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No one knows the multitalented sniper holds unearthly powers not even herself.

Fantasy / Drama
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“You are not supposed to remember your home....Anchora..the refuge of gods...but I will tell you more about it....and yes am sure you come from there...you see those marks? yes those ones...

here on earth you call them birth marks but they are the reason I know you are from Anchora."

Theo looked at his scars then at the old man confused but curious.

Pops continued.....

“The gods at Anchora are distinguished by tattoos of their elemental weapons, the fire gods are archers, therefore have tattoos of a bow and arrow on their thighs.

The Water gods bear tridents they too have tattoos on their thighs. Earth gods have dagger tattoos on their arms, air gods have whips tattooed on their backs and metal gods have shurikens tattooed on their shoulders and legs.....

If a god is sent to earth then they are born with birth marks the place where their elemental tattoos used to be.....

I think you might be a god....but the placement of your birth marks does not give me a clear idea the kind of god you are..."

"What do you mean the kind of god Iam...."Theo asked now genuinely confused.....

Pops continued....

"Chaos...this is the term used to define the gods of war. We have the fire gods... fiery and passionate in nature. The best dancers amongst the gods the life of the party if you may...... Rumor has it that it is easy to recognize them on earth as they never loose their dancing capabilities....but you can’t dance... I highly doubt you are a fire god.....

We also have the water gods . These gods are known for their extreme joy and rage... very volatile in nature .....they are the kind of gods you are afraid of crossing. The best wrestlers amongst the gods. Your feral nature makes me wonder...maybe...

Esse...the gods of creation. Masters of earth and vitality, grounded in nature.......No I haven’t seen any nurturing qualities in you...plus you don’t have any birth marks on your arms... clearly you are not a god of creation......

Then there is Zephyr...the weather gods, the masters of air and love.... free spirited in nature...the whip crackers. These gods are breathtaking....they are beautiful...they are beyond phenomenal....these gods are gorgeous!!

really?....don’t push it.... I have just said breathtakingly beautiful and paused several times trying to describe their beauty...not to be judgmental or anything but you don’t take that many breaths away....okay at least not mine...you know what I mean.....I mean if you were a Zephyr I would have known immediately, the world would have known...."

Theo sneered at Pops....

"Zephyrs experience temporary rage from time to time.....tsunamis, tornadoes, storms..... You name it...... yes it them, I know right......the irony that humanity always blames these on mother nature the gods of creation when probably its just a zephyr seeking validation…..or attention......yes they like to be complimented from time to time...

We then have Twilight...the fallen gods. Masters of metal and power, defiant in nature….twilight roam the realms of earth and hell....no you .....sigh...no you are not.....can you let me continue...... or you can finish the story for me...

they too cannot trace their way back home....but unlike you they will never be able to go back to Anchora and they are the only gods on earth who remember Anchora.

The highest order in Anchora is the the Collective...the ascension of gods the core and essence of Energy .....seriously.... I just said that this is pure energy....like how....no... you are not the collective...ok..... deep sigh....

so how you ended up here...if you are a god which am really starting to doubt. Also there is nothing wrong with being a human and those birth marks could probably just be...you know normal scars...

Well...we call them the elements...guardians of the gateway between earth and Anchora. Their work is to ensure the balance of energy on earth....if the balance is off then they would assign gods to restore it.

The elements control the passage but they cannot exist on earth. It is rumored...I know...your home is surely full of those.......The elements usually picked their favorite gods....yes they have favorites ....so if you truly are a god...an element was truly honored and heartbroken to send you down....but judging by how I know you...they probably were relieved to get rid of you....”Theo sneered again.

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