Divine Intervention

By Scott Rinehart All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

The Tel Aviv mission went well until Obama voted against Israel at the United Nations. After that it was cold shoulder treatment the rest of the way. And this nonsense of the CIA and FBI claiming the Russians helped Trump win the election, when uncovering espionage by foreign powers wasn’t the jurisdiction of either agency, but that of the NSA instead.

NSA remote viewer Cassandra Covert had been able to foresee and identify Hamas attacks for the Mossad, but they considered the job finished. On the flight home Cassandra typed up her report and tried to get some sleep, but she couldn’t. She still thought about Raziel more than Craig, but how do you fall for an actual angel and just move on because it is forbidden for you to be with them?

She recounted everything from the day she met him, every single step closer to him, the exact point that she assumed she fell for him, although she also assumed it was when she first saw him. And every stabbing pain as he kept her at a distance. She understood that it was forbidden for a Son of God to be with a Daughter of Man. And she had been content with loving him without making love to him, but his unspoken feelings for her had grown too strong, and he hid his feelings away so that he wouldn’t feel them, and he pushed her right out of his life. Talk about the ultimate rejection.

Cassandra or Michelle if you prefer her real name had forgiven him a long time ago, although she was pushed into a relationship with a man she might have loved if she could. If only she had never met the angel Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets.

She saw him briefly when she was investigating Blonde Nordic Aliens and the speculation that they are the beings ancient peoples thought to be gods. He spoke to her long enough to personally give her the cold shoulder.

“We are better off not seeing each other, and the Nordics are not the same as the gods of antiquity. Goodbye Michelle.” Raziel had told her.

They had reached an impasse with her unable to truly love Craig or forget her love for Raziel, and his inability to go against God’s law. She thought only of him the entire flight back to the United States, no more tears left to cry, but heaviness in her heart.

She touched down at Dulles at 2151 hours and got an Uber home. Craig was returning from a business trip to Colorado in the morning, so she could go straight to bed. She hadn’t slept much on the flight, and passed out from exhaustion and into a deep reenergizing sleep. Though she slept soundly all night long, she did dream. Dreams of her and Raziel living happily in a farmhouse in what looked like Kansas, she thought.

In her dream she was making a meat loaf in the kitchen while Raziel slopped the pigs and checked the cows. Raziel finished up with the animals and came back to the house. He stopped on the porch to take off his muddy work boots and checked to make sure there wasn’t any dirt on his jeans or Florida Georgia Line t-shirt, and then entered the house. He removed his Chevy cap and hung it on the peg by the door before going to find Michelle in the kitchen.

He stood in the door of the kitchen for a few seconds, just watching her in her sun dress fixing the side dishes to go with the meat loaf, her dark hair with a bit of red in it pulled back in a ponytail. He came behind her quietly and put his arms around her waist, pulling her close and kissed the back of her head. He couldn’t see her smile, but could feel it in the way she leaned into him more.

“All done out there for the day?” Michelle asked.

“Of course I am. Same routine every day, I feed the cows and check the fences, then get whatever milk they have for us, feed the chickens and gather the eggs, clean the coop, slop the pigs and give them water, and the only things I added today were tuning up the truck and the tractor.” he answered in his ever present British accent.

“How much do we have for the market?” she asked.

“More than enough, as usual.” he answered.

“Good, we’re going to need the money.” she said, as she opened his right palm and placed it on her stomach.

“We’re pregnant?” he asked.

“Yes we are.” she replied, turning her head halfway around so that she could kiss him.

She woke the next morning feeling a little better, and realizing that she only had a little time to be Michelle as she ran on her treadmill, had breakfast, showered, and finished preparing to go be Cassandra. She had her debrief with her NSA superior at 1000 hours at the DIA offices down in Quantico, as her mission in Tel Aviv had been a favor to them. If she hurried she could still beat traffic as it was only 0800 now, and most was headed into DC.

She had two cars and decided on her red Mitsubishi Eclipse. Within minutes she had left her apartment and was heading to the Francis Scott Key Bridge, after which she would head south past Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon before taking I395 South to I95 South. It would have been a better trip without the rain she thought to herself, but at least it wasn’t snow.

She started south across the bridge at the same time that A.T. Last was starting north on it in his box truck. Originally from Kansas, A.T. had just moved to Virginia about a month before when he got the job driving for Sweet Virginia Candy Company. He had got a little ribbing going by his first initials all of the time, and that it became the name of a song he was starting to hate, but he didn’t like being called Abner Theodore.

Jim Chaplin had checked his lottery ticket earlier that morning and was heading to his office to quit his job. He was calling his wife to let her know about their good fortune a few car lengths ahead of Cassandra in his grey Volvo. He was excited as he told his wife and pulled out the ticket to read the numbers to her. As he tried to read them, he swerved a bit into the oncoming lane.

The driver in front of A.T. saw Jim’s Volvo headed towards him and swerved towards the outside to avoid him. Jim maneuvered his car back into his own lane, and the driver tried to straighten his car out, but lost traction and slid sideways in front of A.T. Reacting quickly to avoid the car, A.T. turned to his left and tried braking with little effect on the wet bridge, ramming into the driver’s side of Cassandra’s car, deploying the airbags, and pushing it sideways into the bridge railing with such force that the small car flipped over the rail.

Cassandra’s car went over the rail upside down and plunged into the Potomac River at 0826 hours on 9 January 2017. Cassandra had her nose broken and was knocked unconscious before she even hit the water. The driver’s side door was damaged to the point that even if she were awake, she couldn’t get out that way, and the car came to a rest at the bottom of the river on the passenger side. Jim and A.T. stopped their vehicles, and A.T. dialed 911.

By the time rescue vehicles on the bridge arrived Cassandra was awake and the car was almost completely full of water. The river rescuers came from Prince William County, Virginia’s Potomac River Fire & Rescue Boat Program. Fireboat 512, FireStorm was above her car and had deployed divers down to her, but by the time they reached the car she was out again.

Diver Mike Thomas broke the windshield and got her out of her seatbelt. He and diver Benjamin O’Brien took her to the surface and to the FireStorm. There, steps were taken to resuscitate her with very little success. The water was cleared from her lungs, with very shallow breathing, and a weak pulse at best, and a Coast Guard helicopter assisted by airlifting her to Prince George’s Hospital Center, where she arrived in a coma.

Raziel was observing the life of comedian Ed Wynn when he found out. A simple step through a doorway and he was in the hospital, dressed in blue jeans and a leather jacket. In the British accent that he had adopted centuries ago, he approached the nurse’s station and asked for her.

“Do you have a patient here named Michelle Lites here?” he asked.

“Are you family, sir?” the slender brunette nurse asked in reply.

“Her boyfriend. Is she here?” he responded calmly.

“Room 555E.” she responded with a smile and pointing him towards the room, thinking she’d like a boyfriend that looked like him.

“Thank you.” he responded.

Raziel entered the room to find her lying lifeless on the bed, tubes and wires connecting her to various machines and monitors. Craig was there reading Ben There, Done That, a crappy book about the adventures of a globetrotting accountant. Raziel had a passing thought that Craig must have arrived before the nurse had come on duty. Craig looked up from his book, and looked straight at Raziel.

“Who are you?” Craig asked, putting down his book and getting up from his chair.”

“A friend.” Raziel replied.

“Do you work with Michelle?” Craig asked.

“From time to time.” Raziel answered.

“I’m her boyfriend, Craig.” Craig said, extending his hand.

“I’m Raziel.” he said, shaking Craig’s hand.

“What kind of name is that?” Craig asked.

“Enochian, a form of Hebrew if you prefer.” Raziel answered.

“Oh, so you’re Jewish, that’s cool.” Craig replied.

The conversation was ended that second, as Michelle flat-lined. Both men stepped out of the way of the doctors and nurse running into the room, Raziel knowing that he could save her with a simple touch, if only he were allowed, but also knowing that if God wanted him to save her, he would have told him so. The medical staff failed to revive her. Her death was God’s will, and part of God’s plan. He had no place to question his Father.

But question he did. As soon as he arrived back on Heaven, Raziel walked right in on God, pushing past his brother angels, and approaching the throne. He wore what would appear to us as long flowing white robes, but to the inhabitants of Heaven it was all a kaleidoscope view that only they understood. Raziel approached the throne and knelt before God, and bowed his head to his King.

“Father, I ask you why the one known to me as Cassandra had to die. Your law was not broken in deed. If anything it was only in our hearts that we may have transgressed, and that is my sin not hers, Father. Why would You condemn her to die for my sins?” Raziel asked of God.

If we humans were present to observe this, all we might see is Raziel questioning a mass of light, brighter than our Sun, and we would hear no reply. But the other angels heard no reply either, as it was not for them to hear God’s words to Raziel. In fact Raziel only saw God as a giant being of light in a roughly humanoid shape, with the light of His countenance too bright to discern any details, and God’s words that he heard only came to him within his head.

“Raziel, it is unlike you to question me. You who have observed my designs come to fruition since it all began. You out of all others must know that only good will come from this. She was living in unneeded pain over you, and regardless of your best efforts, she has been a distraction to you. In time you will see the good in this.” God said, and with that the conversation was over.

Raziel returned to The Akashic Record while Cassandra ascended into Heaven. As she rose she saw all of the landmarks of D.C. through the rain until she rose above the rain clouds, and up through the puffy white clouds we all love. Up she went, leaving Earth’s atmosphere watching the Sun as she went. Faster she went, past planets in her Solar System she couldn’t recognize at this close proximity as they made their orbit around the Sun. if she knew anything of astronomy, she would know she was heading straight towards the Pleiades.

She didn’t stop there either, but proceeded lightyears past them as well, and across a great expanse without stars or planets, eventually coming to what appeared to be a Sun, but without sunspots, solar flares, or heat radiating from it. She entered the great ball of light, and thought that was all it was until she approached what appeared to be another Earth at first glance.

She soared over hills that resembled the Scottish Highlands until she came to a glittering city of silver, gold, pearl, and other types of gemstones. She came to a gentle landing before an enormous gate adorned in pearl and gold. Pearly gates she thought. Was this Heaven?

The gates opened before her, allowing two little cherubim out to greet her. They didn’t speak, but motioned for her to follow them, so she did. The cherubs led her through the gates, along streets that appeared to actually be made of gold, and on into the throne room. A great light was at one end, and an angel approached her in full armor, shield on his arm, and sword in its sheath.

“Welcome, I am Phanuel, the Angel of Penance. Raziel has sent the review of your life. If you are ready, we will begin.” Phanuel said.

“Raziel knows that I’m here, that I’m dead…?” she said, suddenly coming to the realization that she had died.

“Yes.” answered Phanuel.

“But I came to Heaven, so that’s good. Right?” she asked.

“You are here for your judgment.” he responded.

“Oh, that doesn’t sound good.” she replied.

“Raziel liked you, so I’m sure that you’ll be just fine,” Phanuel told her.

Phanuel drew her attention to the side of what looked like a giant floating ice cube, spinning in air before her. On the sides of the cube, images from her life appeared as though separate screens were showing different episodes of the same show. But the show was her life being played out in fast forward for her to. She couldn’t help but think that this was what they meant by your life flashing before your eyes. There she was on her first roller skates, and there dressed up as a princess, cooking with her mom, that rebellious time she died her hair green, and when she snuck out to a concert.

Cassandra witnessed the first time she had a remote viewing experience, when a classmate went missing. Her first boyfriend, first dance, first kiss, the Prom, losing her virginity, getting her driver’s license, acceptance to Stanford, graduation, and then arriving at Stanford.

She relived the moment when she changed her major and studied exclusively at Stanford Research Institute. There she was officially introduced to remote viewing and learned to master her inherent ability. She excelled to the point where the CIA, NSA, and other acronyms were interested in her. The NSA won her over for being the least repulsive at the time.

She witnessed when she started losing confidence in the NSA when they started spying on social media for the Obama administration, but she wasn’t involved in that. Most of her assignments were research based with very little to do with infringing on the rights of Americans. And then she watched as she had met and fell in love with Raziel, right up to her death.

“So, am I forgiven or damned to Hell?” Cassandra asked.

“God only knows.” Phanuel said, directing her gaze towards the immense light as it approached from the far end of the throne room.

She stood mesmerized as the light grew closer and realized that even in the room that was vast enough for fighter jets to train in, the light was the largest thing in it. She couldn’t look directly at the light as it hurt her eyes. It stopped moving towards her and she felt compelled to kneel before it with her head bowed, eyes towards the ground. She suddenly heard a small voice in the back of her head.

“Relax child, you worry needlessly. As lives go, you have lived a good one. You have done your best to protect other people. Did you know that service to man is service to Me? You are pardoned of your sins, and your soul is free.” the voice said.

“What about my love for Raziel? Doesn’t that count against me?” she asked, knowing now she was talking to God.

“I miss being asked questions. Your love for Raziel is the reason you are here. You both have feelings for each other, and Raziel will follow My laws to the end. There is only one way to get around My laws. You had to die, to cease being a human, so that you can be reborn. That is why you are here.” the voice of God told here.

Having been judged worthy by God, Phanuel led her away to another building. In this building was a cloud over a small gazebo. Phanuel directed her to step inside the gazebo, and she did so, stepping into the mist descending from the cloud above. It was then that she noticed that she had been naked all of this time, now seeing the moisture that settled on her skin.

In the mist she could feel something strange, her body felt as though it was changing, bones growing, skin stretching to accommodate them, and something between her shoulder blades. There should have been pain, but there wasn’t. What should have hurt like Hell, felt like nothing more than that feeling you get after a good workout.

Cassandra stepped from the gazebo feeling great when suddenly she felt something of a small pinch in what felt like her back muscles, only to look at a reflective pillar within the building to see two large white wings behind her.

“My God, I’m an angel now.” Sha said out loud.

“Yes you are.” God replied in her head.

A female angel in white robes with gold edging approached her with a smile on her face that was half covered with dirty blonde hair. Phanuel stopped the woman, and spoke a few words to her. He looked in her direction a few times as they spoke. They finished speaking, and the woman continued towards her.

“Hello, I am Aaan. Pleased to meet you Cassandra.” the angel said.

“Oh, my real name is Michelle.” She replied.

“Because of Raziel, we know you as Cassandra. You are reborn, and this is your new life.” Aaan said.

“So, about this new life, what am I going to do?” Cassandra asked.

“Your ability to see things has been amplified. That will be helpful in your assignment, but until then I am too train you.” Come, you will stay with me. Aaan told her.

Meanwhile in the Akashic Record, Raziel watched a man called Bowen the Barber, a barber in medieval England. It was the year 1175 AD, and the town of Shallowwood was being terrorized by an upstart warlord named Malko. The townsfolk lived in fear of him, but his men started disappearing on him. One day Malko himself went for a haircut, while his men searched for his missing men. It was then that Bowen slit his throat with a razor. With their leader dead, the rest of Malko’s men left the town in peace.

Raziel finished that observation, and filed it away before beginning the next. The next was the observation of Ed Kozina, who was falsely accused of murder in 1986, was imprisoned, and escaped to prove his innocence. His next task was to explain Creation’s Law of Chemicals to an assistant. The law that explains that there are 280 chemical elements in the universe, but it is a creational law that no single star contains all 280 of them. Despite keeping busy, he could not stop thinking of Cassandra. He knew she had been judged, but for once he knew nothing else, but he had faith that she must have been found worthy of Heaven.

Cassandra began her training as an angel the next day, as Raziel watched an incident from 1970, when a foot guard passed out as Queen Elizabeth II rode by. Her first day began with learning the Laws of the Angels. She developed a better understanding of why Raziel was compelled to follow them to the letter. She also became more familiar with her new eyesight, the kaleidoscope view a little difficult to adjust to at first.

Her training consisted of learning to fly, the fighting arts including swords, spears, and other medieval weapons. She learned how to heal with a touch, Cassandra learned to use her amplified abilities, the Protocols of Heaven, invisibility, talking to animals, the Enochian language and the languages of Man, and other things for months on end.

Thirteen months later her training finished with her helping in the ascension of a man who perished of fits. While she did this, Raziel visited The World That Should Have Been, the world where Lucifer never betrayed God, and there was no sin. On his way back he happened upon that moment when Alexis Zimmerman and Tonya McLain arrived in the American Revolution and were changing clothes. He didn’t stay.

He still did not know that Cassandra was an angel. If anything, she was a human soul that now lived in Heaven, or perhaps one meant for reincarnation. Either way, he had no hope left for their love. She would still be denied to him.

The next day Cassandra was assigned to The Akashic Record as one of Raziel’s assistants. He found himself at a loss for words. Here she was, the woman he loved, an angel now. But although their love would no longer be forbidden, as she worked for him it might still be inappropriate. He had no words, and his heart sank a little further.

“Raziel and Cassandra, I made the laws that kept you apart, and I made a way to bring you together, as I wanted you to be all along. Did either of you think that your meeting was anything other than My plan? What you have suffered was only to test your love for each other. Now you are together for the rest of time.” they both heard God tell them in that still small voice he uses.

“God brought us to it, and He brought us through it.” Raziel whispered to Cassandra.

“Amen.” she replied, and they finally were able to kiss.
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