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Primroses in spring

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Cosplay parents Two dads and two younger siblings Half Japanese and half English Normal life? Meet Thomas. The cosplay engineer that was adopted at the age of three years old by two cosplay parents. He went to the same uni as Alexis and has a special power. Everyone would think he was wired and not all there. Take the journey to conventions and meeting more people that's like him and his friends. To acceptance of his new power. His new love in Alexis.

Fantasy / Other
Chloe Godden
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Day of return

Traveling back for Christmas and this year has been wired. I now have a girlfriend and a power.

Wow this is strange.

Cool, I have a sweet voice in my mind. Hello....It's me. Should keep my mind on the road.

Can't wait to get back to my room, I hope that its still a mess with fabric and paints. I pulled up outside a semi detached house with a planted front yard with snow settling on the rose and primrose petals. My dads told me that they were in bloom when they brought me home and they were lucky. Must have been true. I parked in the driveway and got out of the car when my dads came out with my youngest sister, Luna.

"Welcome home" My papa smiled, hugging me.

My dad patted my back and I was led inside. The hallway was different, before it was classy and it now held a photo board of every thing including our photos and hand prints.

"Where's Alex?" I asked.

"At granny and grandpas until tomorrow" My dad spoke.

Luna was three months old and she watched me like a unicorn.

"Why don't you go and unpack? I bet you have a lot of washing you have for us" Papa smiled.

I made my way up the twisted staircase and got to my room. I haven't missed these stairs at all. They are a hassle to walk up even when your tired.Opening my room and seeing everything still in its place. I smiled at the dried paint that was stained on the floor and would never be lifted. That was a great day. Worth getting grounded for two weeks.

I yawned and sat my bag at my desk. There wasn't anything for me to do for now.
'A quick nap wouldn't hurt" I thought.

Slipping off my shoes, I laided on my bed and closed my eyes.
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