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The Claimer

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*Work in progress and unedited, this is my first draft* There was once a time of peace in the realms. Gods with both good and dark powers forged a glorious council and brought life across every corner of the worlds, providing civilization and peace for centuries, But all good things come to an end. Early mistakes and unchecked powers began to haunt the god king, and one of the most powerful forces to ever rear its face ripped away any sort of alliance between them. War upon war, loss after loss: it became commonplace in the realms, but one hope still remained. The Claimer Prophecy, which states that one man would have the power to free the god king and decide the fate of all realms was beginning to show signs of his appearance. The noble groups of Order, however, were not the only ones who viewed him as an invaluable asset...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This chapter will attempt to explain as best as it can who, what, where, and why the world became so fractured in the first place. Feel free to skip this and go straight to the book if you wish, but if you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the gods, elements, forces, sides, and creatures, then this is the chapter for you.

Era’s: These time periods lasted for centuries, and all of them saw world-changing events take place.

Era of Creation:

Initially, there was only empty space for the third world slot, but the True Order, the mysterious organization responsible for creating the worlds, sought to change that. They forged Albium from starlight and brought him into the world. From then on, they watched and kept tabs on everything he did.

Originally, Albium was quite confused of who he was and what he was doing when he sundered into realmspace. Boredom gripped him quickly, and he began to experiment with the things around him and found out that he could both create and destroy things. Over time, Albium managed to create a number of separate realms, enclosing almost all of the realmspace with beautiful landscapes.

It took Albium a very long time to polish, fix, and add to his creation before he sat back in pride, but once again, boredom struck him once again, and so he decided what better to do then add living creatures. Unknown to him, the materials he used to make these beings were primarily dark and evil. What he created is as follows:

The Malak: Demons with the power to manipulate blood and other liquids stored in living things.

The Shavalia: War trolls of violent and brutish natures, coming in multiple different forms.

-Sollux: (Fire)

-Ulthorn: (Void)

-Criovinul: (Ice)

-Lavithun: (Light)

-Kurogi: (Normal)

Drakes: Dragon-like beings that came in all sorts of forms, depending on which combination of elements.

Albium didn’t realize at the time what sort of things he was creating until they began to break and shatter his realm. He was in a state of panic, unsure of what to do. Despite his desire not to destroy his own creation, they were ruining hundreds of generations of arduous work. His final solution was to form the Hypogeal Obsidian Line as deep into the ground as possible and stuffed them beneath it, sealing them off from the rest of his work.

Following the crisis he avoided in his creation, Albium wanted to make sure he would not experience one again, so he reflected on his mistake, which was not knowing what he was using. He solved this problem by cataloging and testing every single element, force, and ideal, before naming them.

















Albium hated both the Chaos and Death ideals, but soon came to realize in order to keep balance within all of it, the 2 ideals had to be embraced. Knowing that all of these materials were too much for just one god, no matter how powerful they are, he decided to split himself apart, weakening himself greatly but creating other gods, in which he assigned:

-Voridus, God of the Void

-Pavium, God of Light

-Phyrodius, Goddess of Fire

-Kazidus. God of Ice

-Ariel, Goddess of the Earth

-Typhon, God of Water

-Malignant, God of Shadow

-Slathura, God of Miasma

-Anvium, God of Starlight (was Albium)

-Meltivus, God of Poison

-Numos, God of Dreams

-Athalia, Goddess of Love

-Visage, Goddess of Seduction

-Orthros, God of Order

-Sadus, God of Death

-Valemorth, God of Chaos

Unknown to Albium (now Anvium), there was a force that he left out: time, but that didnt stop Zyreus from forming. The new gods were just like Anvium when he was first sundered: confused on what they were and what they had to do. Worried that his new “children” would make the same mistakes he did, he sought to teach them about who they were and what they could do.

Young Zyreus was deserted and left out from the rest, and roamed around Anvium’s empty world exploring. He toyed around and played with the area around him just like Albium once did, and he grew more curious of everything he saw. One time, he strayed too far from the realms, stated playing around with the realmspace, and tore the fabric of reality enough for corruption to take hold. This type of corruption comes only from broken realms, ones lost to time, and it caused Zyreus’s mind to become demonic and twisted. This wouldn’t of been much of a problem had it been any other god, but time is the most versatile and dangerous force usable other then corruption, and he now had both.

Era of Peace:

While Zyreus grew in both evil and power, Anvium’s teachings neared completion, and finally, after centuries of dedication, he let them into his world fully.

Voridus was quite lazy, and did nothing more then form a large lake of void in Bergendul and sink into its depths.

Pavium and Phyrodius worked together to forge the sun to add light to Anvium’s world.

Kazidus was even lazier than Voridus, freezing a large area of water and digging himself into its center.

Ariel created wildlife, impressing Anvium and adding life to his world.

Typhon created storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, much to the dislike of Anvium.

Malignant formed the moon, just to anger Pavium and Phyrodius, and rested in its center.

Anvium created the sky, stars, and heavens, ecstatic on how his world was coming together.

Meltivus gave many species of animals poison to defend themselves, before resting as well.

Numos made dreams and nightmares to give to the wildlife.

Slathura created disease and filth, causing plants, animals, and water to develop infectious properties.

Athalia perceived her love as friendship and bonds, but Visage saw it as a way to overpower and mind-cage another being.

Orthros was extremely careful to not use his powers knowing how powerful he was.

Valemorth was the opposite, and caused all forms of different species to hate and fight each other, resulting in punishment from Anvium.

Sadus took immortality from all animals, starting what would become the biggest kingdom of undead servants to exist from the true Order’s worlds.

After a while, the gods became bored once more, and collectively formed humans, while Ariel formed the Dyra and Valemorth formed the Sangarius.

Humans- beings of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and mindsets.

Dyra- Elegant and swift beings, much like humans but more sophisticated and regal.

Sangarius- borderline evil and demonic entities with a lust for human blood, able to appear as human or Dyra.

Anvium was immeasurably proud of his work, taking all of the gods up to the heavens to finally relax. Humans mostly resided in Telaria, Bergendul, Varanil, and the Sanded Lands, while the Dyra took the Emerald Islands for themselves. The Sangarius hid amongst the two, feasting and covering themselves up from the other gods.

The now corrupted Zyreus looked down upon the world in shame, thinking the creatures were weak and pitiful. He noticed the Sangarius as well, and appreciated Valemorth for creating them, but Zyreus knew he could do more.

Zyreus went to Valemorth, and eventually tricked him into birthing the Seraph, lizard demons designed solely for pure evil and sinister purposes. Valemorth was already starting to falter to Zyreus and his corruption, especially after he faced severe punishments for “simply using the gifts he got from Anvium”. Zyreus continued to feed him lies and evil, and managed to fully corrupt him, but that was when Anvium noticed something was wrong. It didnt take long for him to learn of Zyreus’s presence, and when the 2 met, all hell broke loose. They fought in the sky for decades, but because Anvium split, and because Zyreus had grown so much in power, the battle ended in the time god’s favor. Zyreus offered a choice for the other gods, to pick Anvium’s or his side. The choosing’s follow:

-Voridus, (Chaos)

-Pavium, (Order)

-Phyrodius, (Order)

-Kazidus. (Chaos)

-Ariel, (Order)

-Typhon, (Neutral)

-Malignant, (Death)

-Slathura, (Neutral)

-Anvium, (Order)

-Meltivus, (Chaos)

-Numos, (Chaos)

-Athalia, (Neutral)

-Visage, (Chaos)

Orthros, (Order)

-Sadus, (Death)

-Valemorth (Chaos)

-Zyreus (Chaos)

Era of Chaos:

Zyreus was able to manipulate multiple gods, resulting in the majority to join his side. After it was settled, Zyreus locked Anvium away in a timeless prison, and moved on with the other gods. Full war against the gods didnt break out, but below, war had already begun.

All three sides had a long time to develop military presences and factions before full blown war, and the factions are listed:


Arcane Supremacy: An elite group of human battlemages, the Arcane Supremacy are an advanced and powerful organization, using pinnacle state of the art weaponry and armor.

Banner Lords: The vast majority of the human population serve upon the Banner Lords between 3 different houses, and are given minimum training. Technically Order’s cannon fodder.

Sacred Order: Highly religious and scientific, the Sacred Order have modified weaponry and even humans for maximum potential and damage to the enemy.

Emerald Knights: Most of the Dyra serve under the Emerald Knights, and like the Dyra’s culture, are graceful and swift in combat, dominating most in speed.


Seraph Legions: By far the biggest Chaos organization, the Seraph legion fill wherever they go with terror, and always leave a gory paste in their wake. They consist of all Seraph tribes and forces into one collective horde.

Sangarius: Although they mostly hide in the shadows, slowly picking off the enemy’s forces in the night, they pose a threat nonetheless. They are able to fulfil their lust for blood after a battle has taken place, devouring the corpses that lie there.

Slaves of the Eye: Originally humans enslaved by Zyreus and the chaos gods, The Slaves of the Eye are now a collection of humans that have no faith in Order, and have put their beliefs and hopes into such an organization.

Forsaken: The creatures that Albium tucked way down into the earth have started to rise again already. Although their numbers are limited, their power isn’t.


Saya Sayuun: The largest force out of all, the Saya Sayuun make up most of deaths forces, and contain undead beings of every description and species of the world.

Odalisque Mages: Elite members and followers of Sadus, the Odalisque Mages are sisters responsible for heading to battlefields to claim the dead that lay, and allow them to rise again with necromantic powers to fight for death.

Bone Preachers: Nightmarish bull-human like hybrids, the Bone Preachers are towering monsters that skin human and Dyra to coat themselves in flesh to prevent themselves from dying.

Black Syndicate: Humans foolish enough to join with Death, they sell their souls and bodies to the Death god and in return get unnatural power, in which they use to great effect.

When war began between them, it was nothing short of pure destruction. Most gods sat back and watched, but others chose to interact with them. Although they cannot do it directly, the gods could still send forces and manipulate.

It was evenly matched for a short while, especially since Orthros had used Albiums god sword to kill Kazidus and gravely injure Meltivus. Orthros was eventually defeated by Zyreus, and the blade was lost. The Era of chaos ended with these results:

-Voridus (Alive)

-Pavium, (Wounded)

-Phyrodius, (Incapacitated)

-Kazidus. (Dead)

-Ariel, (Dead)

-Typhon, (Alive)

-Malignant, (Alive)

-Slathura, (Alive)

-Anvium, (Imprisoned)

-Meltivus, (Incapacitated)

-Numos, (Alive)

-Athalia, (Wounded)

-Visage, (Alive)

Orthros, (Incapacitated)

-Sadus, (Alive)

-Valemorth (Wounded)

-Zyreus (Alive)

Era of Resolve:

Much time has passed , and Zyreus was able to use his full powers. He was able to go back and forth through time, picking off beings that would become great heroes and building the Darkstar, a huge tower that amplified his power. He went back to the tear in reality and hoped to open it more, he succeeded, but he never realized that it would be open from both sides.

Creatures of unknown and alien origin spreaded across the realms, obliterating the Darkstar and causing scar to form in the middle of the realms. The current era in the book, the Era of Resolve is almost over already. Chaos is absolutely dominating Order, while Death waits in the land of Sadir for the perfect moment to strike both down. Orders current hope is in the Claimer, the hero destined to find the god-killing sword Orthros had once used and decide the world’s fate.

The Prophecy was hidden for a large period of time, but during the Era of Resolve, Anvium was able to reveal its existence and since then, Zyreus has used his best servants to track him down and manipulate him to achieve true victory. The Claimer Prophecy with benefit any of the three factions, but true victory may only be decided by The Claimer...

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