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The Lost Heir

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When a witch has placed a death curse upon the king of a broken kingdom, he must find the lost heir, as her blood is the only cure. While a young girl, Melody and her friends, Daphne and James, discover the secrets of the kingdom, the truth about their familes and unlock hidden powers, in a kingdom which forbids usage of magic. Now they must fight to stop a prophecy from coming true which may end up in the destruction of the whole kingdom.

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Chapter 1 - "Search Starts"

A woman, dark haired, brown eyes, was running as fast as she could, towards something or someone in a forest in the darkness of the night. Screaming out their name, it was clear that the women was in pain. She was afraid and was looking for someone. She stopped and looked around, she could barely see anything so she took off her gloves and concentrated, suddenly a ball of light appeared from her hand which created enough brightness for her to see in the forest, it was magic, she was a witch, “Guide me to my son”, She said to the ball of light. It started moving and the witch followed it. The ball kept moving but found no one, which heightened the witch’s fear.
“No, no, it can’t be true, he has to lying, he has to be lying”, she kept on saying this same sentence again and again, hoping that somehow, she could convince herself that everything was alright and what she was afraid of wasn’t true but that’s when the worst thing happened. She saw a body.
“No, no, no”, she screamed as she went closer to it. It was clearly the person who she was looking for in the first place, her son. She found him, Dead. As tears were falling down her eyes there was also something else. A darkness inside her eyes. She wanted revenge. She was filled with hatred cause she knew who had done this. Her eyes started changing color, they became dark, then bright again. Because a part of her was stopping this darkness inside her from coming out but the grief was too strong, the pain was too much in that moment that the darkness inside her won the battle of her soul and her eyes became pure dark. She knew exactly what she needed to do. She wanted just one thing, Revenge…

At the same time…

A brunette girl, Melody, wearing ordinary cheap clothes, was staring at the fire in the fireplace of her home when her mother called out to her and broke her concentration. She was sitting at the dinner table with her mother “Jessica” and father “Ronald”. Melody had a piece of cupcake in front her with a candle on it. Jessica and Ronald could see how Melody wasn’t too happy, “Honey, I know this isn’t what you expected for your birthday and I’m sorry we couldn’t get you any presents but...”, Jessica was saying when Melody cut her out by saying “Mom, don’t worry about it, I’m happy with even a single cupcake”, Melody took a sigh and continued “I just wished James and Daphne were here too, they were acting so weird all day and now they didn’t even show up to my birthday”.
Ronald and Jessica shared a look, they definitely knew something that Melody didn’t. “What?”, Melody asked, she suspected that there was something they weren’t telling her.
Suddenly the door bell rang.
“Nothing”, Jessica answered Melody, “ill get the door”, Jessica said with a little smirk. Like she was expecting someone.
It was James and Daphne, Melody’s best friends since childhood. Melody’s face filled with joy after seeing her best friends. She hurriedly rushed towards them.
“you guys made it!”, Melody said with enthusiasm.
“Yup, HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, they greeted Melody.
“Sorry we were late but we have an excuse”, James said.
“Well, it better be a good one”, Melody added.
“The best one, we got you…”, Daphne said while taking out a box from a huge bag she was carrying. She continued, “Your very own Flover board”.
Melody was overjoyed to see the Flover board. It was the newest trend in their kingdom, a Hoverboard that flies. Almost everyone had it, except Melody. Who really wanted it but couldn't afford it.

“What? But how did you guys get it?”, Melody asked and looked at her parents.
“You don’t need to worry about that, we’ve been saving some money for a while to buy the perfect present for you and Daphne and James also saved a few of their pocket moneys and finally we were able to buy it for you”, Jessica explained.
“No, you guys, I appreciate you doing all this for me but I can’t accept that, I'm sure there’s a million more things that need money then a dream of me of owning a Flover board, I don’t deserve it”, Melody said.
“Don’t you dare ever say that again, you know you deserve everything and there is nothing more important then this, trust me”, Racheal said.
‘”Yea and don’t worry I’ve been working double shifts for a while now so buying this Flover board did not effect any financial issues at all”, Ronald explained.
Melody couldn’t believe they all would do this for her, her eyes started tearing up with joy. She took the Flover board out of the box. She pressed a button on it to start it. It had a lot of lights lined in a row on it. It was circle shaped. The lights started glowing one by one until they all glowed and the Flover board started flying in the air. Melody tried to get on it but lost her balance.
“careful”, James said while helping her out.
“I clearly am going to need a lot of practice, but thank you so much guys”, Melody said.
“We also got you this cake”, James said while getting a cake out of his bag.
Melody pressed the button again on the Flover board and it turned off. She then placed her wrist on the top center of the Flover board and suddenly the Flover board started getting smaller until it became a bracelet in her wrist.
“I always wanted to do this, I love how flover boards can be carried anywhere with you”, Melody said.
James and Daphne went to the table and started preparing plates and spoons. Melody was happy to have cake and the flover Board but she was happier to see her best friends. This was a moment of perfection in her life, her friends, her parents, all gathered together.
James put some candles on the cake.
“Make a wish”
Melody closed her eyes and wished then blew the candles. A positive feeling went through the air. Melody couldn’t tell yet but something has definitely changed. It was the start of something extraordinary.
“HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRHTDAY”, Everyone greeted as she made her wish.

Melody was an ordinary girl but her dreams were anything but ordinary, she always felt as if something in her life was missing, something magical, even though in the Kingdom she lives in, magic isn’t the best thing, its forbidden to use. The king is against all kinds of magic and the punishment of doing magic is death, even though magic is very rare but even if someone has it, they try to spend their whole lives hiding their powers. Melody was afraid of having magic but she also wanted something magical to happen somehow, she couldn’t explain it but she always felt a bit... out of place.

A Week Later

Melody woke up from the bright sunlight coming from her windows. She got up and was excited to start the day. She took a marker out of her drawer and went closer to the calendar in the wall. She crossed another day, “First day of high school”, That’s what was written on the calendar in today’s date, 18th April.
Melody got ready, she wore her casual outfit, Sky blue top with black jeans and a white upper. She went downstairs to get breakfast, all of a sudden when she was having breakfast, the door bell rang. Melody went to open the door.
It was Daphne.
“Come on, lets go”, Daphne said to Melody. She was there to pick Melody up and go to school.
“Not so fast”, Melody’s mom said while stopping Melody from leaving, “Your not going anywhere until you have your breakfast”.
Melody rolled her eyes, but went to the kitchen, because she knew there was no use fighting her mom on this. Daphne followed her.
“By the way, did you heard the latest news?”, Daphne said while sitting down. Daphne was the biggest gossip; she had all the news of what’s going on everywhere. She has a fun personality, she’s not your ordinary girl, she’s a bit clumsy and kind of goofy, and just like any teenager she’s still figuring things out.
“What news?”, Melody asked.
“The King is dying, that’s the reason there’s been no news from the kingdom the past few days, it’s rumored that a powerful witch cast a curse upon him and now he’s dying from it”, Daphne said.
“Oh, come on, those are probably just rumors”, Melody said.
“Yea and not to mention the fact that magic is pretty much extinct so I doubt there’s a powerful witch out there, it’s probably just people making up stories of why the kingdom is in complete lockdown these past few days”, Jessica said.
Melody had a weird reaction to what she said. Fear could be seen through her eyes, it felt as if she was hiding something or was scared of something but no one noticed.
“lets just go to school”, Melody said while getting up, she was trying to change the topic and leave for school.
“Bye mom”

At School:
Melody and Daphne reached their school “Floale High”.
Melody got out of the car and saw James so she rushed towards him.
“First day of new year, excited?”, James asked.
“Yea sure, who isn’t excited for more school?”, Melody joked.
James Giggled.

A few feet away, a mysterious man, wearing black clothes, a hat and sunglasses, was hiding behind a pillar. “They are here, don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on them”, He said to someone at the phone while spying on Melody, James and Daphne.

They went inside the school. The whole hall was filled with students. Classes were about to began.
“Well, I better head to the top floor, my first class is of Biology”, Daphne said while going towards the stairs.
James and Melody had the same first class. James started moving in the direction of class. Suddenly something happened to Melody. She felt weird, her hands glued for a mini second. She stopped.
“Did you just saw that?”, Melody was confused by what just happened and asked James.
But he didn’t saw the glow. “No, what was it?”, James asked.
“Never mind”, Melody said while heading towards class.
She had no idea what just happened. She thought she must have imagined it or something so she started moving towards her class.

One week ago…
The castle was beautiful and very huge but it was no where as beautiful as it used to be. The king was cruel and the kingdom had slowly fallen. The kingdom used to be a far better place but after the arrival of King Fred, nothing was the same. He was the cruelest one of all. Had no mercy for anyone. He was selfish and ruthless, no one liked him but everyone was scared of him. No one even remembered how he got into power. Something was definitely not adding up but no one seemed to notice.

It was just another day in the kingdom.
The king was sitting in his throne in the ball room, when suddenly he heard a noise. It sounded like a guard was getting attacked. The king heard it but it didn’t seem to bother him. However, the guards went on high alert. Suddenly the door to the ball room opened by magic.
It was a Witch.
She was the same women as a few nights ago who was searching for someone. But this time her eyes were black. She was wearing a long dress completely black. She had darkness all over her. She was angry, much angry. She was now “The Dark Witch”.

“You Killed Him!”, The Witch said.
“So, I see you found the body, took you longer than I thought, it’s been days since I killed him”, The King said. “Now you know how powerful I am, I suggest you never make the same mistake ever again”.
“Oh, trust me I’m never making that mistake again. I’m never making the mistake again that you can be redeemed because I was wrong”, the witch said in a voice filled with complete hatred.
“I hope this convinces you to stop caring for me and leave me alone”, The King said.
“Trust me, the last thing that I feel is any feeling of friendship or pity for you, you are nothing but a monster, you killed my son, MY SON!”, the witch said.
“And I did that to teach you a lesson, I might have been your friend in the past but not anymore so stop trying to make me the person I used to be, cause I’m not that person anymore”, The King said.
“You can count on that, but I’m not done with you, you want to know why it took me days to come to this castle?, Its because I was busy, busy thinking of the perfect revenge”, The Witch said. She then raised her hand. The guards knew she was about to harm the king so they went towards her to stop her but she flicked her hand and they all fainted in a second.
“There’s nothing you can do to me now”, The king said.
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that”, The Witch said. She closed her eyes and concentrated, dark magic started coming out of her. It was so strong that she was in the air for a moment, all the light in the room had almost disappeared. There was darkness all around the room and specifically, the king.
“By my power, I place upon you the darkest curse of all”
Suddenly the king’s arm started to hurt. There was a mark on it. The king had no idea what it was but he knew it was something awful.
He was much confident till now but fear could be seen in his eyes now. “What did you do”, the king demanded to know.
“I placed upon you the death curse!”, The witch said before raising her hand again to make a portal and leaving the castle.
“No, no, come back!”, The king angrily shouted.

Present Time..
School ended. Melody and James were heading home.
“.. he is definitely the craziest teacher we’ve ever had”, James said.
They both were talking about the first day when suddenly they heard a noise.
“What was that?”, Melody asked.
Melody and James went closer to see. It was the King’s army in a village. Melody and James were watching from behind, as people were being taken out of their houses. Some sort of tests were being practiced on them. Everyone was being given an injection. It was like they were collecting everyone’s blood for some reason.
“Oh my god, what is the king doing now?”, James said.
They both knew it wasn’t safe to be there. Even though they were watching it all from hiding behind some bushes.
They rushed out of there before anyone noticed. They started walking towards their home again, they went through the forest instead of the village, suddenly a circular shaped portal appeared. A portal is usually very bright and beautiful, one that’s made with pure magic, even though magic was very rare in the world now. This portal on the other hand was much different. It was dark and seemed dangerous. Suddenly a women appeared through it. It was the Dark Witch.
“Hello, kids”, The witch said.
Melody and James were looking at each other. Confused on what had just happened.
“Oh my god, it’s you”, Melody said while looking at the dark witch.
“You know her?”, James asked confusingly.
“No, it’s the witch that Daphne was telling me about, there were rumors of a witch in our kingdom, I thought they were all lies but.”, Melody explained.
“Trust me dear, no rumor ever in this kingdom is a lie”, The Witch said while confirming the fact that it was the same witch who Melody had heard rumors of.
“But magic is banned in our kingdom, how are you..”, James asked. But before he could complete his sentence, the witch stopped him and said “A Witch? How am I a witch? Oh Child, only the performance of magic is banned, witches still exist, magic still exist, it’s just forgotten and people who have it prefer to hide it but I on the other hand prefer to do things my way cause there’s no point in hiding who I really am, is there now?, Banning magic is a silly rule that needs to be broken”, The witch said.
“But aren’t you afraid of what the king will do if he finds out your using magic?”, Melody asked with curiosity.
“Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself quite fine, it’s you who I’m worried about”, the witch said.
“Me? What about me?”, Melody asked.
“You probably saw those guards back there in the village, well they are not just in that specific village, they are everywhere, they are looking for something, or well, someone, to be more precise”, The witch said while looking at Melody, suggesting that it was Melody who the guards were after.
“Me? You think they are after me?”, Melody asked
“Not think, know”, The witch replied.
“Why would they be after Melody?”, James asked.
The witch looked surprised when James asked that question. So she looked at Melody and asked
“You haven’t told him, have you?”.
Melody didn’t say anything.
“Told me what?”, James asked.
“Nothing”, Melody said. She looked at the witch and asked “Why are you here?”
“To protect you”, The Witch said.
The witch was surely a badass but Melody knew from seeing her that she wasn’t a good person. She was taken over completely by “Dark Magic” and Melody could feel it so she knew better then to trust the witch.
“I don’t need your protection, I’ll be fine on my own, but thanks”, Melody said. “Come on James lets go”.
James was still trying to process the fact that Melody was acting really weird and hiding something from him but he followed her anyways.
Melody and James went the other way.
“You can’t hide your true self forever”, The Witch said.
Melody ignored and kept walking.
James looked back but the witch had already disappeared.

“What was that? What was the Witch talking about?”, James asked Melody, but this time he wasn’t going to stop without getting an answer.
Melody stopped walking. It was time to tell the truth.
“I made a wish on my birthday and at that time I thought that it was everything I wanted. My wish was to have something different and magical in my life but then well I actually got my wish and now it feels like anything would be better then this”
“I don’t understand, what do you mean”, James asked.
Melody looked down at her hands and concentrated. Suddenly her hands started glowing but it wasn’t a continuous glow as it kept glowing then stopping which showed how she has had no practice.
“I have powers”
James was surprised and confused, he had no idea what to say.
“Oh my god”, these were the only three words that could come out of his mind after seeing Melody use powers. Melody saw the look on his face, he was a bit scared. Magic was always considered a bad thing because of Dark magic, it takes over a person completely and makes them evil, which is part of the reason it was banned in the first place, people couldn’t easily control it and it would do a lot of damage.
Melody saw the feared look in James eyes, he was not afraid of Melody but he was afraid for Melody, if anyone finds out about her powers it could be very dangerous for her.
This moment started to create fear in Melody too. Her heart started beating fast and she got nervous. She didn’t want these powers but now she knew there was no way to get rid of them. This scared her. Suddenly magic started coming out from her hands in form of sparks. Melody got shocked. She was not doing it intentionally. It was her emotions that was controlling her magic now. It was getting stronger and stronger. A spark fell on James and he got a bit hurt but he took a few steps back. Her magic was much powerful now, her fear also increased, knowing she could hurt him. She had no control on what she was doing and could hurt James, this only kept making the sparks on her hand strong.
“oh my god, oh my god, I can’t control it, get out of here, I could hurt you”, Melody said.
James could see how when Melody had more fear in her, the magic was more taking control over her.
“No you won’t, hey!, Look at me, it’s going to be okay”, James said.
Melody looked at him. The sparks started getting smaller.
He held her hand and suddenly all sparks were gone. They were not in her hand anymore. They looked around and they were all around them. Melody didn’t know how she did it but sparks of magic were all around them. It was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.
“See, I knew you could control it”, James said.
Suddenly all sparks fell down and the magic ended. But they were still dangerous to a normal human. They fell on James foot and he got hurt.
“Oh my god, are you okay”, Melody said
“Yea I’m fine”, James said. He wasn’t hurt too badly but enough to make Melody scared again of her own magic.
“You need to go home”, Melody said.
“what about you?”, James asked.
“I think I'm going to stay here for a while, just until the guards are gone, I’ll go home later”, Melody replied.
“Then I’ll stay with you too”, James said while trying to be protective.
“No, please I’m fine, I think I need to be alone for a while”, Melody said. James knew he wouldn’t be able to change her mind now. So he went home.

While all this was happening, the bell rang at James’s home.
“Snow could you see who’s at the door”, James Mother said to her daughter “Snow”.
Snow was at the dining table using her phone. She went to see who was at the door.
It was Daphne
“Hi snow, is James’s home? I need to borrow his notes”, Daphne asked.
“No”, Only one word came out of Snows mouth, and she just went back to the dining table.
“Okay”, Daphne said while following her.
“Hi, Mrs. Michael, where is James?”, Daphne asked.
“Oh honey, hi, I’m not sure, maybe he’s in the basement with his father”, Hannah Michael (James’s mom) said.
Daphne went to the basement. She had barely been to the basement of their house before. It was Rick Michael’s laboratory. Rick was James’s and Snow’s father.
Daphne slowly went downstairs. The whole place was filled with test tubes and latest technology machines. It was a very advanced laboratory.
“Hi Mr. Michael”, Daphne said once she saw James’s dad.
“Oh, hi Daphne, what are you doing here”, Rick asked.
“I was looking for James, is he here?”, Daphne said.
“I’m afraid not”, Rick replied.
“Okay, I guess I’ll come back later then when he comes back home”, Daphne said.
“Wait, now that you’re here could you help me with something”, Rick said.
“Yea sure”
“I just need you to hold this sheet of paper in that direction”, Rick said while pointing out to a specific direction, and then I’ll use my Laser on it and don’t worry it’s not dangerous, I just need to check if my latest invention works or not”, Rick said.
“Yea sure”, Daphne said. She held the piece of sheet. Rick went to turn the machine on.
Suddenly the sheet of paper froze. It was as if Daphne’s hands made it freeze.
“Oh my god”, Daphne threw the sheet down as she was shocked at how it turned to ice in a second.
“What happened”, Rick asked.
“That sheet, it froze, is it suppose to do that?”, Daphne said
“No, it’s not”, Rick said while reaching out to the sheet. The sheet was suddenly back to normal. It was not frozen anymore
Daphne was a lot confused.
“Maybe you just imagined it”, Rick said.
“But... Yea I guess, I think I just need to go home”, Daphne said while leaving in a rush.

A Few days ago…
The king was sitting in his throne with his hand on his forehead. He was coughing and not feeling well. He ordered the guards to bring the doctor in.
The doctor gave the king a medicine. It made the king better for the time being.
“You know this is just temporary solution right your majesty, this medicine’s effectiveness stops working eventually, the curse is much stronger than science”, the doctor said.
“What else am I suppose to do then”, The King said madly.
“There is only one way left now”, The doctor said. “you’re not going to like it”.
“Tell me, what is it?”, The King asked curiously.
“The blood of the Lost Heir, according to the prophecy, that’s the only thing that can help you now”, The doctor said.
King’s facial expressions changed. Her anger became into fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the fact that for the first time something was out of his control. All magic has a loophole and all curses can be broken. But the only way to break this was a way the king never wanted to hear.
“But I don’t even know if she’s alive, if the loophole is her blood, then does that mean I’ll be dead?”, The King said.
“No, your majesty, I doubt she’s dead, as I said before, she’s just, lost, and now you need to find her cause she’s the only cure to this curse”, The doctor said.
“Very well”, the king said. Then he shouted the guards to come and ordered them, “Guards, go, search every house, every village, and find me The Lost Heir”.

Present Time:
Daphne went back to her home. James also came back home when her sister told him that Daphne came back but he was too distracted to pay much attention to anything else. Daphne was still a bit on the edge from what had happened and was trying to figure it out. She tried touching more objects but nothing froze this time. In the end she just came to the conclusion that it was probably a scientific reaction to something in the laboratory. Melody, James and Daphne, all three, had the first day of new school year which was anything but ordinary.

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