Never Just a Dream - The Psychic Trilogy Book 2

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The Future is Ours

Three days later:

The RICO Indictment against Anthony ‘Tony’ Lucas and ten other defendants was filed today in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. The Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act, which was passed in 1970, allows the Government to go after criminal enterprises, and charge the leaders with crimes they ordered as well as commit. It was introduced as a weapon to prosecute the mob.

The prosecutors get two hammers out of filing the Indictment. First, they file a motion to seize assets to strip them of all their money. Second, they won’t be able to afford an attorney, and after conviction, they’re going to do so much time, they won’t see daylight again. That will scare some people into cooperating with the authorities, and once that happens, they’ll look over their shoulder and wonder… ‘whose next’?

Bill, Angie, David, Captain Jones, as well as several members of the DEA and FBI task force, gathered in a conference room at the station to watch as breaking news revealed the contents of the Indictment. They also watched as Federal agents led Tony, in handcuffs, from this tower office in Manhattan, surrounded by the media, to a waiting vehicle that would take him to jail for further questioning.

“Yes, it’s him!” Angie exclaimed and watched Bill for any reaction.

“He had a brilliant mind, now look at him,” Bill said, without any emotion behind that statement. “I didn’t tell you that Tony called three days ago, wanting to see me.” He finally told everyone.

“What did he say?” Angie asked and wondered why he never told her.

“I’ll play it for you,” he replied and played the recording he’d transferred to his cell phone.

Everyone listened and after he turned it off, David had a question, “Wait a minute; he called you before the Indictment was filed?”

“Yes, he did,” he replied staring at Angie. She didn’t seem too upset.

“Do you think he knew about the Indictment before it was filed?” Captain Jones asked.

“We have no way of knowing, but it didn’t sound as if he’d given up,” Bill thoughtfully replied.

“And you kept this from us; why Bill?” Angie asked a little disappointed.

“I realized that I didn’t have a choice. I needed to bring Tony down; that was our number one priority. Everything else came second. My crazy idea to confront him wasn’t about renewing any type of friendship; it was about saving anyone else from getting hurt.”

“But you didn’t go?” Angie asked and took his hand.

“No, I didn’t go because I put all my trust in our work, our friendship, and our need to do this right and by the book.”

“I still believe he would have killed you even before the Indictment was filed,” David stressed his point.

“I agree with you. That message that he left proved that point. He wanted to talk about our past, our families, and I knew what he meant.”

“It was a threat to you, to all of us.” Otto put in his thoughts.

“It’s over now,” Angie said.

“But it’s not over. There will be a trial,” Otto said.

“He has no money for fancy lawyers and,” David began.

“Oh, he will find one that will work for the notoriety to get his name in papers.” Bill glanced at Angie. “Sorry, no offense.”

She smiled. “None taken.”

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Peggy, Dede, and few other staff members had a few minutes between shifts. In the employee lounge, watching television, Peggy gasped and put hand over her mouth.

“What is it?” Dede asked.

“It’s Johnny, my ex, he’s been arrested. His name is mentioned; he’s in the Indictment. He actually called me last night and told me about it.”

“And he didn’t try and run?” Another staffer asked.

“No, he decided to stay, plus where would he go? They had his name, his identification, and charges filed against him.”

“I’m sorry, Peggy,” Dede said meaning it.

“I’ve known him forever, but sometimes these things can’t be prevented.”

“Do you truly believe that? People aren’t born to commit crimes. They pick up these bad habits from friends and family and their weak minds fall in line. And it’s not all about the money.” One staffer stated, getting upset.

“I agree with you. Money doesn’t make you happy. I will pay the bills, but that’s all it does. You need friends and people who care about you.” One staffer spoke her mind.

“Break is over,” Peggy said and stood up.

Everyone followed her. “Are you Okay?” Dede asked her friend.

“Oh, are we still friends; I wasn’t sure.”

“Of course, we are. I was just thrown by seeing a man at your apartment door and you decided not to tell me.”

“I’m sorry about that; I really am. Johnny threatened me and said he would hurt me if I told anyone about him being friends with Tony. It must have hurt you and I never want to do that.” Her eyes watered.

She understood. “How about we go out and talk?” Dede asked with a smile.

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Sure. Do you like Sci-Fi; there’s a new movie out this weekend?”

She chuckled. “I love Sci-Fi.”

Dede smiled, then, “It’s a date.”

Later that day, Angie had an announcement. At Bill’s place, she lay down and watched her boyfriend remove his holster and gun. Leaning up her elbow, she had question for him.

“We’re alone now. Tell me the reason you never mentioned Tony’s call.”

He sighed, sat down and removed his shoes. “Are you hungry?” He asked and headed for the kitchen.

She followed him and watched him pour them some wine. He handed her a glass. “Well, I’m listening,” she said and took a sip.

He did the same. “Come and sit down,” he said and sat down on the sofa.

She sat down as well. “Bill, all of those things you said about wanting to honor our work, it made sense, but it didn’t hit on the real reason you didn’t go see him or mention the call.”

“You know the answer. It was all about you, me, our dreams and our future. I certainly couldn't say any of that, so I said other things that would make sense to the team.”

“All about us?” She asked with a smile.

“Come on, you must have had some idea?”

“At first, I didn’t because I thought we didn’t have any secrets, but I forgive you.”

“Thanks, Angie.” He paused and thought about it. “There’s another reason why I didn’t tell you is because of the Indictment. You worked so hard on it; days and nights away from me. I didn’t want it to distract you.”

She touched his cheek. “I missed you during that time, but I knew you would understand how important it was to finish it as soon as possible. I thought of you going to see him and I was terrified.”

“I know you were and there was another reason. I never want to hurt you and I knew you would be upset.”

“I guess when you think about it, even though we didn’t see each other, we were on our minds, all the time.”

“All the time,” he agreed then leaded in and kissed her sweetly. Taking the glasses and placing on the side table, she took his hand.

He pulled her close and picked up and took her to bed. Giggling, she kissed cheek, his ear and his throat. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, honey.”

“Honey? I like that.”

“Me too,” he said and set her down. Then they slowly undressed. Once she stood before him in her bra and underwear, he murmured, “God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. Making love to Angie always felt new and invigorating. Everything with her just felt right.

In bed, he pulled away after a moment of sweet kisses. Angie couldn’t get close enough to him. Now that they back together, her heart had never felt so free as if anything were possible. “Oh, Bill,” she whispered, pulled his head down and kissed him deeply and passionately.

Bill loved her, needed her with every fiber of his being and knowing that she returned that love with equal intensity made is heart soar with unparalleled joy. He immediately latched onto the nipple and swirled his tongue around it, then pulled it gently into his mouth and sucked to his heart’s content. His lips moved to the other breast and Angie wanted to scream, it felt so good. His lips returned to hers, his tongue demanding an answer, his body pushed her down into the soft mattress as Angie wrapped her legs around him. Her arms curled around his shoulders and pulling even closer. When he moaned deeply and pushed his hips against hers, she broke their kiss on a sigh and tried to pull air into her lungs.

Angie gasped at the sensation, her chest lifted off the bed, the pleasure so sweet she moaned loudly as the heat pooled between her legs. His tongue shot back into her mouth, inflaming her. Angie squirmed and opened her legs wider, an invitation he couldn’t ignore. His hand slipped beneath her and then penetrated her body with his finger sliding over her silky folds. Angie gasped again her head thrown back, her mouth open on a low moan. “Oh Bill,” she panted.

He slid another finger inside her and moved them slowly in and out of her wet sheath. She was so hot and the little sounds she was making were driving him crazy. He couldn’t wait another minute. Angie cried out as he filled her clinging to his shoulders. It felt so good, he was incredibly hard inside, and the position she was in caused him to sink so deeply inside her that he pressed against her cervix with each stroke.

Angie was on fire and moved with him matching his rhythm stroke for stroke, and then her orgasm broke over her as she trembled in his arms and she could feel his hot semen shoot inside her womb, but then she didn’t know anything else as they made that climb high into the heavens where only lovers met and then fell back down to land safe and secure in each others arms.

After he could gather enough air into his lungs to breathe, he kissed her temple and snuggled close.

“Bill?” Angie whispered pulling him closer.


“I’m afraid to go asleep.” Angie didn’t know what would happen in the morning, so concerned she was about her dream of Bill collapsed at her feet covered in blood.

“Tell me what’s bothering you. Was it a dream?”

“Yes, it was a dream, but it happened the night you and David brought me home.”

“Go on,” he whispered.

“At first, I couldn’t find you, and when you finally appeared, you were… covered in blood and before I get closer to help you, you collapsed at my feet, but I don’t know if you were dead or alive.”

He frowned. “And you woke up after that?”

“Yes, I woke up terrified about you going to see Tony. I guess that fear brought on my nightmare.” She tried hard not to cry.

“It’s alright,” he whispered and pulled her closer. “And it was just you and me; right?”

“Yes, I didn’t see anyone else. Just you alone, hurt and trying to reach me.” The tears came again.

“I know you don’t want to hear this, but… it’s just a dream.” He felt her stiffened, but he held her even tighter. “Hear me out. Tony is no longer a threat. I know you were worried about me going to see him, and,” he stopped when she pulled away.

“My dreams are important; the same as yours, and I won’t let you diminish their importance.” She took a deep breath to calm down. “I love you, Bill, and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“I know,” he whispered and stroked her hair behind her ear.

“So, you’ll consider it; promise me?”

“Of course, I will; I promise.” She seemed skeptical. “Come here.” He pulled close raised her chin and kissed her deeply, tasting her tongue, but then he couldn’t stop kissing her even if he tried. Moaning, she leaned back he was on top of her kissing her senseless. His kisses flowed her cheek down her throat.

He raised his head. “I’m not going anywhere. I love you too much.”

“I know you do, but,” she started but he stopped her with a kiss.

Not far away, coming out of a movie theater, Peggy and Dede walked down the street headed for a quiet evening at a nice restaurant, but first, they talked about the movie.

“Wasn’t that the best Sci-Fi movie you’ve even seen?” Dede asked, excited for this new franchise.

Peggy chuckled. “It was pretty good, but it certainly wasn’t the best.”

“Oh, really, what would you consider the best?”

“Star Wars, of course,” Peggy replied.

“Which episode, twenty, thirty, or was it fifteen?”

“No, the earlier ones, three, four, and seven,” Peggy replied with a smile

“Oh, I liked those, but I prefer Star Trek, far more diverse,” Dede said.

“Well, Star Wars has gotten better. An African-American man starred in seven.”

“He’s a co-star, not the lead,” Dede said.

“Look, we’re here,” Peggy said and stepped inside. Inwardly smiling, she behind her.

Once they were seated, Dede had a question. “Are you of mix race?”

“Can’t you tell?” Peggy asked and took a bite of salad.

“No, I can’t. Are you Hispanic, or biracial?”

“I’m both,” she replied.

“Oh, you have Black, Hispanic and White blood?”

She chuckled. “Yes, all of the above.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. You’re beautiful and I was just wondering.”

“You’re beautiful too. No one has ever told you that?”

“No, just my family.”

“Well, you are beautiful.”

She ducked her head. Their food arrived moments later, and they ate in relative silence.

“Do you want to talk about Johnny? Have you heard anything about the case?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything. There’s nothing more to say about Johnny. That part of my life is over.”

“I see,” Dede said not sure if she believed her or not.

“I mean it; it’s over.”

Relieved, she said, “I believe you.”

“Now eat and then we can leave.”

“Alright,” Dede said and continued with her meal.

After leaving, they headed to Peggy’s place. Heart pounding, Dede convinced herself that she truly did care for Peggy and that she was ready to move forward with their relationship.

Peggy opened the door then locked it. “Drink?”

“Sure,” Dede replied and took a seat. Nervous and still insure, she tried to relax.

“Here you go,” Peggy handed her some wine. “To us,” she said and held up her glass. They clinked glasses and took a sip. She could see how nervous she was, then, “I’m nervous too.”

“You are?” Dede asked.

“Yeah, but I think we can do this; I want to try more than anything.”

“I do too.”

Both smiling, they set the glasses down, came closer and they kissed slowly at first, then more deeply. Minutes later, kisses and caresses were not enough. They stood up and walked over to the bed.

“It’s Okay, we’ll kiss and cuddle for a while to get things started,” Peggy suggested.

“I’d like that,” Dede said. They undressed slowly then climbed under the covers.

Both still nervous, but then they kissed again. I guess cuddling would come later, Dede thought.

Peggy seemed more sure of her feelings, and so, she coaxed Dede out of her shell and after a few minutes of kisses and caresses, she seemed more relaxed.

“Oh, yes, you feel so good,” Peggy whispered and began at her throat then down her chest to her nipples. She kissed and pulled and Dede loved the feeling.

“Yes, oh yes,” she whispered and leaned back to give her more access. Peggy squeezed her twin as more pulls and kisses forced deep moans from their throats. Dede wanted to pleasure her, then she pushed her back and began her deliberate attempt to turn her on. She kissed her chest all over the nipple and when she finally pulled it into her mouth, Peggy didn’t know how to behave. It felt so good. “Oh, yes, that’s it,” she murmured, loving it.

After pleasuring her breasts that felt like hours, Dede then pushed her legs wide apart and touched her with her fingers, they came away wet with her juices. She licked her fingers. “You taste so good.” Then her lips replaced her fingers, tasting her juices and then her fingers slipped inside her body, then her lips sucked her clitoris until it became hard and firm. She went on and on and Peggy held her there and Dede couldn’t stop if she wanted to and continued until Peggy had to stop her before she died.

Smiling, Peggy lifted her chin, pulled her closer and kissed her deeply tasting herself. “My turn,” Peggy said and then she kissed her way down her body, lingering for a long time on her beautiful breasts, and then she was there between her legs.

“You’re so beautiful,” Peggy murmured and told her so, with kisses, licks and sucks until Dede wanted to die but what a way to go.

About an hour later, they lay together, their legs entwined thinking about their stops and starts but this is what they wanted, to be close to someone, to belong to someone.

“Happy?” Peggy asked and kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.

“More than I can say,” Dede replied. “You know, you were always Peggy to me, but what’s your real name?”

“I thought you knew; it’s Margaret.”

“Margaret? I like that; it sounds regal, like a queen.”

She chuckled. “And you’re Delores; I love that name, by the way.”

“I love Margaret.” Dede turned her head to look at her.

“I love Delores,” Peggy said and then they kissed.

Minutes later, Peggy glanced at the clock. “It’s late; I’ll take you home.”

“But why I can’t stay here?”

“You can stay but won’t Angie worry about you?”

“Oh, I guess I should call her.”

“Yes, but send her a text; she may be asleep.”

“Okay, but could you hand me my jeans, they’re just right over there?”

She chuckled and handed them over.

Dede sent her a text saying she would be home tomorrow morning.

“That’s that,” Dede smiled and lay back down. They cuddled close and soon fell asleep.

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