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Unearth The Lost Memory

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David Liciente wants to know his hidden memories, his missing years. A night came as he found out the person who wanted to ruin his life but he ended his life in just a second. David woke up in a different world without remembering anything, he met a lot of people, David, and He-in who are with him until his memory got back and remembered the person who killed his family and his lover. But at the same time, David went into a different world on purpose, to find out what exactly happened in the missing years in his past that helped him to revenge on the person who initiated everything. It happened because of Magic, a Magic that brings you to the other world, that's why David went to the other world. David woke up again but he was in his world to get revenge.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: What's the Truth?

CHAPTER 1: What’s the Truth?

Do you feel like you forgot someone in your life and you tried to remember them? I can feel it too, I always feel like I didn’t exist in a missing couple of years, But do you believe also in fantasy that makes your life change? There’s a person that I met in an unknown world, I never forget them until I woke up I can still remember them.

“Congratulations David Liciente and Gwen Dio for getting the highest score for this last quarter examination” the teacher congratulated and handed the paper to them as the students started clapping.

On the other hand, David stared at his examination result. He scratched the paper over his emotions and feelings and stared at his teacher.

“This is bullshit!” he stood up and the students near him stayed away from him, “this is stupid!” he yelled because of his anger, and emotion. “Watch your mouth!” the teacher yelled at him, “Where’re your manners, Mr. Liciente?” and all the students around him were surprised and scared. The teacher approached him and she said “What’s the problem?”, David replied, “Why don’t you ask yourself? do you want me to tell them—” the teacher cut him “don’t make any mess”. David can’t do anything but to shut his mouth, she can’t do anything but to stay silent. “Yeah I can’t do anything”

Gwen broke the silence “Class go back to your seat”. The students get back at their own seats as the class continues until it ends.


David quickly went to the rooftop as the bell rang, “I-I want this to end, I don’t want this kind of life anymore, they left me... Wen.... He-in...” David burst out in tears and cried.

“David, it’s alright, please stop” Gwen hugged him and comforted him, It’s Gwen, His lover.

“Get away from me!” he took her hand away from him “Don’t come near me!”

“You always cry for them, y-you always think about them! What about me?” her voice cracked as tears fell down on her face “what about me? I don’t know how to comfort you, to make you smile, to make you happy, you dated me but you always think of someone else....you just ignore me whenever i approached you” she cried and continued “I’m sorry but I think It’s over” David didn’t respond and looked away and didn’t take a glance as she left.

“Then... let’s end this life” he immediately jumped off backward, he closed his eyes and remembered the memories together with his soulmate.


“What do you think of me?” David asked the person “s-soulmate” the person answered him and someone approached them “Aji!!! Wen!!!” a girl came carrying 3 Ice Cream, “whoooo- the store is so far but here’s your Ice cream!!!” She happily gave the Ice Cream and the three of them had a happy moment.


“Wake up! David Wakeup!!!” David suddenly woke up with a heavy breath, he looked around him

“Dude Ms. Trillanor is coming!” Tricio woke him up and said, “We’re having an exam today on her so....did you review the lesson.... Because me? No need to ask cuz’ I have you” he giggled, flew kisses, and went back to his own seat.

“Shit! I forgot” he cursed and turned back “Oi Tricio! I didn’t, I-I was so tired last night and forgot to study and the hell she didn’t even remind us!”

“Then” he thinks deeply, “Then, let’s do the Ninjacky Method!” he happily answered because that method is going to be fun

“What?! we did that last quarter and we only got 10 out of 100! no, I can’t do that, I will never do that again!” David held his head with his two hands

“Then, let’s try it one more time—” Gwen cut Tricio, she’s sitting beside Tricio “Uh Uh Uh, are you guys still kids? you both always attend the class but you didn’t remember any lesson?” Gwen sighed

“But what are you going to expect us?" Tricio said and looked at David, they both shrugged a sign of ‘nothing’, they both laughed and the teacher entered the room with someone.

“Okay, Good Morning Class! We have a new student” she pointed to the person next to her. All the boy students were surprised after seeing a new girl.

“Tricio, I think this is mine” David confidently whispered

“No, I think this is mine” Tricio confidently answered

“No, I have no one beside me so I think she’s going to sit here” David points to the seat next to him that s empty

“No~” Tricio pouts

Gwen slapped Trio on his back “Aw!!” Tricio groaned “Eh eh eh, you still have me” she shows the paper full of answers– a cheat and Tricio was amazed and kisses her jokingly. “Ew”

“Hi I’m Milk Flores, I’m good at photography please take care of me” she introduced herself, her look makes boys stare at her all day long, she has white skin, short silky brown hair, and her eyes are small as a cat and the color of her lips is like a fresh rose.

“Okay, so choose a seat whatever you want” Milk saw an empty seat beside David, and David was restless as she approached.

“Hi, do you mind If I sit here” Milk asked him “O-of course” he stuttered and restless

She is about to sit when someone calls her

“Milk here! Sit with me” her friend called her to seat beside her, and David angrily stared at her classmate Nuisance! Tricio laughed at him for not getting Milk on his seat aside.

“Okay Class, pass the paper at your back, and Goodluck with your Exam!”


“Milk! T-take this” David gave the hairpin he bought, “David, I-I—” David cut her, he put the hairpin on her hair slowly “Y-you’re Beautiful” Sh-she’s beautiful... It fits her “That’s for you, no need to thank me, besides I must be thankful to you for helping me last day, that’s my thank you gift” David pats her hair and smile.


David enters the gate of the school, he’s excited to see Gwen again. He’s about to enter when he didn’t find his ID Card. It’s the Last Term of 2nd Year College. He can’t find his ID to enter “Not this time please!”

“I don’t think so” Gwen came in holding his ID “Yah! You should be careful next time, I-I saw you a while ago your ID fell from your bag” David was stunned, he didn’t expect that she met him at his worst moment “T-Thank you”

“Eh you don’t have to thank me, it’s just a small thing, take this” she puts the Id on his hand and left

That day, he went out to find new clothes for his trip to Canada. While he was shopping, he saw a beautiful hairpin. I want to give it to her, and the next day he met Milk again.


On the other hand, Gwen is staring at them from the side with Tricio “Gwen, do you think they’re perfect?” Tricio asked Gwen while they were on the side of the Table

“Perfect your ass!” Gwen curled her eyes and fakes vomiting “Why? They look so good, I ship them so much!”

“Look, David trying his best for Milk to like him, while this ‘MilkMilk’ is so hard to get” Gwen curls her eyes “It doesn’t make her cute tho”

“You’re so mean to her” Tricio pouted his lips “at least she’s prettier than you” Tricio received a hard smack on his arm “Hoy! You’re right! I’m not pretty but I am GORGEOUS!!” She curled her eyes once again

“You two, can you stop fighting at least for one day?” David appeared and joined in their conversation, he sat between them and said “I’ll court her”, the two of them were surprised “Jeez Men really?/Wait What?!” Trio and Gwen were surprised

“So, are you going to court her?” Gwen changed the atmosphere into a serious mode, “No, I’m just teasing y’all, you guys know I’m into girls, pretty girls but I don’t take it seriously” he laughed

“Why?” Tricio asked

“It’s just...I felt nothing, it’s just...I don’t know but I’m into her” he hesitated to tell what he felt towards Milk

“Jusko ginoo (My god!)” Gwen curled her eyes again she patted his back “Just tell us that you’re not into commitment” Tricio sighed and Tricio is right, he’s scared of commitment but he really doesn’t like it but he feels sincere and his feeling to her is smooth like a flooding candy like there’s a possibility that he will fall on her hard “yes I agree with her dude” and pouted

I’m just excited to see her but, I felt empty, but let’s try my best to like her more, I want to know her more

He stood up, “But! At least...I have her number” he winked his right eye at them and left


After days passed David and Milk become more close to each other, they always eat lunch together and bring her to the Bus Station after School... His feeling for her is going deeper and deeper every day. He smiles a lot, he feels happy, and he feels like it’s a new feeling developed in him. A while ago Milk finally answered him after courting him last 2 days

“Alright, See you tomorrow” Milk said, she said goodbye and finally entered the bus inside and he walked again to go home

“Bahhhh! Oi Are you already together?!” Tricio appeared in his back “What the hell?!” David was surprised “jdebhge you afsjjk hell” Tricio didn’t hear him clearly “What?”, David walked out

“Hoy wait for me!” Tricio followed and shouldered him “I’m just surprising you, why so mad” Tricio pouted and David immediately replied, “She said yes”

“Hala? Are you kidding me? When?!!" Tricio reacted. “Do you think I’m Joking? she said yes a while ago” David said. Tricio slapped his butt because of— “I didn’t expect that, I thought you—”

*rings* *rings*

“Where’s Gwen? She didn’t pick up the phone” David called her, so she could invite her together with Tricio

“Why? Why? Why? Are we going to drink?” Tricio asked

“Yeah, I missed you guys, so let’s drink a beer!!!!”

*picks up*

“H-hell— *stats* lloo?” Gwen

“Where are you?”

“I’m in my family dinner? Are you with— Gwen!! Hurry!!! A-ah I can’t with you tonight I gotta go bye!” *toot toot*

“I think.....” Tricio

“Let’s go!!/Lezz Gooo!” they both continued their drink plan

[9:00 P.M]

David hesitates if he’ll text Milk “What should I text?”

[Good evening] *deletes*, [Are you free tomorrow?]

While he is typing suddenly texted him, “Milk?!” David was surprised when she texts him suddenly.

[David, are you free tonight?], Tonight?! I didn’t prepare myself yet

[where?] David replied, he stands up and makes himself look good “this is it!”

[at my house, I’ll send you the location], David feels odd the presence feels quite cold and it’s not jolly and she didn’t even mention his name


He still went to the location, and he found a dark and quiet house, the gate was opened so he entered and he knocked on the door thrice and the door suddenly opens, he saw Milk with an expressionless face. He doesn’t know what to do, so he said “H-Hi” and waved his hand a little.

Milk was staring at him for a long time and David didn’t know what to do, so he opened a conversation, “H-how are you?” stupid! Why did I ask her in the middle of the door! Her eyes are dark and she didn’t even flinch for a second

He didn’t expect that Milk was holding a knife, so he stepped back and scared, “Don’t do that” why she’s holding a knife shit! Milk keeps moving towards him “d-don’t”, they reached the outside gate

“I don’t want to live” Milk said and she slit her own neck as she fell to the ground

“Milk!” David panicked as he saw the blood flows coming from her neck

“M-Milk?! You are joking right?!” he tried to stop the flowing blood. “Milk!!! wake up! Wake up!!!” he shook her so she would wake up, but it didn’t “Help!!! Someone, please help us!!!”


David is still watching her on the ground, her eyes are still opened and the blood is about to dry. He can’t believe what just happened, someone slit the neck in front of him and It was milk, the girl he liked.

“Are you enjoying the view?” someone came in from inside the house, it laughed demonically

The voice is very familiar He faced the person in front of them, wearing a thick jacket

“Remember how your parents die, oh did they slit their necks too?” she came closer to David and whispered, “Do you get déjà vu?”


“Mom, Dad, why are you holding a knife?”

“Mom! Dad! Don’t” both of them slit their neck in front of him

“How poor you are, since they got bankrupt and have no money to feed you, they used their life in exchange for money. Ughh, what a sad life story–”

“You shut up! we’ve been friends for a year and I can’t believe you’ve just killed my parents” David sobs and gives her a death glare


David remembered the day of his parent’s death, it was the same as what happened to Milk

“Now you remember?”

“So, you’re going to hit my head again and inject me to lose my memory? and you’re going to burn her and declare it to the police that her house burned including herself?”

It clapped her hand and demonically laughed “Wow, you guessed it right! no wonder why you’re a top student, but got no luck in life”

“Stop talking nonsense!” David stood up and was about to grab the person when he felt stingy on his neck Shit! I got shot! “I can’t die here” he pushed the person and slap it “You fucking heartless woman, you can’t deceive me anymore” he slapped her again “You will no longer be my friend!” he slapped her again “No.....we’re not friends in the first place, do you know why? I don’t make a friend like you” he slapped her again “this fucking slap is not enough to pay from what you’ve done, from what you’ve wasted other life-like from my parents and from the person I liked” and slapped her again for the last time “I regret meeting you!”

He pushed her hard and picked the knife from Milk’s hand

“This is the last, I want to end the story here” he stabbed himself, as he ended his life.


“Gumising ka iho! Iho gising, nako ikaw ay nakakaabala sa daanan” the old woman woke him up while the vehicles are around him

“Nako kay gwapong binata, walang magulang, walang tirahan” the other person said

David immediately stood up he looked around and he found horses, carousels



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