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Shades of Grey

By Emily Shaindlin All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


Grey Echo is a Creature Hunter: someone trained to hunt the monsters that haunt the shadows. For ten years, she has trained at a special school in the woods of France dedicated to teaching those chosen few to defend the human world against those of the dangerous creatures and raises them with their Maisling Fairies: fairies with the ability to shapeshift into anything the Creature Hunter might need. Until one day the school is attacked and it turns out they are looking for Grey, sent by a vampire named Evan, the same vampire that murdered Grey's parents and possibly the reason she cannot remember anything before her days at the school. What follows is a journey, told in 10 'shades' as Grey makes her way to the city of vampires to find Evan and uncover the truth. Along the way, she and her Maisling Fairy, Forma, rescue a queen from certain death; liberate a race of Elves from captivity; save dragon tribes from a mad wizard and ultimately discover the key to stopping the Creatures for good.

Prologue: Meeting the Myth

Meeting the Myth

“And so by many and great dangers he learned the experience of the world, which so being learned cannot easily be forgotten.”

Sir Thomas More, ’Utopia’

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1. Prologue: Meeting the Myth
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