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Saving Harrison

By markhamsm10 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


At first, traveling through time to witness the events I'd only read in history was a blast. Until I accidentally changed something. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't make it go back exactly the way it was. Now I have this ancient order of people after me for messing with time. In my travels, I met a man. Harrison. The moment I laid eyes on him I felt complete. I felt whole. But no matter what I do to change the past and the present, he still dies in the future. I just want to put things back to the way they were. Before I'm caught and can't save him.


The general consensus is that when you find your soulmate everything is going to be okay, that your life is complete now that you found your other half. But what if you knew that meeting would end with only heartbreak and anger? Would you still risk everything to be with him, or give up everything you’ve ever wanted so he can live?

I’m so sorry, Harrison. I tried.

I used to be a normal teenager. Maybe a bit awkward. Maybe a bit conceited, but I was normal. I had friends I liked hanging out with, and a family that loved me. Until the day of the accident. I guess I should call it an incident since it wasn’t exactly an accident. I don’t quite remember what happened, but I was struck by what everyone presumed to be lightning. I should have died, and yet, I awoke within minutes and stood as if nothing had even happened. I’ll never forget that night.

I have never been afraid of storms before. In fact, my dad and I usually stood inside our garage during storms and watch the flashes of lightning and boom of thunder. So, when my friends freaked out seeing lightning, I was pretty disappointed. I’m still not sure it was lightning, but I’ve been afraid of storms ever since that day.

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1. Prologue
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