Bad Love Story

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Love has no limits when it comes to him. Through near-death still, he is all she can think of. But will she survive what lays ahead of her in the forbidden woods?

Fantasy / Horror
Ms Insomnipotant
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Chapter 1

Fingers intertwined as we laid sprawled out on the floor. Drenched in sweat we smile at each other and force our will to lock our lips again in bliss. Getting lost in your touch and I’ve fallen into your eyes, boy what have you done to me? I find myself worried about you day and night, do you think of me? Or am I just a doll for you to play with. Playing with fire as we meet up in the moonlight in the woods. Friction itself is put on pause as see the other. At a pace, I didn’t know I could reach I run into your longing arms. Run off into the night and dance under the stars, only the forest around us as our witness to our sin. Days fly by so fast it seems unreal. Every time we meet it's pure ecstasy and fire burns so brightly it puts shame to the sun. We know it’s wrong but can’t resist what we need. Primal and animalistic we hear but they don’t know, they aren’t there to see us. Nobody can touch our souls like the other can. Smiles and moans and a seed of love is planted deep within. A flurry of wild nights leads to many questions from the locals around us. Who are we? What were we? Are we dangerous? We are simply us, only a danger to ourselves if we don’t contain the fire we’ve made. Looks start to bore into us with suspicion and we lay low. I’m up on the hill looking down waiting for your sign to come. Even with glares, that could break the man of steel we still flee to another. A signal flares from one and the other flies to them. It’s not love they said... just a false sense of emotions. The stares turned to following and ears perked up around us more. Our hearts pounded with a fierce longing for the other. Patience is the true nature of love, this they never saw or cared of. They were lost without the other, the connection ran deeper than blood. Loyal, they stood strong in the face of possible prosecution hand in hand. Night fell and once more they ran off, but this time they were pursued unknowingly. Caught up in their distance longing, they took flight that lead to their undoing. Once conflicted with the morals and laws of men, they risked it all that night, conflicted no more.

Under the full moon, we take turns in our sweet word exchange and never ending kisses. I found myself on my knees and swore my life to you, I was your sword and shield till our dying day and beyond. Your hands gently pulled me up and cupped my face in them and brought your lips to mine. A burning rush ran through my veins and I wrapped my arms around you. The sudden flapping of birds sent our lips flying apart as our eyes darted to the clearing from where we’d come. I could feel our hearts skip a few beats at the same time as we met the eyes of those we deceived. What happened next was just a blur and I regret nothing. The angry mob rushed at us with outrage and hate that you could taste in the air. My heart died as I saw the gun... I jumped up on you. To say the least, I felt a bit like Romeo and Juliet at that moment. Seconds seemed like hours as I felt my back sear in pain then go numb. My eyes met yours, the look of shock, confusion, pain and despair filled them, it drove me into a frenzy. Heavy footsteps were not far away now and still only one shot been fired, why? Nothing mattered, nothing but him! I let him go and grabbed his hand and pushed him in front of me and ran towards the woods. Another loud bang cracked the night’s sky. My left arm that been holding onto his fell limply now to my side. Warmth ran over me then as soon as it came, the chills started to creep up on me. I made an oath and I was not going to let one mob destroy that and the one thing that brought me joy in this black and white world. The woods loomed closer and more bullets flew by us. He was slowing down due to me but I yelled at him to run and not to look back. Protests were made and I was so very tempted to stay and run but I couldn’t. I pushed him with the rest of my lingering strength into the woods. Here, now we had a chance, they would not pursue us here he reassures me, but we both know it will not be the case. I give him one last kiss filling it with every ounce of passion I could muster. Tears threatened to rain down my face as I turned back to the field. I could buy him time, I made a promise I’d come back.... As I sadly but happily watched him disappear into the thick dark trees I stepped back into the clearing. Fire met my face and ropes crawled around my hands and neck. A firm tug of them and I felt a shockwave of pain shoot all over me as I saw with all hope lost a blade in my stomach peeking up at me. Blood poured all around me and so did the mob’s jeers. A few people stepped forward and just like poor Jon Snow I was stabbed over and over by the people I betrayed. The pain was overwhelming but as I felt the life leaving me I found myself laughing. A woman slapped me and I spit in her face. As I dropped to the ground I felt all my fresh holes spill out my insides. I touched my wounds and thought of you... you were safe... that is all that mattered. Crumpled on the cold ground I closed my eyes and let the images that came to me flood my mind. Memories of us and I drowning in your scent and lost at sea in your eyes, safe in your arms. You were conflicted and broken and I fixed you and you freed me of my shackles of slavery to hate and the darkness. Broken and defeated... this wasn’t fair! The clouds then parted and the moonlight surrounded us all. I could see the crimson pool around me clearly now and felt my fire start to burn. How dare I die on him after everything we’d done! If I was to die all that we’d done be in vain and while he was safe now what of his safety and sanity at the news of my death? Selfish I am to be a self-martyr and leave him to be alone after just setting him free of his chains. With my dying energy I draw upon all the willpower I could to stand. Shocked by my actions and refusal to die, nobody moved. Once I was standing I slowly lifted my head and turned my head to one of them. Seeing the fear was one thing but I could practically taste it in the air. I let out a slow eerie laughter, and as it grew I threw my head back and lunged at the nearest person. They saw me as weak, but little did they know I was stronger with this pain. I had an oath to uphold and with swift precision, I snapped the neck of one then another. A punch thrown from one almost collided into my head, but I was only grazed. The mistake they made was to linger and for it, I reached out and with all my might I bit down on the hand and tore off a chunk of it and spit it into an oncoming attackers face. It slowed them down just long enough for me to break the hand of the man I just bit and use the protruding bone as a weapon. I quickly thrust the bone into the other’s eye and then leaned on the man I was holding and bit out his throat. Warm blood blinded me and allowed the other to land a blind hit to my shoulder and knocked me off balance. I fell to the ground but in doing so I kicked my leg out and knocked his knee out from under him. A good sized rock was laying by me by all luck. As he came down I grabbed my weapon and threw all my weight into it and cracked it across his skull. The female was left standing and was making a melancholy noise. With the others not able to protect her she was a deer in headlights as she stared at me in utter horror. I moved slowly towards her both to build up her fear and because I was fading fast. Her whimpering only made me laugh and I felt my mouth twist into a deranged grin. My hair fell to one side as I reached her and she put up no resistance when I wrapped my hands around her throat and didn’t let go till I watched her soul fade from this world and go to the next. Victory swept over me and I turned towards the woods... Romeo and Juliet didn’t have shit on us I laughed as I limped towards the woods...and then I collapsed.

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