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A wish come true

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What do you do when you discover you’re in a different body the next morning you wake up. What if you fell in love with your enemy? Irene, a 20 year old girl transmigrated to the body of a n elf princess, sent by the moon goddess herself to the bring peace to the world of elves But will she bring peace or destruction?The fate of the world of elves in her hand. Irene learn new things, survives hardship, goes on mysterious journey, finds love with anyone but the enemy’s son The story is really interesting, it is filled with a bit of action and a blend of fantasy and romance. Read has she uncovers the truth behind her parent death and how she brings peace to the world of elves

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Life as a maid is really stressful surviving bullies everywhere. Being forced to do things you don’t want to. I have been working as a maid for the mayor of the country of harrendel, a country for humans or as they say. I for one do not believe that they are other beings who live in this world, He has two brats which troubles me a lot.

They always have me do the whole job in the house. They are both 19 years old behaving like typical kids. I scoff.

A high pitched voice called out “Irene!!”. I guess it’s Melissa calling me. I looked at her room to see it was all messed up. Melissa is a very ugly girl with her black short hair, her face decorated with pimples, her wide nose and her big pink lips with black eyes. She always cakes her face with makeup to make it look like she’s beautiful.

Then she threw a silver coin at me, the currency we use in harrendel then she said “go buy me a box of nail paint” I looked at her in disbelief because she had finished using the nail paint I bought for her yesterday, well what can I do.

Then she said “what are you looking at weirdo, go!”. I hurried out of her room then she slams the door at me. I went to my room which was just down the main hall by the left side was an abandoned place I called my room. Though the room was spacious it wouldn’t surprise me if it belonged to a dead person. Though I did a little makeover. The room was painted blue, my favorite color. By the left side was a bathroom and toilet. By the right side was a desk with a computer on top of it, my study and research table. In the middle was a bed. It was a small sized bed with blue covers and white bedsheet.

I always had papers on the wall to remind me of what I had to do. I was just so tired of the life I was living.

I wore a blue Jean trousers and my white shirt with a black sneakers to fit in. It was my everyday wear. I had no other cloth except from me because I was an errand maid below the ranks of all maids. I looked at the mirror to see my long blonde hair, my blue ocean eyes, my pointed nose and my pink lips. Even after all the type of works I did I still maintained my beauty.

I had a white skin color that looked like it had lost it’s color due to the work I was doing.

Just like my mother

I couldn’t help but cry at the thought of her.

It’s been three years since my parent death but I couldn’t just get over it

Then I looked at my wrist watch to remember that Melissa sent me on an errand, I cleaned my face before going outside.

Then I inhaled the air in a big gulp, it had been a long day running errands for people and doing half of the job in the house since some of the maids had quit their jobs.

Then I went to the salon then bought the nail paint before going to the house. Melissa looked angry as she looked at me “you slut where have you been since, such a fake beauty always thinking you’re better than me, you’re nothing in this house”. She said before she took a blade and scratched my hands hard, I yanked away from her and ran to my room. I cried a lot but I calmed myself saying that this shouldn’t be a new thing, I was used to this”.

It was 12pm in the night my eyes were still swollen and I said “I just wished I had a good life free of bullying, going on errands just like the life of a princess”. I said before I cried myself to sleep.

I then saw myself on top of the clouds, then I saw stars all around me then I shakes myself and said “am I dreaming”. Then an angelic voice said “no you’re not darling”. Then a woman came with silver hair and eyes, she had a pure white skin. She was wearing a long white and blue gown that looked like golden stardust were on it. Then I thought ‘ is this the myth they always talked about, the moon goddess?’

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