Niña, The oldest,
5 Years Old, Currently at the time. Althea Norrine, 4 Years Old. Ariella Nirvanna, 3 Years Old. Alyssa Noelle, 2 Years Old, And Aliyah Nicole, The Youngest, 1 Year Old.

Everything was going fine, perfect even. Until one day, A news was delivered to the palace.

The Queen had been involved in an accident, With her family, On their way back to the kingdom... Costing hundreds of lives, Including hers.

Everyone was devastated, Especially the entire family...

Twenty Years had passed, Since the accident, And The girls had already grown up... Thanks to their father, Who raised them alone by himself.

They even have their different colors, Anna the Red one, Althea the Green one, Ariella the Purple one, Alyssa the Blue one, And Aliyah the Pink one.

All of them are strong and independent women now, But their everyday lives are just the same, Wake up, Eat, Walk around the castle, Take a bath, Sleep, And repeat.

There's no doubt that girls are getting bored by it... But it's okay, It's for their people, The people who loves them.

The five of them are waiting for a specific day, The day where a prince is going to their castle and ask for one of their hand.

When that day comes, The kingdom will finally have a brand new King and Queen, and everything will be back to normal... Their kingdom will rise once again... Oh, How exited they are for that day to come...

(February 14, 2030)
"Girls!!! Wake up". A loud knock on the door can be heard at their room, As it just kept knocking and knocking...

Anna was the first to get up, She got off her bed, And went to get the door.

"What is it?". She asked, slightly yawning.

"Today's the day!! He's here! He's finally here!!". One of the maids there exclaimed.

"He's Here??!!". The four other sisters asked, Instantly turning their head towards the door.

"Yes! The long wait is finally over!".

"Thanks Flora, We'll get dressed immediately". Althea smiles, Closing the door infront of her.

"Umm, My name is Liz".

The siblings looked at each other for a quick second, Suddenly bursting into a shrieking and squealing mess.

"So, Better get ready... Aliyah, Tell Flora-".

"It's Liz". Alyssa corrected.

"Whatever, Tell her to get the gowns ready... And Ariella, Please... Fix your bed and comb your hair". Anna complains.

"Hello Prince Edward, Pleasure to meet you... I am King Louis Montgomery, And this is Adelaine my wife...". The king warmly smiled, Gladly welcoming the prince into their palace.

"Umm, Nice to meet you too King Louis, King Louis's wife... A-are the princesses ready?". He asked.

"I hope so... Girls! Get down here". King Louis yells.

The girls came walking down the stairs, Dressed up beautifully and neatly in their color coded gowns.

"Prince Edward, I would like you to meet my daughters, Anna, Althea, Ariella, Alyssa and Aliyah... Girls meet Prince Edward, The Prince of William Empire, also known as the greatest empire out there".

"Hi ladies, I'm Prince Edward Williams, It is very nice to meet you... You all look great".

"Thank you, You look great too". The five all said at the same time.

"So, shall we head to the dining room, We prepared a feast for everyone, Especially for you". The King said.

Edward nods, Whilst smiling.

(At the dining room)
"The food's great". The prince said, While they're all eating.

"Aliyah, Why don't you tell everyone about what you did?". Alyssa turns to her sister.

Aliyah smiled, Clearing her throat.

When her father suddenly cuts her off before she could even say a word.

"Why what did you do Nicole?". King Louis asks.

"Father, I'm sorry for not telling you this earlier, But I was actually the one who made the Mashed Potatoes, And I also helped on baking the cake". Aliyah happily announced.

"Really?? It's really good, The potatoes are really good". Edward compliments

Aliyah smiles, Thinking that her father would be happy to hear about this, But turns out...

"Aliyah, How many times do I have to tell you... You don't belong in the kitchen, You belong in the castle. You're a princess, Not a cook". The King calmly stated, But deep down, The girls knew he's straight up disappointed. He's just trying to keep his cool, Infront of their guest.

As always.

The room went silent for a while.

"I'm sorry father". Aliyah apologized, As they all turned their attentions back to their plates.

"Have you girls seen Prince Edward? We've been looking for him for quite some time now". King Louis asked, Walking into the balcony where the girls are resting at.

"No, We thought he's with you". Anna responds.

"He said he had to wash his hands, And that's where we lost him". Adelaine informed.

"We'll go look out for him... Althea, Kitchen. Ariella, Dining room. Alyssa, Back garden. And Aliyah, Hallway upstairs... I'll go search for him at the library... Excuse us". Anna stated, As the five of them went on different directions, In hopes of finding the prince, Who seems to be lost in their castle.

(Back garden)
"Found you!". Alyssa exclaims, Suddenly popping out of the bushes standing infront of the prince.

Prince Edward sighed, Clutching his chest.
"You scared me... What're you doing here?". He breathed out.

"I should be the one asking you that, Father is looking for you". Alyssa muttered.

"Well uhmm... It's nothing, I just find this garden astonishingly amazing, The bushes, The colorful flowers and roses".

"We planted everything when we were kids... Althea, She's usually the one in charge of taking care of them, Watering them every single day without missing out". Alyssa grinned.

"Althea... Let me guess? The green one". Prince Edward asks.

"Mhmm, You've already memorized us, It's great!!". She exclaimed, Smiling oh so sweetly.

The atmosphere between them went silent, All of a sudden... But their little walk around the garden continues.

"So, Wedding's next week, Is it?... How do you feel?". The young princess questioned.

"Well I haven't chosen a bride yet, So...".

"But you will, Tomorrow right?".

"Yeah... Yeah, I guess I will". Edward mumbles, His smile slightly fading away.

"Oh would you look at the time... I think we should head back right away, Father must've been worried sick". Alyssa said, Already walking ahead of him.

What was that about???

The girls are now waving goodbye to the Prince, Since he's already leaving for the day.

Once he's gone, They all went back inside the palace.

The girls went back to their room to rest. While Adelaine and The King went to the garden, to discuss some things.

"So, What did the prince said?". Adelaine asked.

The King smiled before answering, "It's settled, He said he took a liking on one of the girls, And he's willing to marry her by the next two weeks or so... He's coming back tomorrow to announce who the lucky girl is".

"Then they'll take over the throne?". Adelaine quickly asked.

King Louis nodded.

"I'm sorry Adelaine, I know I promised you that you're gonna be crowned Queen next year, But you know the kingdom needs a young new leader right away".

"It's fine, It's okay, Don't worry about it". Adelaine said hugging him, As she gave him a fake smile in return.

Althea, Ariella and Alyssa are currently having a pillow fight at their room, Just like they do once or twice a week.

Feathers, Dust, Laughters... All went flying everywhere.

"You guys are making a mess, Don't you think that's too aggressive for a friendly fight?". Anna asks, After getting out of the shower.

"C'mon you know it's our way of having fun... Don't worry about the mess, We'll clean that up later on". Althea assures, Hitting Alyssa with a pillow afterwards.

"Where's Nicole?". Anna questions, Bending down to pick up a few feathers.

Ariella pointed at the balcony, And there they saw Aliyah sitting alone by herself, Looking up the stars.

Anna looks at the three, As if asking them to come with her and talk to their sister.

The three stood up, And they all went outside to the balcony.

"You okay?". Ariella asked Aliyah.

"Mhmm". Aliyah hums.

"No you're not, I know that face... That's the exact same face you do, When you lie". Alyssa points out.

"Is it about what happened earlier at lunch?". Anna asks.

Aliyah looks up to them, Nodding slowly.

"Well, You know how strict our father is, He'll never let you do those kind of things that a princess don't normally do". Anna stated.

"It's okay, Your food is actually amazing". Althea said, The rest agrees to her.

"Really?". Aliyah asks.

"Of course it is, You're the best cook in the entire castle, In my opinion... And It's actually ten times better than Adelaine's disgusting meals". Alyssa sat besides her, Rubbing her shoulders.

"Actually, I think it's a hundred times better". Ariella joked, Making everyone laugh.

"Don't worry little sister, One day our father will understand everything... And who knows? Maybe you could even open up a restaurant yourself". Althea assures.

"So, Are you okay now?". Anna asked.

Aliyah smiled, as she nodded.

"There we go, That's not a lying face anymore". Alyssa giggles, Everyone laughs once again.

"So, One of us are getting married next month, Right?". Aliyah asked.

Anna nods.

"I wonder who that lucky girl is??". Althea sat down besides the two.

"Well I hope it's not me... Cause I'm not ready to be a Queen yet, And you guys know that". Ariella stated.

"Let me guess, You want to explore the real world Anna told you about when we were young?". Althea asked.

Ariella nods.

"Well, I don't wanna get your hopes up, But we're still not a hundred percent sure if it's true... Remember it may be just a theory or a myth made by someone who is bored with their boring lives". Anna said.

"But what if it's true??". Alyssa asked.

"If it's true then we'll explore it. That's what you all wanted right? Mostly you Ariella". Anna smiled.

The four smiled back to their oldest sister.

"This can't be happening, We need a plan, We need a plan Tanya!". Adelaine shouts the last part.

"Shh, Someone might hear you". Tanya whispered.

"Don't worry about that! Worry about the plan I've had for ten years! Everything I did, And it's now falling apart because of that prince!".

"So, What do you want me to do?". Tanya asked.

"If there's only a way to get rid of that prince, I'll do it, I'll do anything to stop this wedding, I'll do everything to stop those girls from becoming The Queen... They don't deserve it, I do!".

"Madam wait! Isn't this getting a bit too far?". Tanya questions.

"Too far? Are you out of your mind!? Remember it's the throne here we're talking about... And our deal! Once I became a Queen, you'll get anything you want, Any guys you want... So you'll do what I told you to do, Or else...". Adelaine warns.

Tanya sighed a bit before speaking up, "What's your plan?".

"You'll find out, Soon...". Adelaine chuckled.

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