Caught Between Two Kings

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Once upon a time, I had it all, a crown, a kingdom, and a family, but all that changed when the druids attacked my kingdom and turned it into a wasteland. I lost everything my people, my crown, my parents and barely escaped with my life. Now all I have of my past are memories and I have to survive the druids in other to have a future but all my plans turned to smoke when I meet them. Mysterious, incredible dangerous and drop-dead gorgeous those are the words to describe firebird. Me and my brother are the kings of thermesdera and we never thought we will find the woman for us to call our queen until we meet her 'firebird' the most beautiful and exotic woman we have ever meet, she walked right into our lives and now she's ours to love, to cherish and protect and were never letting her go. Can they be each others redemption or their downfall.

Fantasy / Romance
Layifa seiyefa
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I can't believe my kingdom was attacked and destroyed by the druids, I saw my people and my parents die right before my eyes, had my parents not sacrificed themselves in order to grant me access to the secret tunnels underneath our kingdom I would probably be dead right now.

It all felt like a nightmare, a bad dream I can't wake up from, how did I go from discovering my powers and looking forward to my coronation to losing everything.

My people were known to possess great powers from elementals, to witches, to fairies, and so on, but the greatest power to us was the power of the phoenix which was very rare to achieve and it was said that the last phoenix had gone extinct hundreds of years ago but was rumored to run in my family bloodline through my father, although he didn't possess the power he was still the most powerful mage in our kingdom along with my mother who was known as a legendary witch.
They were the king and queen of Florencia and were known to be very much in love, they had tried for ten years after their marriage to have a child but that proved abortive until they finally had me and named me firebird because they said I reminded them of the flaming bird of a phoenix.

There were two things ranked and deemed important to our people beauty and power, if you can't acquire those two you were deemed inferior in the eyes of our people, I know it's a bit shallow and superficial but what do you expect when you have a kingdom full of creatures with exotic looks this was bound to happen. Growing up I never had a problem with my looks since I got them from my parents who were ranked no 1 in the looks and power department. While growing up my people have always been obsessed with my looks since they claimed they had never seen a creature as exotic as me so I always grew up being praised for my beauty some even going ahead as referring me to that of a goddess. Although my mother always claimed that beauty wasn't everything I could still see the pride and relief knowing that her only child had at least passed the first requirement and was closer to achieving the second which made her less afraid of our people seeing me as an inferior and going against me when I was to take over the thrown and rule our people.

Our people had a tradition that once any child turned sixteen they must be brought under the full moon to determine there powers and I had just turned sixteen which was why I and all the other children who had turned sixteen as well were currently gathered at the massive field used to hold this gatherings and I could tell my parents were incredibly worried that my powers wouldn't come forth due to the fact that I have never showed any sign of what my power could be which had them increasingly nervous and led to them consulting our kingdom's oracle who also couldn't detect an hint of power in me, they had hoped that by the time I turned sixteen there might be signs but to no avail.

My people had started there chants which meant the ceremony had begun, once a child's power manifested they were to join there parents in the crowd and was therefore accepted by our people while the ones who had no power were to wait behind while their faiths were decided which could either mean banishment, death, bullying or lower ranking jobs from maids to janitors to servants and so on.
I spotted most of my friends and I could see there powers had started to show and not long after a lot of children went into the crowd while being cheered by our people this went on until only five remained me included.
I could see the heartbreak and sorrow on the faces of my parents and that of the remaining children's parents, I felt so sad for putting that look on their faces and that's when I started hearing the whispers,
"I can't believe the king's only child has no power"

"I always knew she was only good for her looks"

"Poor child, such an unfortunate situation now she can't even take over the thrown"

"Perhaps I might become the next ruler"

After hearing all this and seeing the tears falling from my mother's eyes I lost it and that was when I felt my body being consumed by flames, the ground shook and I started levitating anything in sight I heard my people gasp and saw a great look of surprise on everyone's faces including my parents and then all of a sudden it stopped and everywhere was calm again. The place went still and quiet and before I knew what was happening the place had erupted in cheers, gongs were played and people were singing praises, and then I looked towards my parents and I had never seen them so happy before, our kingdom's oracle stepped forward and spoke,

"I present to you our kingdoms first phoenix and sorceress, princess firebird of florencia" and the people erupted in cheers.

My father stood up to address the crowd "my people although I am proud as a father and king to witness this historic moment, I would still like to be seek you all to take a oath of secrecy so as to keep this within our kingdom, we don't know what other kingdoms might do to her if word of this gets out, so for now this secret stays within our kingdom, understood"

"Yes my king"

My parents hugged me close and I could feel there pride and love for me, the oaths were taken and I could feel the admiration of my people.

But I guess not all secrets are hidden for long.

4 years later

I have finally turned twenty today and my coronation as the crown princess is being held tomorrow, I was currently in the banquet organized by my parents and I couldn't help but remember all that as happened until this point.

My parents had helped me develop both my magic and phoenix powers, they had also taught me the politics of the court and the kingdom seeing as my father always makes sure I'm present during court meetings and many suitors have come forth for my hand in marriage, so much so that my parents have gone crazy with this and have been keeping a close eye on me and I still see that look of awe whenever I'm in the presence of my people just like now.

As I kept smiling and greeting the guests in the hall, I heard our kingdoms emergency bell ring before a few guards ran in to tell us that the druids were attacking, I was so shocked I couldn't believe what I was hearing,

"What, that's impossible!" shouted my mother. The druids are a group of soulless creatures controlled by a evil witch that nobody had a clue was, they were known to suck the life force off anyone and were extremely dangerous, this couldn't be happening.

Before my father could start giving orders the hall was thrown into chaos and the druids broke in and started slaying everyone, I felt my face go pale as i realised this was an ambush. My parents grabbed me and took me towards our kingdoms secret tunnels which was known only by the royal family, when we got there they opened the tunnel's door and urged me inside, I turned back and realized they weren't coming with me "mom, dad what are you doing" and that's when my dad finally spoke

"Sorry honey we can't come with you we have to stay and defend our kingdom, it's time you found your own path and never forget how much we love" we were all crying,

"But mom, dad there are so many of them you can't possibly......" And before I knew it the druids were attacking my parents and that's when I heard my father yell "run firebird run"

"No I what to stay and fight this is my kingdom too"

"No firebird go we can't risk you sweetheart your too precious to us, your destiny can't end here we won't let it, go and always remember we love you and will always be with" said my mother and with that I turned and ran but before I ran far I turned and saw the horrifying sight of the the druids draining the life force from my parents but I couldn't look no matter how much it killed me, no matter how much I wanted to turn back and help I had to get away from here or else their sacrifice would be for nothing. I managed to escape and when I looked back all that was left of my kingdom were dead bodies, screams of pain, fire, smoke and crumpled houses included my castle and those were my last memories before I fled into the forest, into the unknown with nothing but the clothes on my back.

That was two days ago and after the fire that I created that destroyed those monsters that were after me, I have been traveling north looking for a place to seek refuge. Right now I'm currently traveling through the hill side in nothing but my raggy clothes and no shoes which makes it quite difficult.

While walking I hear a twig snap, I immediately turn around getting ready to defend myself if need be. A Few seconds later a red wolf appeared, although it was not too large, it still scared the hell out of me, I intended to run but it cut me off at my path and stared at me with curiosity in it's bright green eyes.

Before I knew what was happening it started to shift into a......a......human?!. A girl to be precise, when she was shifting I took in her naked appearance, she is a pretty redhead, with bright green eyes, a few sprinkle of freckles, shoulder length hair, a slim build and a height of 5 ft 5. I had heard of shifters but never seen one in person, I was so shocked I was lost for words.

"Who are you?" Asked the pretty redhead.

I refused to answer, I do not want to disclose any information that could be used against me, I still don't know if she might be dangerous.

"I won't ask again who are your" I decided to answer and just get this over with.

"My name is firebird and I come from a distant kingdom seeking refuge".

"Well your currently on shifter territory which also means you are in the kingdom of Thermesdera, come if it is refuge you seek I shall take you to my kingdom and perhaps you and I can share my home, but first we must get you cleaned up and introduce you to my kings who shall give their permission on if you shall live in the kingdom or not, now follow me".

She quickly went behind a tree and put on some clothes and then she started moving, I decided what do I have to lose, I might as well follow and see where this leads, but I was still confused on the whole kings talk, how can two kings rule a kingdom, I guess I'm about to find out and if all goes well I can have a new home to call my own, it won't be like my real home but it beats sleeping in the middle of nowhere and on the hard outdoors floor.

"I will request a meeting with my kings where you shall be introduced, but first I must get you cleaned up and looking appropriate to be in there presence"

And with that I followed the redhead to my new destination, to my own fate that i could no longer control, with new surprises waiting ahead for me in this strange and deadly kingdom that are inhabited by shifters, I just hope I don't end up regretting this or worse end up dead.

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