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The Endersword

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The prophecy foretold the end of the world. What happens when the very sword said to end all life as we know it falls into the wrong hands?

Fantasy / Action
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The Blade Called the Endersword

Coraine's mother was a cruel person. Her father was a king of a distant land who had no love for his daughters or his wife. He frequently beat them when they were around him, or he would make them suffer in different, darker ways.

The King of Ghyzon was known to be a shrewd person, someone who had no sense of humor. Someone who hated the bright and cheerful sides of things. Honestly, most people would not be surprised if he hurt his children.

As the years went by, and the rumors of the King of Ghyzon mistreating his children grew, things were bound to go south for the King. Or at least, that is what everyone thought. But soon, the King started to silence those who were thinking they could make him pay for how he treated his children. He always struck the people of Ghyzon as an asshole, and so, no one knew what to do to help his family.

The mother always thought that she was immune to suffering for her actions. She never thought that she could be held accountable for all she did. And so, she joined her husband in hurting their children. Nothing was beneath them, physical beatings or verbal assaults, it did not matter.

Coraine, Jayde, Raziel, Arlonica, and Estrel are the kids of the King of Ghyzon and the Queen of Metraeden. The two of them made the kids' lives a living hell. Then, things changed for Coraine and her sisters. They were blessed by the gods with strange abilities, and they all were thought to be chosen ones.

The King and Queen hated that about their children. How could they have something that made their lives bearable? How could they ever be the ones who were chosen, when they were forsaken?

Things got worse for Coraine and her sisters when, one day, an invading army closed in. The five girls knew that war was inevitable and that many people would die. But then, it was made obvious to Coraine that she could use her gods-given gifts to walk between worlds. She never realized her ability to simply appear in different locations would take her to different Realms.

The night of the seige, the young girl Walked into another world. Coraine found herself in a field surrounded by fog so thick she could not see the trees and world beyond. But she approached the center of the field, she saw it. A beautiful sword, black as night, perhaps darker, was embedded in a stone.

Coraine thought that she would be able to help her family with this sword, and so, without thinking, she tore it from the stone and then Walked back into the realm she'd come from. Coraine found herself in the hall outside of the throne room, and she could hear a scuffle inside. Fear, unlike anything she had ever felt, hit her to her core. And so, instead of running away from it, Coraine ran into the room where the sounds came from.

A group of people stand in the throne room, and she could see their swords at their sides, but then she realized that her enemies were here. The Ønägi are here. Angry, and full of nothing but fury, Coraine charged forward. Her father did not see her. Her mother, who stood to her husband's left, did not see her, either.

But the Ønägi turned, and as the man did, Coraine drove the sword she had retrieved deep into the man's chest. He screamed as bright red blood spilled over his clothes, and over the sword. Coraine screamed and fell back, only to be seized by the other Ønägi. They dove on her, and for once in their lives, her mother defended her daughter.

"Wait!" she cried. "She is only a child! Please, don't hurt her."

"She just killed our King!" bellowed one of the Ønägi.

Coraine felt her heart stop. She killed their King? How? She is just a kid, she's not a warrior!

"Please," said the Queen. "Don't hurt her. Just .... take her. Take her to the Ønägi capitol. Make her your prisoner or your slave-queen. We don't care, just keep her alive!"

Dread coiled in Coraine, and she screamed as one of the Ønägi came over to her. The woman sneered at the young girl. "Why not make her all of the above?"

Coraine looked at her mother. "No, I don't want to go."

"Perhaps you should have thought of that before you killed the King!" cried the Queen.

Coraine started to cry. She screamed as they started to drag her away. But just before she could be taken from the place, she watched as one of the Ønägi drove his blade through her mom's chest. The King screamed, only for the noise to be cut off abruptly as Coraine is dragged into the hallways and down towards the front entrance.

Coraine screamed for her sisters, but none of them were coming for her. Estrel, Raziel, Arlonica, and Jayde all were taken as well. They all were thrown into the backs of carriages like cages. And then, they were dragged out into the world. They would never see their home of Ghyzon again. Coraine would never see her parents again. And she could not decide if that was a good thing or not.
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