The Alpha's Feisty Mate

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Ray Hawkson has spent the last five years helping his brother settle into life after finding his mate and having twins. Now Co-Alpha, he runs the pack with his brother while longing for his mate. A cryptic phone call has him investigate the the attack and murder of their old pack which the brother's had tried to move on from; only for it to rise up and for Ray to find out there had been more to that attack than they originally thought. Sue Henderson, a Beta female wolf shifter has finally managed to escape from her prison, on her way to find the Hawson brothers - A name she thought long dead, until a confidante let it be known that the brothers survived. After years of experiments and abuse, her only hope was to find them for help. Imagine her surprise when she meet's Ray - but can't understand why she felt sparks alight her body. Because along the way, Sue encounters a traumatic situation causing her to lose her memory....and putting the ones she has left behind in mortal danger.

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Ray (1)


“Ok thanks Sam. Once I speak to Jas, I will come back to you on that” I said “in the meantime, if you can get that file on the lands and the contacts; I’ll have my Beta go through them and start the paperwork for the bid”

“Sure Ray. I think the quickest we can deal with it, the better” Sam Price replied back “I’ll let the Alpha know what we have found and come back to you when the paperwork has been submitted”

Thanking him, I hung up the phone and sighed. I rolled my neck and closed my eyes as I felt the tension in my shoulders increase. My mind started to explode with all the information It had received in the last four days and finally I let myself take it in and feel.

Ever since the slaughter of our old pack, Jason and I had tried to make sense of it all. Tried to understand who would attack us? Why? Our pack had been relatively small compared to others and we were peaceful. Most Alpha’s liked to poster and throw lavish parties or get together to make lasting bonds so they could call upon them in time of need. Our pack; while friendly and welcoming, was a quiet pack. Our parents were the alpha pair and we were often encouraged to stay within the pack. To live a quieter life that didn’t call attention to us. Heck, there had only been about fifty of us that lived in close proximity to the pack and maybe another ten on the edges of the small village where we lived.

Jason and I had been away when our pack had been massacred and till this day, neither one of us can forget or forgive ourselves for it. I sigh and think back to how the last two years have changed for us. After three years of living in torment and chasing a ghost, Jason finally met his true mate; Anna. But the goddess knows he didn’t have it easy! After months of wrong steps and fighting against what was in front of his nose, he finally accepted Anna who was in a world of hurt in her own way. The last two years has been all about change. Anna and Jason had two pups. Twins, a boy and girl. Both super clever and powerful in their own right and have their parents wrapped around their fingers. Jason discovered a small band of wolves who lived around Ireland and the area where Anna stayed; who were functioning almost like a pack but without a leader. When Jason finally opened up his mind and power to being an alpha, many wolves had come to the residence that they had lived in. One morning, Anna and Jason had opened the front door as they prepared to pick me up from the train station when they were greeted by almost a hundred people.

I had no clue what was going on. I was waiting at the train station with two suitcases and a gym bag when they picked me up. It was on the drive back to the house that Jason told me what had happened. That the wolves had requested Jason to create a pack and that the people had naturally gathered round and gravitated towards Jason once he had acknowledged and accepted his alpha power. He hadn’t wanted to be an alpha for so long and only because of his power opening up due to Anna, that the other wolves had known an alpha was within the vicinity. But that wasn’t what the kicker was. Jason had dubbed me co-alpha. Me! The second born twin! I never expected to be alpha. Not because I didn’t have it in me but because I knew I would never abandon my brother to form my own pack. Jason had agreed to create a pack provided they accepted me as co-alpha as he concentrated on his magickal powers that he was still learning with Anna

I could still remember feeling the shock of power when we got back home. After Anna and Jason had mated properly, Jason had asked me to move to be near him and I readily agreed. While I had loved living with Simon and Sophie in their pack, It had not felt like home. At least not fully. The rest of my things were going to be shipped over but I had brought the essentials with me. Once we got home, I looked at the sea of people who were still standing there, waiting for us. I had barely gotten out of the car when the power of a pack had almost brought me to my knees. A pack…a true pack. I hadn’t felt the pack power like this since our own pack had been killed.

I remember standing beside Jason as he introduced me and invited them all to follow us to the clearing where Anna used to go to conduct her spells. We went from discussing the possibility of a pack to suddenly agreeing to it. Within an hour, Anna conducted a spell that helped us to see clearly who we should have as our Beta, Gamma and enforcers and before we knew it…we had a pack! We had families, we had pups looking at us in awe and respect as well as single wolves happy to finally belong to a pack.

We had pack members volunteer to create homes on the land close to Jason and Anna so they could live close. By the end of a few hours, Jason and I were co-alpha’s, we had a pack and we had plans on how to run it. I went from coming to chill with my brother and sister-in-law to hard work and setting up a pack. It took us months to get organised but finally, six months on we had it all done! We had a few homes built around the area, Anna obtaining building permission and other paperwork to allow us to build on the land beside and behind her house. While there is still construction going on, we now have our Beta, Gamma and Enforcers living around us as well as a few families and single wolves.

I blow out a deep breath, the images of all the changes playing behind my closed eyes as I remember my four day trip to one of our friendly packs in England and the reason for it. I think about all the work I have to do once we get back home and the shock of the information I had to share with Jason and Anna. How we will cope with it I don’t know but I’m glad he has Anna who will help him through it. I can barely contain my own shock at the information I have received and at times likes this, it makes me remember what I am missing, what I don’t have….my own mate

“Whatcha want?”

I jerked as I opened my eyes and turned to look at my beta Tim Jones in surprise. My eyes widened when I saw what was around me. We were behind a car that was now moving forward as we slowly came up to the small box on Tim’s right

“Watcha want boss?” Tim asked me again “We already know what we want”

Tim bopped his head towards the back of the car where our Enforcers Pat Jones, Mike Linewood and Peter Tisdale were sitting. My mind cleared as I took in the Mc'Donalds menu and quickly scanned and selected my meal; surprised that we had stopped so soon after our journey

“Hi. Welcome to Mc'Donalds. What can I get you?” The voice asked

Hi” Tim replied as he brought the Land Rover to a stop. “Can we have six large quarter pounder meals with two strawberry milkshakes, 1 chocolate milkshake, two cokes and 1 sprite. Two boxes of the shared chicken nuggets and…” He paused as he looked at me

“One large big mac meal with a coke. And a quarter pounder meal with a chocolate milkshake too. No relish and no gherkins on both burgers. That’s it” I added to the order

“Uh Sure” The server said, surprise in her voice “Window two please”

Tim moved the car forward slowly, letting the other car on our right go first. I ran a hand over my face and looked at my beta

“Why’d you guy’s stop so soon after we left?” I asked “we had a meal before we left the Anderson pack”

“It’s been over three hours or so. Plus with that accident on the motorway, it’s delayed us about two hours now already and that’s not even counting the ferry crossing or drive home” Tim replied

My face betrayed my shock. I huffed out a breath and looked at my watch before pulling out my mobile and saw a few text messages and a missed call. Tim paid for the food and took the brown bags from the servers, passing them out to all of us as we then adjusted our space as he took the large amount of drinks and tried to find places to put them. Tim drove around and finally parked up at one of the bays as we started pulling out the burgers, my stomach rumbling as the smell of meat hit my nose

“I didn’t realise I even fell asleep” I admitted after chomping down on the big mac

“You had a lot to think about boss” Pat said in between his bites

“I just can’t believe it” I sighed “All these years, we never knew what was happening with that place and now…we can reclaim the land because it seems like it was obtained illegally”

“Do you think Alpha Jason would want it?” Tim asked as he polished off his meal

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “It has dark memories for us. When it first happened, we were happy to not have it nor think about it. We never questioned it. Now” I shook my head “I don’t know”

“I let alpha Jason know what the hold up was but I didn’t tell him about the situation. I think maybe we should all get out, get a stretch of the legs and bathroom break before hitting the road again” Tim said.

One by one, we all got out of the car and collected the rubbish, throwing it into the bin before making our way inside Mc'Donalds. After doing my business and washing my hands, I turned to look at Pat who looked done too and we both nodded to each other, leaving the toilets at the same time. I stood at the corner of the door as he and I chatted about our next steps regarding opening a pack nursery on the land when I saw Tim standing in the queue with Mike. I raised an eyebrow at them and smirked before walking over beside them.

“More food?” I asked them

“Thought I’d get a burger for the road, you know. Just in case” Mike said, his eyes scanning the menu

“I want another drink” Tim chipped in

“I swear” Pat said, folding his arms “I don’t know how you stay in shape Mike. Tim I get. He practically lives and breathes at the pack gym. Everything is an assault course to him and if he isn’t brisk walking while carrying thirty kg dumbbells or other equipment then he’s going two hours at the gyms before bed and early morning before our warm-up. You on the other hand” Pat shakes his head, running his hand over his buzz cut hair. Peter joined us as he finally came out of the toilet and snorted when he heard Mike’s order.

“Why am I not surprised?” Peter chuckled.

“Good metabolism and good genes” Flexing his left arm, his muscles bulging; Mike laughed “And my people have a natural great physic”

“Get to fuck” Pat laughed, pushing Mike’s arm away “You’re full of shit”

“More like full of junk” Peter laughed

I looked at my guys and smiled. I shake my head as I listen to the debate again between Pat and Mike about genes and how Mike's African mixed heritage had advantage's that they have had a thousand times over. I know it is in jest and glad that I have a good mix of people in our pack. Pulling out the mobile phone, I call Jason and indicate to the guys as I start to walk out of Mc'Donalds and towards the car

“Hey” Jason answered “Where are you guys?”

“Mc'Donald” I reply “Apparently I slept through an accident that’s delayed us”

“YOU slept through it?” Jason asked in a shocked voice “Ray-”

“I’m ok” I cut in

“Clearly not if you slept through that” Jason snorted “You think I can’t feel your apprehension through our link?”

“We need to talk when I’m back” I said quietly

“I may not have been there for the three years when I spiralled out of control; and I’m sorry I’m late. But I AM here” Jason stressed his point “You don’t need an appointment to speak to me Ray”

I huffed out a breath, my eyes stinging with tears that I pushed back. I cleared my throat before speaking

“I know” I replied

“Do you?” Jason asked “What’s going on kiddo?”

“Kiddo?” I snorted “I’m fucking co-alpha dickhead and a grown ass man”

“Yea” I could hear Jason smirk “And you were born two minutes after me so technically your younger….a kid, compared to me”

“Sure, oh wise one” I rolled my eyes as my mood lifted “keep that kiddo shit for Tony”

“I wish” Jason snorted again “barely two years old and he tries to stare me down. I called him kiddo the other day and he tried to zap my hair, the little shit”

I could hear the pride in Jason’s voice as he spoke about my nephew. I chuckled, my heart already feeling light.

“What’s going on Ray?” Jason asked

I sigh before pinching the bridge of my nose

“It’s the packlands” I say quietly “The council have found a loophole and...Goddess...the documents..We may be able to get them back. Jas…there’s people…living there. Rashid thinks they might have something to do with the murder of our pack”


Alarms were blaring, the sound so loud it was hurting my ears

I bared my teeth as I moved along the dark corridor, trying to stay away from the low lights that were on.

I had to get out

I had to!

There was so much riding on this escape. Everyone else needed me to do this.

I started to run towards the fire exist just as I heard the sound of running footsteps behind me and then I heard his voice just as I put a foot outside the door

“Where is she?” He shouted

“We have guards looking everywhere. We will find her” Another voice said

Chris! Shit!

“Sir” Another voice shouted as he came closer to the group “All else are accounted for. It was just her”

“Arrggghhh That bitch!” He swore “Find her! Or you won’t be walking out of here alive!”

As more steps sounded behind me, I timed it so I slipped out of the door quietly, taking the time to ease it close. Time, I couldn’t afford but I had to use it. I wasn’t off the complex yet! As I ran towards the walls, ducking and diving as if I was some spy in a bad movie, I made my way towards the large bush where I was hoping the escape route was. Lights started flashing on within the compound as my breathing changed, choppy and harsh as I started running. I was so weak. So unfit but that couldn’t be helped now. I ran faster even though they now lit up the place brightly in the dark. My eyes blinked rapidly as they adjusted to the brightness, my feet almost slipping in the soft mud still wet from last night’s rain.

I dived into the bushes just as a door was flung open and more footsteps sounded. I could hear them cocking their guns and tranquillisers and I shivered in my thin clothes. So close. I am so close! I stayed still, scared that any movement would alert them to where I am.

“Spread out!” I heard him shout “she has to be here. Start going through the greenery”


“I know you’re out here!” Chris shouted this time “Do you really think you could escape? Alive?”

Chris laughed, his cackle sending shivers down my back as I forced myself to stay still. Goddess! He sounded like a villin with a script. Who talks and laughs like that?

“If you come out now….the other’s won’t pay for this Sue” He shouted again

I squeezed my eyes shut, forcing my body not to move even though it wanted to with its very being. The others! No, I can’t! I’m doing this for them…we won’t survive if I don’t do this. I slow my breathing, my heart jumping as I hear them get close. Shit! I needed to move. I open my eyes and slowly edge backwards, further into the foliage. My hands start moving along the ground, trying to find the little concealed hatch.

Fuck! Josh! Where the hell was that hatch?! I knew he had to conceal it but how the hell was I meant to find it if it was too concealed?

“I am sick of these games!” He shouted again “I swear” He laughed “If you don’t come out in the next five minutes, I will be sending them all shock waves Sue!”

My heart skipped a beat and I almost whimpered. I should turn back!

No My wolf whispered. Not after everything Josh has done. You know if he get’s caught, we are all fucked

You’re here! I cried in my head

I never left. I just had to bide my time, stay quiet, my wolf responded. Now move!

With new strength and renewed hope, I moved my hand with purpose even as the sound of feet and the guards slashing at the bushes and trees could be heard. Just as I nearly gave up hope, I felt a small bump beside one of the rocks and I froze for a second before pulling on the small handle that I could feel. Quietly, the big butterfly bush slowly moved to the left as if by magic and a I could see a small hole through the wall

Josh! You freaking genius!

We need to change my wolf said He only made it big enough for our animal side

Change? We haven’t done that in so long. I don’t even know if I can I cried out to my wolf

We can. Let me help you. This is why I have been gone for so long. To keep my energy for this. Hurry! My wolf said

The bush started to move back into place and I pulled again to keep it open as I huffed, my body cracking with pain as after years of captivity; I shifted into my wolf. The guards were only two paces away from me and even though I could only move with shaking legs, I darted into the black hole, my body collapsing onto the cold earth as the bush closed behinds me - encasing me in darkness even as the guards hacked away at the bushes were I had been mere seconds before.

I heard the guards chatter, confirming I wasn’t there and I heard his loud roar, his scream of anger and hate as he ordered some of the guards into the building. My wolf body shook with the exertion of changing after so long and I felt the darkness creeping up. I whimpered as I lay down in the cold, my thoughts going back to all those in the facility. I had to keep moving but I couldn’t.


I heard my wolf but I was too weak to do anything

My body jerked as I heard the sound of gunshots and I cried, worried about what was going to happen. I didn’t even have the energy to turn back, to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. As small stones dug into my body and Chris started shouting out other orders, I felt myself let go as darkness finally claimed me.

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