Never Just a Dream - The Psychic Trilogy Book 2

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Those We Love

Later that morning, at the office, Angie got a call from Dede. Andy is at the apartment and needed to see her. Stunned to hear that, she called her brother and told him to come to her office around Noon. After being out all night, she hadn’t checked in with her sister, but went straight to bed. He did have his own room; it’s small but private, and sufficient for his needs.

A little after twelve, Andy walked in looking wonderful. “Get over here.” Smiling, she hugged her brother thrilled to see him.

“Hey, Sis; it’s good to see you.”

“You’re looking well.” She watched him take a seat. “So, you’re home?”

“Just for a few days, but I spoke to Dede last night and I promised I would come and talk to you about my… gambling problem.

“Gambling? So how much do you owe and to whom?”

“I can’t tell you his name, but Dede loaned me the money.”

She barely kept her temper in check. “Do you realize that Dede was saving that money to invest in the restaurant she’s been working at for over five years?” He went silent. “I didn’t think so.”

“I’m sorry, but if I don’t pay, bad things can happen.”

“You borrowed money from a loan shark? Oh, Andy, you’ll never be able to repay that loan. The interest on those types of loans are astronomical. You pay ten thousand; they’ll insist that you give them twenty.”

His eyes widened. “I didn’t know that.”

“It’s true, so you have to give me his name.”

“I don’t know his name. We only spoke over the phone.”

“Give me the name of the person who gave you the name of this guy. Andy, I won’t see you hurt or worse over money.”

He sighed and wrote down the name. She took it and placed it inside her purse. “Now come with me. I want you to meet someone. You have to lay low for a few days.”

“But what about school and Dede said something about an addiction program. I feel awful Angie.”

Before they left her office, she pulled him tight against her. “We’ll take care of this, Okay? I’ll pay the loan, but you have to leave school.”

“But why?”

“Until we can find this guy, you can’t go back to school. I want you to be safe, Okay, at least for a day for two.”

It did make sense. “Alright.”

They left the office in a bit of a hurry. In a cab, she called Bill.


Back home from his appointment, excited to see Angie so soon, but he’s worried about keeping his hands off her, then she mentioned a favor. Now, he’s curious.

The knock came then he opened the door, then blinked and staggered back.

“Bill, what’s wrong?” She did notice he wasn’t wearing the brace anymore, but his arm was still bandaged.

Confused by his reaction, Andy walked in and closed the door.

“It’s you.” Stunned, Bill stared at the young man.

Worried and uneasy, Angie stared between them, then she knew. “Oh, no, are you sure?”

“Yes, he’s the one that,” he couldn’t finish.

“Let’s sit down for a minute, let me introduce you. This is my brother, Andrew Bennett. This is Detective Bill Douglas. He’s a friend and we’re seeing each other.”

“Yeah, I know who you are.” Andy held out his hand. “Nice to meet you. Dede, my sister, told me about you and… your premonitions, so to speak.”

“Did she now?” He managed to pull himself together.

“Yeah, she told me last night,” Andy replied.

“We’ll explain everything in a minute,” Angie said.

Still confused, Andy followed them to the living room. Angie sat next to Bill and Andy sat in a chair opposite them.

Now, Andy didn’t know what was happening, “What’s going on and why are you staring at me like that, as if you know me?” He asked Bill.

“This is going to sound really odd, but Bill can see the future and last night he had a dream about you,” Angie told him.

“A dream about me, but we’ve never met.”

“I know, but sometimes my dreams are about bad things happening in the future and,” he couldn’t finish.

“In his dream, he saw you killed by a man who wanted money from you,” she finished for him.

“What did you say?” Andy couldn’t believe it.

“It’s true; I saw it happen and you were shot. I’m not sure if you died; I woke up after the gun went off.”

He stood up and walked. Angie followed him. “I know what we’re going to do to catch him, but we need your help.”

Not sure what she had on her mind. “Go on.”

“We will need your help too, Bill.”

“Angie, now, I don’t know how I can help with this. We don’t have his name; do we?”

“No, we don’t but we could find out. I was thinking that Andy could wear a vest, and.”

He sighed and stood up. “I see where you’re going with this, but I’ll run it by my captain first. Once we have a name, we can check our files for anything we could use against him besides being a loan shark.” He paused but Andy didn’t look well. “Wearing a vest is a precaution. Once this guy shows up, we take him down. You won’t be hurt.”

“Andy, everything is going to be alright,” Angie gave his shoulder a squeeze. He seemed to relax. She opened her bag and gave Bill the name. “Call this guy first and he may give you a name, or he may not.”

“It’s a start,” Bill said.

“Wait, shouldn’t I call him first? He is a friend of mine,” Andy asked.

“Some friend,” Angie smirked. “Alright, call him.”

He pulled out his cell phone and called his long-time friend. “Frankie, it’s me. Yeah, I’m alright. I’ll be home soon. Look, I need the name of this guy. I have his money. I know, I was worried too. Yes, I have it. Thanks, Frankie. I’ll call you later.” He wrote down the name and number and gave it to Bill. Bill grabbed his suit coat, wincing a bit as he slipped it on.

“Are you alright; your arm is still sore?”

“Yeah, only a little. You two should stay here until I get back. Once we check our files about this guy, then we can set up a meeting.”

Andy went back into the living room and sat down, his head in his hands.

“Don’t let him leave.” Bill opened the door.

Her eyes watered then she hugged him close. “Thank you for helping us.”

“He’s your brother. We’ll take care of it.”

He couldn’t help himself. “I just wanted to say, it’s good to see you, and I’ll be back soon.

She couldn’t help herself. She kissed his cheek. “I’ll be waiting.”

Then he left.

“Where did you meet him?” Andy asked.

She sat down and rubbed her tired eyes. “At the station.”

“And? Tell me more.”

“He’s different from anyone I’ve ever met. We were drawn to each other from that first moment.”

He picked up on something. “And you think it’s because you’ve dreamed about him before you met him.” It wasn’t a question.

“To be honest, yes, at first, that’s what I thought, but now, I’m not so sure.”

“I’m not surprised you’re confused. I don’t think it has anything to do with dreams; but everything to do with your feelings for him. Don’t confuse the two. One is real; the other isn’t real.”

Her eyes widened. “For someone whose gotten himself in a life and death situation, you do make sense. Thanks, Andy.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Once we clean up this mess, you have a few weeks before your classes start in September. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes, it’s true and I know what you’re going to say.”

“You have a problem, Andy. Gambling is a serious addiction and it can literally kill you.”

“Alright, sign me up.”

“It’s the right thing to do.”

Meanwhile at the station, David watched his friend enter the building with a determination that something needed to be done.

“Welcome back. I wasn’t expecting to see you back so soon. What are you working on?” No answer, then he leaned over his shoulder. “I know this guy.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, we’ve been trying to nail him for years.”

“We have him this time.”

“Okay, spill it.”

“I need to talk to Captain Jones first, then I’ll fill you in, but I will need you on this.”

“Of course,” David replied.

Bill printed out everything he could find on this guy, then headed to see the Captain.

“Come in,” he called after the knock. “Douglas, you’re back already? How’s the arm?”

“It’s fine, but I wanted to show you this. I may have a way to nail this guy once and for all.” He handed him the long readout.

“Barry ‘Jimbo’ Burke. What’s he done this time; the usual: threats and intimidation?”

Bill couldn’t tell him about his dream. Then, “Yeah, he threatened a kid with violence, but he got away. I wanted to set up a sting to pay him the money, but ‘Jimbo’ will bring a gun and we can capture him.”

“Look, the gun will probably be legal, and threats and intimidation aren’t crimes unless they attempt to kill someone or actually kill them.”

“I know that Captain, but there must be a way to stop this guy. The kid who took out the loan; he’s terrified, but he’s willing to be bait to stop him.”

“Are you talking about a civilian? We can’t do that; he could be hurt or killed then we’ll have a lawsuit on our hands and never mind the publicity.”

He knew he was right. Bill paced and decided to confront ‘Jimbo’ himself. “I could do it.”

“But he’ll know it’s you the minute he sees you. He’ll turn around and leave.”

“I’ll show him the money; he won’t be able to resist.”

Captain Jones gave it some thought. “Alright, we’ll do it.”

“Great, David will be with me on this one.”

“Alright, set it up and give me the details. We don’t want any fatalities, meaning you.”

“I’ll wear a vest under my clothes.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

“Thanks, Captain.”

Once he told David his plans, he left to meet with Angie and Andy at his place.

When he walked in, Angie was the first to greet him. Coming closer, she said, “Hey, you’re back. So, are we all set?”

“Yeah, it’s all set, but I’ll be meeting with him; not you, Andy.”

“But why not? I’m willing to do it.”

“I know you are, but my Captain won’t allow it. You’re a civilian and we can’t put you in harm’s way.”

Angie’s heart constricted. “I see and it’s Okay for you to do it?”

“It’s my job.” They stared at each other.

Andy felt bad causing tension between them. “I’ll take a cab back to the apartment. I should be fine there.”

“I’ll ride with you. I have to get back to the office.”

“I’ll meet you out front,” Andy said and left them alone.

“Well, I guess this is what you meant by hurting me.”

He frowned. “I never want to hurt you, Angie; never. You must know that.”

“I’m sorry; I do know that. Just tell me when you’ll meet with this guy.”

“I don’t think I should.”

“But what if… what if you’re hurt?” She whimpered that last part.

He touched her shoulder to give her some comfort. “If anything happens, someone from the station will contact you or… my family.”

“Oh, Bill, don’t say things like that.” Eyes shining, she went into arms holding him close. She pulled away not wanting to let him go. “Just please be careful.”

“I will and I’ll call you as soon as it’s over.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

She leaned up and kissed him deeply. Ignoring the pain in his arm, he kissed her back loving her so much. He knew the feeling and what it meant. He loved her. After a minute, he pulled away and wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

“I’ll walk you out.” Hand in hand, they left the apartment and entered the elevator. Inside, he pulled her close to his chest. No words were spoken. Once outside, the cab was there with Andy. “Once you set up the meeting, Andy, call me and we’ll take care of the rest.”

“Thank you, Bill and be careful.”

Bill and Angie held hands until the last possible moment. The cab pulled away from the curb. He watched until he couldn’t see it anymore.

The meeting was set for midnight that night.

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