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Hunting The Dark Side

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“Get this vile creature of me!” He rolls left and right dodging the fangs that kept snapping at his face. He brought his foot up to the wolves’ undercarriage and forcefully pushes it away. Sapphire is 23 and in serious trouble. Her hometown is under attack from the creatures that live in your nightmares. When she discovers she needs help she calls her estranged brothers – Jackson and Leo – who drive down immediately to help Sapphire to save the town. However, all too soon they are not just fighting monsters; they are fighting the secrets within their own family. Secrets which could change everything. Can the Humington family keep strong for each other and the town? Or will the reunion turn into a disaster for everyone? All translations from Greek/Latin to English are rough translations.

Fantasy / Scifi
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The Beginning

It was 6:30 am when her alarm went off. There was just something unreal and eerie about Sapphire. Her face, somewhat luminous, had a pale tone to it. Her eyes were sapphire blue that anybody would be instantly mesmerised by, her eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her dainty nose. Her lips were like a frozen red, dangerous, but beautiful. This enchanting face was framed by wavy, ebony-coloured curls falling to her hips. Overall, she was truly an unearthly beauty.

She didn’t want to rise up out of her double bed with a thick warm black designed duvet at all; she’d had a late night last night, she always had trouble sleeping, especially since she had survived and witnessed a lot of horror throughout her lifetime, she was often haunted by them in her dreams.

After the every morning debate with herself whether to get up out of bed or not she finally decided to sit up and climb out of bed half an hour later. Sapphire walked to her bedroom door taking her sky blue dressing gown of a hook on the back of her door, then opened her door to emerge onto a long hallway, she stretched her arms out wide and she heard the crack of her bones clicking back into place.

She looked left down the corridor to see that her roommate’s door was wide open, I wonder what I have to put up with this morning, Sapphire thought, as her roommate was a person that loved morning, she was always happy in the morning whilst Sapphire on the other hand despised mornings, she just wished she could just stay in bed all morning, but of course she couldn’t since she had to attend work. Sapphire turned right, her hand glided along the bannister at the top of the stair then she turned left and tiredly walked down the stairs rubbing her eyes and picking sleep out of them as she took the last step then emerged into the living room.

The living room was a moderately large room having an exposed brick chimney breast enclosed was an authentic wood fire stove with a stack of wood by its side at the centre of the room, the flooring was of old-fashioned laminate and its walls were of the colour of a shady blue-cream. There was a forty-inch flat screen TV in the corner of the room with a couple of consoles on the TV stand and two black leather sofas, a three seater and a two seater, Sapphire often slept on those sofas after long or late shifts at work.

On one of the sofas was her roommate Grace Buckten; her eyes were a piercingly sharp shade of grey, with long skinny eyelashes the colour of midnight. Her skin was slightly lighter than ivory, with a metallic rose coloured tint to her cheeks. Her faultless champagne blonde hair fell loosely over her shoulders into skinny slack curls and her lips had the strangest curl to them. “Good morning Sapphire, did you have a good night’s sleep?” Grace greeted with a huge grin. She knew how much Sapphire hated the mornings and she loved to torment her about it.

“Nothing good about this morning, and no I didn’t have a good sleep,” Sapphire mumbled back in a foul mood. she wished Grace would stop being so cheery in the morning, it is so annoying.

“Who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?” she replied in her tormenting way, just like she always did.

Sapphire just ignored her irritating roommate and walked through an arch in the living room and walked into the kitchen to get breakfast.

The kitchen was rectangular, with gloss white cupboards all along one side with built in double oven and microwave. On the side adjoining all the cupboards was some bench space, where the sink overlooking the garden was, and around another corner was the breakfast bar. On the other side of the breakfast bar was a seven-piece table for when Sapphire and Grace found the time to entertain. Which was rare.

Sapphire decided to have cereal as usual; she called through to the living room, “Grace, do you want anything for breakfast?”

Grace thought about that for a moment, a grin slowly emerged on her lips again then she shouted back, “I just fancy a full English breakfast please, and remember I have fried egg now not scrambled egg, also I’ll have a cup of tea, don’t put too much milk in this time please.”

Sapphire grunted, muttering “Anything else your majesty?” under her breath. Why do I even bother asking? I mean if I don’t make your tea to your standard then why don’t you just make it yourself? She thought to herself though he knew that Grace had only said that because Grace knew that Sapphire hated making a full English breakfast.

Sapphire turned on the hob, then boiled the kettle, she always made all the meat in the same pan to keep all the flavour there, she cooked the sausage and bacon first, then using the same pan she fried the mushrooms and finally the egg, then she opened a tin of beans and cooked them in the microwave for a few minutes. Whilst the beans and the egg were cooking she toasted a few slices of toast. When she was cooking it all the smell made her want some too so she decided to ditch the cereal and made one for herself.

Once Sapphire had made their full English breakfast she sat at the table and ate with Grace opposite her, having general breakfast chit-chat:

After taking a forkful of food, Grace moans at the taste, “Mmm, you have to tell me the secret on how you make such a good breakfast.”

Sapphire smirks with amusement, “Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? I am taking my secret to the grave.”

Her roommate pouts, “Oh come on, tell your roommate, hey you never know I may even cook it for you if you told me. What is the secret ingredient?”

Sapphire drops her fork, acting extremely shocked, “You cook for me? On a parallel universe maybe, but not in this dimension or this universe, therefore you don’t need to know the secret behind my cooking.”

Grace looks stunned, “My food isn’t that bad!” She notices Sapphire was about to speak again, and she interrupts before she could even begin, “Alright, so I gave you food poisoning a few times but that wasn’t my fault!”

She laughs, her hand slams on the table a couple of times, “A few? Every time you cook for me I get food poisoning I have no clue what you do but it does not go well with my stomach. Do you wash your hands after cutting meat?” she quizzes.

Grace freeze, staring at Sapphire, “Um, no, why? All the food goes together anyway.”

“No wonder I get food poisoning. The first secret you get from me is every time you touch raw meat you wash your hands. I’m surprised I have never had salmonella.” Sapphire chuckles shaking her head, then stands up, and puts her plate and cutlery in the sink. “You can wash the dishes.”

Sapphire walks into the living room then back upstairs, as she was leaving the kitchen she heard Grace bellowing, “Hey! No fair.”

Sapphire hears her as she walks up the stairs and giggles, once she gets to her room she walks towards her wardrobe and slides it open picking out, black trousers and a dark blouse, which were her work clothes.

She was a Forensic Scientist at Elizabeth Royal Hospital, she also works closely with the local police to assist with kidnapping, rape, murders essentially anything that needs analysing they will send it Sapphire’s way. Her task would be to get any DNA or a location that will help the police narrow down their search.

After Sapphire was dressed she walks out her bedroom, walking to the end of the corridor into the bathroom to clean her teeth and brush her hair. As so as she walked into the bathroom she looked into the mirror and promptly groaned as her long brown hair looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards. As Sapphire was brushing the knots out her hair she noticed the time.

“Shit!” Sapphire screamed, alarmed. It was 7:45 am and she was meant to have been at work fifteen minutes ago. She entered through to the kitchen in a rush and found Grace there washing the dishes. Sapphire moved around her, looking for her car keys.

“OK, Grace, I am off now…oh erm, do you know where I put my car keys?” she asked desperately.

Grace answered, “Erm, no, I haven’t seen them.”

Sapphire sighed deeply and started her search in the kitchen, picking everything up that they could be under, she walks hurryingly to the living, then suddenly she recalls where they were she walks to the table in the living room picking a book up that she was reading the previous day and there they were, her keys.

“Will I see you later, Grace?” She questioned from the living room.

“If you don’t do another all-nighter at work I will.” Grace calls back.

Sapphire hurried to the front door unlocking it, she walks out pulling the door shut letting it slam behind her. She rushed to the car and when she started the engine she looked at the car clock again, which read 7:50 am.

It looks like it is going to be one of those days, Sapphire thought to herself. Then she slammed into reversed then drove out of the drive and drove to work as fast as the car could. It didn’t help that all the traffic lights weren’t going her way; it took her fifteen minutes to get to work, the drive normally took ten minutes.

She was nervous; she had butterflies, she had never been late before. Sapphire got to the morgue and her boss seemed quite calm but he said sharply, “You are needed in an emergency at Eastfield Road.”

Are you serious? He could have called me on the way here so I don’t have to waste diesel. She thought before stating aloud. “You could have called I would have made my way straight there.”

Her boss looks at her with narrow eyes that showed he also wasn’t in a good mood, “The call just came in seconds before you arrived, I was just about to call you.”

Sapphire swiftly walked back out of the morgue, up the stairs and back to her car and took off to Eastfield Road, the traffic lights were going her way this time. When she arrived at the scene, there were two ambulance vans and four police cars.

What could it be this time? Why are there so many police officers? she thought as she parked the car behind one of the police cars. She put the handbrake on and turned the engine off before she got out and walked to what looked like a crime scene.

The crime scene was in the car park of a bar named “The White Eagle”, the blue police tape going around the edge of a scene, and behind the tape she saw a family of four lying in a pool of blood, probably their own blood, or maybe each other’s, Sapphire couldn’t tell from where she stood, but she did see blood squirted against the bar wall and a couple of cars. She knew straight away that the scene was on a slight slant as the blood ran down slowly down the slight gradient towards the drains. Sapphire turned to look at the policeman guarding the scene, then held up her badge and the policeman lifted the blue police tape up to let her through. When she got to the scene it was very bloody. Sapphire went to see PC Smith questioning what had happened.

He answered, “We don’t know, we have never seen anything like it, the family here looks like they were used as a chew toy or something.”

Sapphire was confused when he said that. “As a chew toy?”

“Yes, as a chew toy. There are bite marks all over them, there are scratch marks. The police think it is an animal attack!” The policeman’s voice was shaken. A Police Officer was shaken? Pathetic.

Sapphire glanced over the scene, she could smell the iron from all of the blood; it made her sick to the stomach. why am I not used to the smell of all this blood yet? She asked herself before letting out a heavy breath.

Sapphire began walking towards the crime scene, Sapphire bent down over the victims to examine the four bodies of a man, a woman, and two children. The officer had a right to be shaken. The bodies had at least five bite marks sunk into each victim. The marks were everywhere. They were at least seven inches in the flesh, in fact the flesh was torn from the body, all the guts were visible, the intestines were pulled out the body, the ribs were visible, the stomach had been bitten in two, the leg of the man had a big chunk missing out of it, the children didn’t have any skin visible - all she saw was the red muscle and their bones; well, what was left of them - and what made it even worse was that whatever done this had bitten out the eyes of each victim.

Sapphire was thinking, if the flesh was torn from the victims it meant the bites weren’t seven inches deep, it meant that whatever it was kept eating at the flesh like scavengers.

There was blood everywhere; least five foot away; there was blood up the wall of the pub, and it covered the floor of the car park and it dripped down into the nearby drain. The amount of blood made Sapphire believe that there was a struggle between the family and their attacked. She easily concluded that they fought for their lives which in their case just made everything worse as the more they fought the more their wounds tear and rip open.

As Sapphire thought she noticed the scratches that that looked like a bear or tiger just scratched them but she knew better than anyone else that there were no animals like that around here, the only wood that was nearby was very small. Sapphire was surprised when she saw the wounds. “I have never seen wounds like this before,” she admitted to the officer that was to the left of her, watching over her impatiently, which was a lie; she had seen something like this before once in her life, but it couldn’t be, could it?

She was thinking, why would they be in the middle of a town? How could they get here without being caught? Without killing someone already?

Sapphire had to go and sit down as she started to feel very dizzy from shock and by how much blood there was. There must have been five or six litres of human fluids on the ground, which is equivalent to the amount of blood in one human being. The smell was getting to her, vomit was crawling up her throat. She went to go and sit down on a log nearby by away from the blood, she had to calm down and get this under control.

She sat there for a few minutes thinking and worrying, How can there be zombie’s in the middle of town? How were they not seen? Are they getting smarter? Does Jackson or Leo know anything about this? No, they would have warned me, right? They would have at least done that for me, wouldn’t they?

Before she could think anymore she went back over to the scene and examined the bodies to see if she could identify what animal could do this, to tell the officers something that wouldn’t sound insane. She couldn’t think of any species that mimics these wounds; no animal could make wounds this deep. There were also those scratch marks that could not be an animal.

This investigation was getting more interesting by the minute, there was a lot of questions on her mind on what could have happened, a part of her wished she could ask or talk to someone about all of this; Of course she hadn’t told a soul about her old life or dark life so she just had to deal with it all herself.

As Sapphire examined the bodies for other wounds, she turned one of them over and there was a huge hole in the back, about the size of a fist, maybe larger. She looked around to see if she could locate the spine that was missing but it was nowhere to be seen which actually confused her, why would they take the spine? They would never take the spine, would they? Have they evolved more? Once Sapphire had finished examining the bodies she looked at the officer in charge and reports “I have got all I can from here if you could get the bodies back to my lab, I will complete the analyses there.”

Then she left the scene the same way she came in, the same officer lifted the blue banners up, she nods at him, “Thank you and try not to worry, we will get the vile person that done this.”

PC Smith nods with a look of hope in his eyes “I sure hope so, I do not want to be called into more scene like this, it gives me the chill. It is as if there is a whole world that I haven’t seen until today.”

There is a whole world that you do not know about. You are lucky you have not seen it. She answers in her mind before speaking, “Me too, but come on we got Briggs on the case; she will close this case. You know what she is like; she hates to get a cold case.” Sapphire smiles softly and in a comforting manner. “I’ll see you around.”

She headed back to the car wondering if it was possible to find them this close to town, Did I miss some evidence in the past? Were there any bites in other recent cases? She shakes her head to her own question. No, no there definitely wasn’t I would have caught it, I know what I am looking for, I wouldn’t miss anything as important as a bite or a scratch that looked supernatural. She was in such deep thought as she walked to the car, that she was oblivious to the stranger that was calling her name. It took a second or was the third call to finally gain her attention?

“Hey, you...Doc.” Sapphire span around on high alert to try pin down who was calling her name but she could see no one that wanted her attention so she carried on walking. There was yet another call for her.

“Doc… Doc, over here!” Sapphire turned to look at where the voice was coming from and there he was; his face peeking around the corner of a wall. There was a man next to a wall that looked like he was hiding. He waved his hand towards himself signalling Sapphire to come to him.

Sapphire hesitated, glancing around herself suddenly feeling anxious. He couldn’t seriously be wanting to see or speak to me, could he? she thought uneasily. She looked around again but no one was around her, she looked at him again, he was still signalling her but more urgently.

Sapphire stood where she was for a few more seconds, this could be a trap, he could be a supernatural creature; he could be the one that murdered this family for all she knew. She lets the thoughts consume her as she slowly started to walk to him until she finally stood in front of him.

She didn’t know why she was so nervous, she could take care of herself, but there were always the butterflies when she met someone new. The butterflies fluttered more in her stomach when he moved around the corner of the wall that he was hiding behind so no one could see them.

Sapphire looked at the man. As she saw him more clearly now she could see that he was well built and stood six feet two inches. His face was completely serious, his lips closed tight, his eyes looked black as if he was inhuman; he had smart black hair. The shape of his biceps, triceps, and deltoids was easily seen through his shirts. Being as muscular as he was, he was neither intimidating nor uninviting.

He looked back at Sapphire with eyes that looked murderous and she took an uneasy step back. Her whole body told her to turn back around and run but she couldn’t. She couldn’t take another step back; it was like she was frozen to the ground.

This is ridiculous, why was she so scared? She has seen horrifying things and they do not scare her so why the hell does a handsome man like him make her feel nervous. He must have finished evaluating her because he finally spoke after some time of just staring at her.

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