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Hunter's Moon

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For eons, the wolves have fought and waited for the cosmic promise of the goddess-the hunter’s moon, which bestows on a blessed line of wolves the power to fight the Lycans with a strength unmatched by any other breed. But the event comes and goes, and nothing of note happens... or so they believe. Emory Chavere of the Krelon pack returns home to bury her brother, another Chavere life lost to the war, but finds herself a means to an end, forced to be Alpha Rodyn's mate. So she does what everyone does when they feel panicked: she runs.

Fantasy / Romance
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Alpha is Key

The age of the Lycans began with a great war between the gods and dragons.

Aworyn—the goddess of the moon—created her children from the remains of a falling star. During the battle that drove the dragons into the void, she tasked the Lycans with protecting the humans because the gods could not.

They forged an unbreakable bond with their creator as protectors of mortals. With that bond, the Lycans have served as guardians of humanity for centuries, ever-loyal to Aworyn and their sworn duty.

Born from the moon with the unique mantle of a star entrusted to them by Aworyn, the Lycans dominated the world. In time, the Lycans mated with humans resulting in a subaltern line of half-breed Lycans.

The wolves.

The Lycans, however, refused to accept the wolves as equals, resulting in a bitter struggle for power. Throughout their entire existence, the wolves have been subjugated as inferiors. With the Lycan King’s absolute authority over all of them, the wolves had no choice but to suffer in silence.

It was a howl-ing injustice.

With Lord Osric’s - the second Lycan King - decision to grant them freedom, the wolves were finally able to live on equal footing with the Lycans. In no time, they spread around the Empire of Morrian in packs. Their newfound freedom wasn’t without danger, with their packs constantly hunted down and slaughtered by those who wished to keep the Lycans’ reign over the Empire of Morrian unquestioned.

Lord Wulrics first decree came eleven years after the wolves were freed, compelling the wolves to submit to Eleadoi’s rule, again. His decree was met with mixed emotions by both the wolves and the people of Morrian, with some submitting and others fighting it. This unprecedented move drastically changed the future of the wolves.

It was the beginning of the war between predecessors and ascendants. This monumental decision forever altered the course of the Empire of Morrian, setting the stage for an epic battle between old and new powers.

…and the gods remained silent.

To the wolves, it did not matter whether there had been any divine intervention at all. On the other hand, there were those who believed that the gods did intervene by freeing them from Eleadoi’s rule.

The Krelon pack led by Alpha Elliot Chavére and his Luna Raven, were pursued for months by Lord Wulric’s sentinels until they found safe haven in the mountains near the border of the Empire.

That night, Elliott was chased by prowling Lycan sentinels and he followed the pull of the waning moon south. Blood-stained and on the verge of death, he begged Aworyn to save him- to save the wolves. For that split second, in that moment, a spark of faith ignited in his chest, a single flame that would remain lit until the day he died.

And that time, Aworyn finally answered his plea, bestowing on him an ancient power with a single howl that still echoes in the night.

That was the first occurrence of the hunter’s moon.

From that day on, warrior wolves awoke in every pack in Morrian. They each had their own unique ability, with venom in their bites and scratches that killed Lycans and wolves instantly. An army that banded together to defend the wolves.

They were called hunters.

In his dying prayer, with the token of his faltering breath the first Chavére Alpha provoked Aworyn’s blessing etched into the lineage of his bloodline. Under the hunter’s moon each decade, hunters with the skill and strength to protect wolves awaken.

And for a bleak moment, there was hope for the wolves.

Still, the war raged on, as both sides refused to yield and were determined to fight to the bitter end. The toll of the war lingered, both in the memories of those who fought and in the hearts of those who watched. With every hunter’s moon, the number of hunters dwindled.

… and Aworyn finally stepped in.

But everything must end the same way it started.

With the blood of a Chavére.

And the abolishment of the Lycans.

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