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Hunting The Dark Side

By Zoe Elizabeth Hoye All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


Sophie is 23 and in serious trouble. Her hometown is under attack from the creatures that live in your nightmares. When she discovers she needs help she calls her estranged brothers – Dean and Leo – who drive down immediately to help Sophie to save the town. However, all too soon they are not just fighting monsters; they are fighting the secrets within their own family. Secrets which could change everything. Can the Humington family keep strong for each other and the town? Or will the reunion turn into a disaster for everyone? All translations from Latin to English are rough translations.


Sophie Humington was never really an ordinary girl. Well she was as in human but she was always around creatures that weren’t human. It was her father’s fault, always doing something known as hunting. It wasn’t the type of hunting that you would be thinking. No. He hunts the things that are impossible, we call them the supernatural. You see Sophie’s grandmother was murdered when she was younger, it was a demon and ever since her father has been hunting them, trying to get revenge. No not revenge. Justice.

This meant that Sophie had been moving from town to town, school to school. She had followed them willingly without a fuss, without complaint because her father and her brothers are the only family that she had left in the world, the only people in the world that she could trust. Sophie never knew her mother; she died giving birth to her, which was the grudge her two brothers held her to. That is she was never born then they would never have lost their mother, they blamed it on her, as if she wanted to kill her own mother, she didn’t. Sophie wanted to know her mother they refused to tell her anything about her because she ‘murdered’ her.

That isn’t what angered Sophie the most. What angered her the most was not that she moved around so much, she liked to travel, to see all the different cities, all the different way of living, no she didn’t mind the traveling but what she did mind was that her father trained her brothers Dean and Leo in the same profession as himself for when he died, so that they could carry on the justice if her father had not found it by then. Sophie never got trained; she was told to stay in the lodge, or the hotel room or wherever they were living at the time, she was left unarmed, untrained.

Sophie couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to be trained with her brothers; was it because she was a girl? Did her father think that she was too weak for it? She didn’t know if she wanted to know either, but she was stubborn, she asked her father about it over and over, she’d also ask her father to train her but he just did not listen or if he did his reply was “I don’t have time, Sophie.” It was as if he just turned off as soon as the subject came up, he would just shut down and stop talking as if he wanted to tell her something or that he wanted to teach her but he couldn’t for a reason that was unknown to her, she had a right to know, or so she thought.

The worst thing about not being trained in self-defence was that she was getting hurt by creature’s unknown to her at the time and she didn’t know how to defend herself, she didn’t know how to use a knife or a gun, her family didn’t even notice that she was scared of where they were lived or that she always had nightmares.

These hunters were more involved in hunting what killed their grandmother to notice that the youngest family member was hurt, confused and petrified. Sophie hated what her family did as a living, she sometimes wished that she had a normal family with a normal family life, she’d let herself dream about it sometimes. She dreamt about staying in one location with friends and family that cared about her. She could laugh and have fun with her family, they could watch TV, play games together. She even dreamt about going to school to pass tests and exams.

That was when one day she came to a decision; as soon as she was of age she would get away from it, go to college and university become a doctor or a forensic scientist. She was determined to get away from it. Whenever she moved schools she would ask the teacher to be tutored after school so that she would be able to learn anything that should would have missed. She asked teachers if they would get her ready for exams or tests, even if she could complete tests earlier than the rest of the class.

Eventually the day came. The day she could leave and lead a normal life.

She took a deep breath before she took a stand to her father, he wasn’t in the least bit pleased that she wanted to leave, knowing what sort of world that they lived in, knowing that she couldn’t protect herself, her father begged her to stay, saying things would change, but she didn’t believe a word her father was saying to her.

She walked to the door, turning back, saying “This is not my dream dad, this is what you want to do, you don’t even bother training me like my brothers, so it is clear you do not see me as an equal to them, I’m going to follow my destiny now. I wish you luck with yours.” Then she left with her father staring at the door that she left through.

She did follow her dream and her destiny, as she told her father that she would. It seemed she was heading in the right direction of life. At 16 with no qualifications from school she attended college for two years, she studied BTEC Diploma in health and social care, getting top marks she continued on her dream and studied at Northumbria University studying Health Studies and at the young age of 25 she became a well-known doctor in Newcastle upon Tyne, nearly everyone in the hospital knew her or had heard about her.

Even though she was following her dream she found herself missing her family, even if it meant that she got hurt every night or being left alone, she missed her brothers. Her father was right, she could never have escaped the supernatural world, especially since she knew all about it, and that became clear when she was working one Tuesday night and a patient had two puncture marks on the side of her neck, the type of marks that can only be associated with vampire bites.

It was then that she thought, maybe I could live in both worlds? Maybe I could live both regular life and a hunter’s life. That was when she decided to go into Forensic Science so that she could be able to keep a general eye on the supernatural world. That is exactly what she did. At first it took a lot of getting used to, there was a lot of blood, Sophie couldn’t stand the sight or the smell of blood, the first couple of crime scenes she attended she had to walk away and compose herself before returning to the scene.

Every now and then if there was a hunt in town she would deal with it herself, there was no way that she would call her brothers or her father, she would never let her father know that he was right, that she couldn’t live an ordinary life. She may not have been trained but she knew what to do just by watching her brothers. She didn’t need to practice like them, she seemed to have good accuracy when it came to guns, maybe it was in her blood, she didn’t know not really, but she did what she could to keep the town safe. She didn’t need men in her life to keep her safe, she could keep herself safe. She dealt with anything that was threw her way.

It wasn’t her first instinct to that, to put it on her own shoulders to keep her hometown safe. When she first saw that vampire bite she pulled her mobile phone out and was about to dial Dean her oldest brother’s number, then suddenly, out of the blue a thought occurred to her, what would be the point in her brothers travelling all the way up or down here when she was there herself. She could solve it herself.

Sophie didn’t know where that sudden courage came from, but she knew that she should do this, she had watched her brothers and their hours of training. How hard could it be after all? So off she went on her very first hunt. She went alone and after that hunt she endeavoured every hunt supernatural creature that came to Newcastle. Everything was going fine, great even, she balanced both lives perfectly; there was never much activity in the North. Then the phone call from her brothers telling her that her father was murdered came.

She went numb to the bone, she barely heard that her father was murdered from the same demon as far as they can tell. The fury that went through Sophie was intense and scary. She made the three and half hour journey to Scotland where her father was murdered to pay her respects to him, though she never got the answers of why she was never trained. Even though herself and her father never really saw eye to eye she found herself extremely infuriated at her brothers for not having his back, like he did on every other hunt, she didn’t talk to them because she knew if she did, she would yell and scream at them hours for letting him down, for not having his back.

All her mind was just flooded with questions; why weren’t they looking out for him or watching his back? Did something happen? Did they have an argument? Where they off their game for one reason or another? She never wanted to talk to her Dean or Leo again, without saying a single word to them during her stay, she left during the night, leaving no note, no nothing, she headed back to Newcastle and she just went back to her normal routine; hunting, working going out with work mates keeping as far away from Dean and Leo as possible.

Luckily, she never needed their help, and neither of their paths had ever crossed, since she dealt with all the problems in Newcastle there was no need for Dean or Leo to come here. Until now.

Sophie needed their help big time, and now she suddenly regretted how she treat them at their father’s funeral. It took everything in her to admit that she needed their help, that they needed to become a family once more, but something they never were; a team.

She had to call them even though every bone in her body was screaming not too, she had to. She had no choice in the matter. Even after unintentionally meeting David and getting his help. There were too many supernatural beings in Newcastle for just the two of them. Even with the team that David had behind him, he was only a specialist in one supernatural being, the simplest to specialise in. Not like Sophie’s brothers, or herself, they all specialised in everything you could possibly imagine.

Sophie dreaded making the phone call to her brothers never mind the reunion with them. Not because she blamed them for her father death, that was water under the bridge. She was scared, of what they would think of her, what sort of life that she had led, for some reason what they thought, meant a lot to her, especially when she has grown so much, both in good ways and bad. Most of all she was terrified that they would find out what she was, even though she was good, even though she never hurt a good living soul.

Sophie was terrified that if, no not if, when they found out they would disown her. Threaten her. Maybe even kill her.

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