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Simeon and Cross

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she just wants to hid from her own personal demon and the ones chasing after her Cross just want to live a peaceful life, she doesn't want to talk about her past nor does she want to talk about the demons that seem to pop up into her life like a bad smell. she can see them even if they are hiding in their human skins and what makes it worst is they know she can see them.

Fantasy / Adventure
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House Guest

I left the bar where me and my friends hung out after work I mean come on library works really do suck, got have an out lets right,

I remember running as fast as I could in a city I didn’t know, my boots made loud echoing clip clopping sounds as running past the canals along the coble roads with newly lit street lamps light my away as I run across the bridges leaving my reflection trailing behind me on the inky waters. As blurs of towering crumbling buildings passed me by, turning after seeing the monsters behind me, crawling along the walls, with their talon nails buried deep into the walls of the homes and shops. When I turned back round I fell short of falling into the water’s threshold, my reddish hair clung to my face as turning around to see the group of feeder demons climbing off the walls walking towards me. They didn’t speak a word as an icy blond picked me up by the collar of my coat and threw me across the canal on to the other side, ripping the coat of me. Then I was smacked into the wall with a heavy painful thud and landed on my side on the ground, bits of the wall came down on top of me catching me in my eyes. I wanted, no I need to get into my bag before they, ‘THUD’ ‘THUD’ ‘THUD’ THUD’ ‘THUD’ I looked up and their they were standing right in front of me. Eyes as black as the water at night, I fumbled around in my bag and pulled out a can of body spray and my lighter ‘CLICK’ I lit one of them up like bomb fire, he screamed shattering windows. As he spun around flinging his arms I watch as the flames licked and burned him, I could see the burning reflection in the glass of the windows, the other Feeders just watched without a anger or a frightened emotion on their faces. ‘They really don’t care for each other’ as the screaming Feeder broke all glass nearby ‘That’s why they do not talk!’ As he screamed louder and louder the human skin on him started to crack and shine bright and it was almost like he exploded turning into dust.

The others turned their attention back to me, and I tried to do the same thing again but the spray died on me ‘CRAP’ I thought as one of the others with long shabby hair and a square jaw pulled me up by my hair, “ARRRRRRRRH!” his nails and fingers grew and turned into long claws as he threw me into another building, smashing into the dangling street sign viale lungomare (Waterfront avenue), …wait, what, where are all the bloody trees… as I landed in a pile of news papers left out by news papers boys, I looked up and saw a man standing under a street lamp, he just stood there, with his coat gently blowing in the wind along with his jet black hair as he looked at something in his hand something that shone, he then looked up to me our eyes locked for about a second as I felt like his eyes look through me like I was not there.

Feeling a hand grab my arm as I was pulled up from the papers as I steadied myself, I twisted my ankle in the coble roads, as I pushed back down on the ground coursing my dress to rip, covering my head with my arms and keeping my eyes closed, I was too scared to move. I started too muttered under my breath “Oh god, oh god I’m going to die!” As I felt their claws cut through my arm, a screamed ripped its way out of my throat in pain. I was waiting for the next blow but all I heard was them screaming, I looked up quickly to see the man from under the street lamp rising his fists, I didn’t see much as I covered my eyes and waiting for the sounds to fade away.

I just sat there feeling broken and cold, my green dress is ripped and torn blood covered my arms and the rest of me as my arm bleed and as for my hair it just clung to my skin in a mixer of blood and sweat, I backed myself up into the wall being me hoping the darkness would swallow me hole.

Then I felt a hand gently tap my head as I looked up seeing the guy with my eyes full of tears and dirt, I was half expecting him to be killed, but nope here he is alive. I stared into his one blue eye and one green eye made it all the more difficult as his hair covered his eyes I followed his gaze down to my arm, I held on to the sides of the sliced skin as he pulled out a sliver flask and open it up. “Move your hand please!” he asked calmly, I looked at him trying to see his soul but I could not barely see any glow it was as if his soul was caged, he looked back at me raising an eyebrow, “Move your hand and stop reading me!” he growled. I looked away from him and moved my hand as he pored the clear liquid onto my wounds, I started to squirm and cry as it burnt, “Its holy water of course it would burn. But if I don’t kill the venom it will infect your blood and turn you into one of them” he said. I wondered how he could know about the Feeders venom not many Sighter or hunters know about that. “I never seen Feeders work together to kill a Sighter but you, you must be something special, these guys would kill each other over a bit of rotten flesh.” he said

“ARRRH ‘sniffed, sob’ I know!”

“Hang on their we’re nearly done!” he told me

“Urrrrh it hurts!” I cried as while trying to pull away.

At some point I blanked out I think I can’t remember but when I woke up I was at home, in my new apartment on my grey sofa, my ripped red jacket laid on the kitchen counter and the soft pale blue blanket laid over me. “Urrrrh! Aow!” My head felt like it had hit a brick wall or something… oh wait it did more than once. I touch my arm where the Feeders cut me and saw it had been bandaged up, bits of blood started to seep out; it felt sore as hell as I could see the bruises on my arm and shoulder blade ’I’m black and blue… YAY I look like a blueberry… I sat up and looked around my living room, boxes still covered the place well sort of there are some boxes missing from by the fire place but all the books still lay on the floor balancing on each other like bricks. Laying back down on the sofa looking up at the pattern on the high cline, ‘Oh I am going to paint those patterns’. As I tried to remember how the heck did I get back here did that man bring me back here? For that matter how did he know where I live? “I need Aspirin, no screw that, something a lot stronger… two Aspirins!”

After pulling my head out of my hands I turned my head and saw something that glisten from the light of the sun from the huge tall windows behind me, whatever it was, it lay on the floor near the front door and the kitchen, forcing myself up from the sofa whimpering at every step I made I almost forgot that I twisted my ankle. I walked, no limped over to the gold object and saw it was a pocket watch, picking it up it burnt my skin before it cooled down, I jumped almost dropping it back on the floor. I lifted it up to my ear and heard it ticking, flipping it open and trying to get my head around the whole thing. It sure looked like it should be a pocket watch but I never seen one like it in my life. The bit that was meant to be the watch face had six circles and six hands spread on the different circles, on the side of each circle had a letter on the side “Years, Months, Weeks, Day, Hours, seconds… “Okay.” I looked at where the hands where and it nine years, ten months, 15 weeks, seven days, 19 hours and 120 seconds “Okay not odd!” I whispered to myself.

It must be his watch I looked over to see if his name was on it or something, but all I could find was an inscription ‘faith left you, you let your lies spread’ it read “Oh that’s cheery” when I looked back down on the floor where I found it I saw a drops of blood on my floor ‘Was it mine? Maybe?’ I followed the trail of blood down the hall past the kitchen and my room, I got outside the bathroom and saw a bloody hand print on the door handle, the door was open half closed. I gingery pushed the door open and I screamed a little, once I saw the man on the floor of my bathroom, his navy blue coat was hanging over the white bath and his eyes were half closed almost like moons as I sat next to him getting my legs covered his blood… so many problems wearing a dress… that pooled onto my blue and white tiled floor “GUHA!” I cried as a little was getting it over my bear legs. I went to check his pulse to make sure he was alive, I froze for a little bit holding my own breath as I put my fingers to his throat waiting to feel a beat. “Oh thank god!” I sighed as I saw the claw marks on his pal chest, he did get hurt but why did this not kill him. And I remembered the flask as I felt through his coat to find the flask I noticed it was empty.

“ARRRRRRRH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as he grabbed my wrists, I looked down at him his eyes open in a shot like you would do after a bad dream; his skin looked so pale almost death like his hair moved out of his eyes so I could see his face better.

“Don’t scream!” I heard him moan, I turned to face him and I saw the smile that crept up on side of his face almost like a smirk.

“Did I scare you?” He asked, I felt like smacking that grin off his face,

“No I screamed for the fun of it!” I said to him as he propped himself up against the side of bath, “You’re out of holy water!” I told him shaking the flask, he shrugged.

“I will make more later all I need is tap water!”

“Tap water?”

“Yes! I’m fine by the way, this wouldn’t kill me I just need to be bandage up.” He told me I just looked at him as if to say he was mad.

“Those are really deep cuts we should take you the hospital!” I said to him

“Narr I’m fine I just need a bandage and any way I am not welcome at the hospital not after the last time!” he said I sighed do I really want to know why… yes.

“Why dare I ask?” I thought as I got up and pulled a packet of bandages out of the bathroom cabinet that was above the sink, reminding myself I have a small bathroom. After getting some wipes and just leaning over to put the bath tap on and wet the wipes and I wiped the blood away he hissed through his teeth, after cleaning the dried blood off I handed him the bandages.

“I’m not good at doing that myself if you do it for me I will tell you why I can’t go the hospital!”

I nodded at him as I started to wrap the bandage around his chest, “Well to tell you the truth I can’t die!” I stopped and looked at him


“Your the Sighter so you can understand how things in our world works!” he said

“Yeah I do, but I never met anyone who couldn’t die, unless there are some kind of tripped out demon. How did you do it?” I asked as I pulled the bandages tighter

“Aaaah cazzo!” he cried

“Stop swearing at me in an Italian and I have to tighten the bandages or they will fall off!” I told him moving the bandages over his shoulder, he rolled his eyes jumping a little at the pain, can’t blame him, my arm is killing me too.

“I can’t die well not until the demon that owns my soul completely… urrrh what’s the word?”

“What word?”

Consumare!” he said

“ You mean consume!”

“Yes consume, until he completely consumed my soul and then I will die!” he said almost in an cheery tone.

“Oh is that why your soul seems to be caged!” I said, he looked at me and smiled slightly,

“You seem calm to the idea that I will have my soul consumed!” he said as I tucked the last bit of the bandage down behind the rest of these of them.

“Well it was your decision to sell you soul!” I said he grabbed my wrists and made me look at him, his eyes became cold and dark…I think I hit a nerve…

“I was tricked… this was not what I wanted, I wanted to live without my illness but instead I have to suffer with the burning pain my lungs and coughing of blood every day until there is nothing left of my own soul, where then heaven and hell will not take me!” he said all most shouted it at me, he didn’t cry is face become blank again and still as if it was just a flash in the pan,

“Sorry, I should have said that!” I stood up and helped to pull him up by his hands he hissed as he went to hold his chest, he swayed a little on his feet, before slumping against me. “Do you want to sleep this off?” I asked as he hung his arm around my neck he nodded

che sarebbe bene” (yes that would be good) I helped out of the bath room and a little down the hall into one of the spear rooms, yes my place is huge…a part form the bath room… I found it harder to hold his weight up on me he was bloody tall and heavy…let’s not forget heavy… my arm is killing me.

I pulled him into the room and helped in to bed…I pushed him on to the bed… he flopped down on the bed “You owe me for the dry cleaning!” I muttered to him, looking at the blood that came off his trousers and I took off his black boots and put them under the bed, he grinned as if he was drunk or high, he closed his eyes.

Sto bene per lo Sighter.” (I’m good for it Sighter.)He said

“I prefer the name Cross and your mumble in Italian” I told him covering him in the blankets; I stared at him for bit as he fell asleep. Before I left I remember the pocket watch it was still in my pocket I pulled it out and placed it by the side of the bed and crept to the door and turned back around and saw him turn over, so his back was to me and I left leaving open a door ajar as I started to clean up the bloody mess in my bathroom.

After scrubbing the floor and the walls, the side of the bath and even the door, but what I want to know is how the hell did his coat not get any on it, I mean even the skin is covered in blood, I picked up his flask and put it back in the coat pocket and hung it on the room of which he was sleeping in. After all that I needed a shower, I threw away my clothes from last night in the waste bin and turned the shower waiting for the old dusty rattling pipes to heat up and work. While I waited I pulled the bandage away from my own cut and looked at the bruises I seem to have collected, my shoulder, shoulder blade and the top of my arm is black, I have a lovely purple bruise in a shape of a foot on my chest and oh I have a cut from the top to the bottom of my lip on the right side. I shook my head as I climbed into the shower washing away this guy’s blood off me and washing away last night beating. The hot water stung and burned every part of me I cried a little at the pain I was not use to it but I had to reminding myself hot water is good for bring out the bruises more. I found myself after a while humming in the shower whatever tune that came into my head while washing my hair as the water turned from red to clear once more.

I got out the shower wrapping the towel around myself pushing my hair and fling a towel around my head ‘I really need a haircut’ I thought as I caught sight of how long my hair has gotten it looked almost dark because it gotten wet it normally a reddish brown colour I shook my head and walked out the bathroom and went into my room. The door to his room was still open ajar when I walked pasted it as I entered my room I looked up and saw him. “Damn it, you scared the crap out of me, what are you doing?” I asked holding my hands on my hips and dripping on the floor of my room.

“Oh hi!” he said as he closed my draw,

“Look, thank you for saving my hide but I will kick your arse if you keep going through my belongs and… and… and do you smell rosemary!” he sniffed the air of my room before he said,

“Anthony you can you come out now!” he said I looked around the room

“Who the heck is Anthony?” I thought this guy is fruit loops, a few seconds later I heard an airy voice.

“As long as you don’t shoot me!”

“Who the heck was that and you have a gun?” I cried jumping hugging the towel tighter to me,

“Urrrh yeah of course I have a gun I hunt demons!” he said as a man appeared on my bed,

“ARRRRRH…” I started to scream when he put his hand over my mouth

“Cross don’t scream!” he said through gritted teeth, he then removed his hand… hummm. “He’s…he’s…he’s not human!” I said as I saw his whole body glowing white,

“No he is not. This is Anthony is a watching Angel and you’ll know if a watcher Angel has been in your home they leave a smell of rosemary!”

“It good for keeping demon away!” he said while he sat on my bed

“Good to know, is there one for keep angel out?” I snapped back, he sat there with as butter wouldn’t melt look. He has golden wavy hair looks like a river of gold as his hair falls around his face curling at the base of his neck , the airy man sat there with his leg crossed, it was then I took a better look at the angel on my bed and my jaw almost hit rock bottom.

“B…B…But… he’s naked… on my bed!” I said

“We have no need for clothes in heaven, but if your that uncomfortable!” he said I was expecting him to click his fingers or something and clothes would appear but nope just picked up a pillow and placing it on his lap,

“Oh yeah that’s better!” I said rolling my eyes.

“Anthony what do you want?”

“Well Simeon since you asked so nicely I can tell you!” Anthony teased,

“Your name is Simeon!” I smirked

“Yeah and what of it, your name is Cross!” he said

“At least my does not mean primate!” I said to him, he just glared at me before turning back to the Angel.

“Oh good I’m back in the picture, right the big man wants me to tell you Simeon that since you are in the position where you are unlikely to die in a fight…”

“Getting bored!” Simeon Said,

“Let me finished… as I was saying as you’re can’t die God want you to keep little Cross here alive!” he said.

“Hey what, I don’t need a baby sitter!” I squealed kicking a bear at the wall behind him, it made a click sound as the eye hit the wall and then it bounced off the bed frame and off the bed side table final hit still on the floor, the angel look at the floor where the bear laid he moved to pick it, Simeon had to cover my eyes.

“I was watching that!” I mumbled,

“You’re too young!” Simeon said taking his hand off my eyes I just looked at him thinking I will hit him I will. Anthony was playing with the bear,

“I’m sorry little Cross but the devil has your number and he is handing it out to every demon he can find!” I looked at him to Simeon who was not looking at me but was listening to him his hands sat in his pocket as he was leaning up against my wardrobe.

“You see Morgan…”

“Wait who Morgan?” asked Simeon

“That’s my name, ‘sigh’ Cross is my nick name!” I sighed rolling my eyes,

“It’s nice, why Cross?” he said looking at me.

“Because she has a burnt shape cross on her left shoulder, now come on I need to give this message before I spilt this skin!” he said I took a deep breath and mean while I have given up on this towel that was on my head and threw it in the clothes hamper that was by my desk which is by the bed room door, I am the still dripping on the floor just now it is worse with my hair it going to dry in a curly mess I can see it now curly everywhere, but not where I want it.

Simeon just rolled his eyes at Anthony “Then get on with it!” Said Simeon pulling the chair from my desk and sat on it.

“You see Morgan you have already started to have your excepted your abilities, as you will find out by your eyes change colour, soon you will lose your brown eyes and have gold eyes, like all Sighter use to have at one point.” I looked at him and touched my eye where I knew the gold has already started to spread.

“If I didn’t I would have ended up like my mum!” I mumbled, rubbing by bad arm.

“Your mother?” asked Simeon, I kept my head down and looked away I as kind of embarrassed and I was shamed at the same time, my feet kicked the floor a little, while I spoke.

“My mum is crazy because she tried to not see what was out there it blinded her judgment until the point where she did this to me!” I pointed to the old scar of the cross.

“I’m sorry!”

“Not your doings!”

“So any way… if demons want to see angel they need a Sighter in working or mind, body and soul and you Cross fit the bill!”

“And why would I do this for him?” I heard Simeon ask pointing up right,

“A better chance to get into heaven” Anthony said,

“You know there is no way I will be able to get into heaven.”

“You got me your right but I can give you some information that might help you live for another hundred years!” Simeon eye perked up as he looked at the Angel, his eyes narrowed at him before he started to cough violently , I walked over to him and rubbed his back…don’t ask why I don’t know why I’m doing it… I rubbed small circles while he coughed into his hands once he was done he moved his hand away and there was blood dripping from his hand and onto his lap.

“Can you hand me the towel Cross?” he said nodding his head towards the clothes hamper, I picked it up the towel and handed it to him and I watch him clean the blood off himself…was this what he meant by his illness… “Okay so tell me about the information?” Simeon asked wiping his mouth, then Anthony smiled.

“Well what the demon forgot to tell you is, the day you can find a willing soul to agree to let you have their soul then your okay it will also means that your lungs will feel better!”

“And what about the soul that he takes?” I asked, Anthony turned to me and looked at me with his cold blue eyes.

“They will have to do the same as Simeon, what the demon didn’t tell Simeon when he took his soul was the rules, 1/ the soul has to be completely willing to loan his or her soul out. 2/ the said soul, has to understand what they are getting themselves into. 3/ Once a deal is made there is no way a soul can be given back unless the demon dies or the soul’s owner dies. 4/ When the deal is made you will not be able to enter heaven or hell, no soul no entry. 5/ The person who leant the soul will have a 100 years before their soul is devour to find another soul to be loaned, that is it really!” he said shrugging as if it was no big deal. I went to say something but Simeon butted in,

“So that is my only way out is to take someone else soul?”

“Yep, so will you protect her or let her die!”

“Hey wait what I didn’t know about that, urrrh… no wait I don’t want to die!” I cried.

He could have said this earlier, I was panicking I could feel my heart in my ears…I don’t want to die no no no no I can’t… “Cross you’re not going to die I may be lacking ninety one percent of my soul but it doesn’t mean I don’t care!”

“So you’re going to protect me?” I sniffed…hell I was really crying… I looked up at him and he smiled sweetly, I wiped my tears way, I was now feeling cold!

“Oh good then I will be able to tell the boss man we have a Hunter and Sighter together at last!”

“Anthony your cracking!” said Simeon

“Awww thank!” he said blushing, really angels can blush clucking bells angels can blush there’s one for Face Book.

“No your skin it’s cracking!” he said again he was right on his left cheek there was a crack like you would get with a china doll, he touch his face and then looked at his hand.

“You see you human take forever to explain things to!” and with that he was gone leaving a bum print on my bed…Note to self clean bed sheets…

Finally Anthony left leaving the smell of rosemary drifting through my apartment, “Flowery angelo sanguinosa!” (Flowery bloody angel) Simeon said He looked at me while I stared at the spot where the angle had sat,

“I guessing you live in the city?” I asked him he just shrugged as he left my room for the kitchen, I followed him like a lost child “What do you mean ‘shrugged like he did’” he walked behind the marble counter he started to make himself a coffee, he found the cups without any problem and then he stopped and looked in the other cupboards and then down below. I smiled slightly seeing his arse…mentally slap… he snapped back up and looked at me almost angrily, “What?”

“You don’t have any scours, what type of English person does not have scours you can’t put your cup on a table you will leave marks!” he said oh brother I’m going to have fun, I am now guessing it was him who did some unpacking for me as well.

“Top cupboard above the cups they are still bubbled wrap!” I said pointing to the cupboard above and next to the cooker I heard him breathe a sigh of relief as he made two cups of coffee.

“How many?” he asked

“Two!” I said as he put two blocks of sugar in my coffee he then handed it to me over the counter as he walked over to the sofa with his cup of coffee, I sipped from mine and then just waved my hand at the whole thing, I do not care I want to wear clothes, “I’m going to get dressed please make yourself at home.” I said.

After finely getting dressed in a pair of bed trousers and a tank top with a jumper I removed the bedding from both beds and put new ones on, putting the bedding in the washer …knowing my luck it will all go pink… I looked back up to see Simeon at his arms resting along the tops of the sofa his coffee cup is sat on top of a pile of books, he had his eyes closed he looked peaceful almost dead like…I bloody hope not… I took a seat in one of the bluely grey arm chairs curling my legs around myself “I guess that means you’re moving in!” I said picking up one of my books I started to look for a page that I lasted lifted it at.

“Well you heard Anthony I have to protect you, so as I see moving in with you is the best option I can see!” He said to me he didn’t open his eyes he just sat there at least I know he’s not dead, I looked down at my book and started to read

“Yes it does sound like the best option!” I said thinking yeah right.

“Good!” he said I must have read through three pages when he called me


“Ummm!” I said turning a page “What?”

“You will need more saucers!”

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