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The Alpha & The Omega (Omega Wars Book #1)

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Nesrin Hale is an Omega on the run. When she gets captured after 100 years of living free and on her own, she is anything but tame. She is sold at an auction of Alphas to the highest bidder. She doesn't want to live in a pack and she certainly doesn't want an Alpha mate. Her mind is on nothing but escape. Ryker Henry is the Alpha King. When he hears that a nearby pack has captured a mythical Omega wolf and plans to auction her off to the highest bidder, he knows he will have to attend to make sure things don't get messy. He goes prepared to prevent a war from breaking out, but when he sets eyes on the Omega everything changes. This book is for mature audiences 18+

Fantasy / Romance
A.J. Casey
4.8 30 reviews
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They were close.

Too close.

The wolves that had been chasing Nesrin Hale for two days were closing in on her. She couldn’t let them catch her. She could not be captured. If she was captured, her life as she knew it, her freedom, would end. She had lived wild and free and on her own for a hundred years, she was not about to give that up easily.

Her limbs ached and her lungs burned but she pushed herself harder, bursting forward. She hadn’t had to run like this since her first shift, when she had frozen into her immortality. A cruel twist of fate, in Nesrin’s opinion, was that the first time a female wolf shifted, she not only had to go through that terrifying process for the first time, but she would also have to experience her first heat cycle, driving the unmated males around her into a frenzy to try to claim her. As soon as Nesrin had shifted for the first time, howls had broken out around her for miles and she’d had to run for her life, as she was having to do once again, now.

Cursing herself for chasing that damned deer into an Alpha’s territory once again, Nesrin continued to push herself as hard as she could. The wolves hunting her were relentless, and strong. They had been able to keep up with her without seeming to lose any progress and now they were closing in with her. She had decided that the wolves hunting her had to Beta wolves, and probably their Alpha too if they were keeping up with her. Normal wolves would have lost strength and endurance and given up by now.

A sound just behind her and to her left had Nesrin veering to the right. They were closer now. Was she losing speed or were they gaining it? Gritting her teeth, Nesrin gave all that she had to surge forward once again.

Trees and brush surrounded her and she had to crash through it to continue forward, limbs seeming to grab at her to hold her back. When she finally crashed through she skidded to a halt. A giant cliff stood before her. It was like a mountain had made a wall to block her path. There was no way to climb it, even if she shifted into human form. She looked to the left and to the right, it went on both ways for miles. No matter which way she turned, they wolves would push her against this wall.

There would be no escape.

She whirled around, her back to the mountain side. If she couldn’t run, she would have to fight.

Giant wolves, double her size crashed through the brush and trees where she had just come from. The seven of them formed a circle around her, caging her in against the mountain.

Nesrin lifted her lip, snarling at them.

The rust-colored wolf in the center, directly in front of her, crouched lower and narrowed his eyes, snarling back at her. His eyes glowed gold.

Definitely a Beta.

She chanced a glance at the others surrounding her. While their coat colors varied, all seven of them had glowing gold-colored eyes. She had been right; she had been being hunted by Betas.

The wolf directly in front of her shifted into his human form. He stood about six foot tall and his hair was the same rust-color as his wolf-coat but his human eyes were a chocolate brown. He was well-built, with broad shoulders, thickly muscled arms and chiseled abs. He stood naked before her and Nesrin wouldn’t allow her eyes to drift any further down.

“I can’t believe we actually found an Omega.” He said as his eyes roamed over her.

Nesrin let out another snarl.

He chuckled, “You were fast female, but we knew we could tire you out eventually. Thanks for the chase though, it’s been the most exciting thing we’ve had around here for decades.”

Nesrin kept her eyes focused on him, but kept the others in her sights as well, prepared for anything.

“Unfortunately, our Alpha is already mated and has no use for you. But thankfully there are plenty of other unmated Alpha’s out there that would pay an arm and a leg for you. You may not be of use to our Alpha, but you’re definitely going to benefit our pack with the pretty penny you bring in.” The werewolf gave her a cocky smile.

Nesrin crouched to lunge for his throat but before she could spring forward, a net of heavy metal landed on her from above. She yelped as the silver net dug into her body, burning her. As much as it hurt she fought and twisted against the nets pressure on her but it was of little use. She let out snarls of rage and whimpers of pain as the wolves around her shifted into human form and were tossed clothes and gloves from above. Turning her head, Nesrin looked up to the mountain top and saw three more men standing there watching from above.

She had been being hunted alright. Chased, hunted and corner right into a waiting trap. She’d had no chance of escape. The moment they had caught wind of her, she had been doomed. The last two days of running for her life had been for nothing.

Defeat swept over her as the males closed in on her. One aimed a gun at her and when she growled at him in both anger and confusion she heard the click before she felt a sharp jolt in her neck. A dart gun, he had used a dart gun. She continued to fight, refusing to accept her fate as she felt the affects of whatever drugs had been in the dart start to take place. She weakened, then her body went numb, paralyzing her. Her eyes grew heavy but she fought until the last second to keep her eyes on the men surrounding her, before finally darkness claimed her.

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