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Bloody Wings

By Xinnia Zeos All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


Inside the comforts of her room, Tyra scribbles down her journal entry for the week.

Dragon-Human war week 21: No deaths reported. A human was sighted near the western borders on Grenshen luckily he didn’t venture further into the forest. A red wyvern flew by on Purplem, It went to the east. The other draconian clans also had no reports of death. No reports of anyone going rogue either. The missing couple from week 19 was found in the nearest human town. Negotiations were... ugly. They still remain in their prison as of Bluen, hopefully, we could free them by week 22 of Siltra. Nothing notable for Siltra, Yoller, Redrous, Blauen,Winfe and Golte.

Notes: I absolutely hate their sheriff, he’s not making things easy. Can’t a couple enjoy their date without being captured? At least they don’t look like they were treated badly except for a cramped cell. The human that was sighted might be the scout that found them, not going to blame the guy, he’s just doing his job. I wonder where that wyvern is headed to. It’s probably a rogue one, there’s only the Nerdon Sea on the east. Either way, I need to deal with a lot of paperwork tomorrow.

Closing the journal and setting down her pen. She stood up from her desk and closed the windows with its dusty curtains. I have to ask someone to clean this tomorrow. She thought, it was her favorite curtain too. It’s a shame she needs to replace it for a few weeks. Tyra reached for the hooks at the back of her shirt. After some difficulty thanks to her enormous wings, she finally managed to take it off. She proceeded to remove her pants and undergarments and laid herself face down on her bed and doze off.

It’s going to be a long day.

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