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my creature

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i was just a kid. i didn't know better. i didn't want these things to happen to me. just why me. if i had the chance i would take everything back.

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L0n3R <3
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BANG! I just got woke up from my sleep. BANG! What the fuck is going on what is that sound. BANG! its hurting my ears the screaming the crying. BANG! i start to turn out my bed its starting to get louder. BANG! one step. BANG! A Little bit louder. BANG! its hurting more the more steps the closer i get to my door. BANG! The closer i get the few more steps left to the door. BANG! its hurting more and more to the fact i have to cover my ears and even that doesn’t help. i creep open my door. BANG! BANG! It’s so hard to make out a human with how loud the sound is. BANG! it’s starting to sound like a metal pole to a person. BANG! The noise is starting to slow down like the person is slowing down, running out of energy just enough time to make out what the living fuck is going on. But now i wish i didn’t get up, i didn’t get out of bed. Now it looks like my mom is on the floor and some creature is beating the living fuck out of her.

i don’t know what to do im now looking through my door to a creature eating my mother. Its like the world was going into an apocalypse and i was asleep before it happened. Last thing i remember was hitting my head and then the rest was like non- existent like it never happened. I mean life is short but then it goes by so fast you don't have enough to remember it.

I cant help to stare at my mothers dead body and the creature eating it. The words i was feeling was so hard to describe hurt, distress, disgust. everything feels like a dream a really bad one, and this time you cant wake up. it hurts. i cant cry not now it was too early. it was still too early.

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