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Chapter 1 - Liv

“For fuck sake Liv.” I hear Olly yell, pulling of my headphones I take in the sound of the beeping fire alarm. Oh, shit my pizza. I got distracted. Running out my room I reach the kitchen in time to see my burnt to a crisp pizza being pulled from the oven.

“Liv.” Olly groans looking at me whilst shaking his head.

“Sorry.” I tell him. He looks at me, like he doesn’t know what to do with me. it’s been over 8 years now since mom died and Olly and I both turned into demons, yet he still looks at me like I’m just his annoying kid sister who can’t do anything right. Which is true I even changed into a demon years before I should have. Which ended up with the two of us having to move quickly after moms funeral not that we were allowed to attend. Grandpa wouldn’t let us. That and the fact we were living in a human only town and both turned out not to be human. Not that we had known that. I wish we had known that. If we had known our father who we saw at most once in my life was an angel so we would be demons. We would have been more understanding when mom died on Olly’s birthday and our hair changed colors and our eyes and our skin. Basically, everything about who we once were disappeared almost instantly. I went to bed with brunette hair and woke up with hair that was so blonde it is white. Olly the opposite he went to bed with his normal brunette hair and woke up with hair black. If it wasn’t for our now matching silver eyes we wouldn’t look much alike. Olly’s eyes even have the purple ring around them that we have been told is common for a lust demon who is healthy and not a virgin.

“What was it this time?” he asks putting the burnt pizza into the bin.

“The bear shifter had the human trapped underneath him and was kissing her neck whilst the wolf shifter was licking her out.” I admit. Olly shakes his head.

“that would never happen in real life both are too territorial. There I was hoping you were going to tell me you were working on your overdue English paper.” He tells me.

“Come on its online school I can do it anytime. You know I work better when the moon rises.” I tell him. I look at him.

“you didn’t bring anyone home today? I’m starving.” I pout. He looks at me worriedly.

“you fed yesterday. You shouldn’t be hungry already. I’m not.” He says worriedly. Maybe it’s because I just eat off his from the other room. I have my bed as close to his bedroom wall as can be so I can feed off the sexual energy he gets off the other party. It’s the way we have had to do it since I was 9. We are so used to doing it now that I don’t even come of my games console when he’s at it. I just sit there listening to my online friends insult each other as I eat the meal that’s going on next door.

“I can go a while longer.” I admit. Sitting at our little stalls. Olly watches me worriedly.

“Its getting close to your own 18th.” He says worriedly. I nod, kind of thinking its that myself.

“What if you.” I start worriedly, he knows what I’m going to ask. He shakes his head sighing.

“No Liv.” He tells me pulling me into a hug. I hug him back tears in my eyes.

“I’m sorry Liv.” He tells me I hear how close he is to crying.

“I’m not going to die because I am around you when you turn 18. Mom died because some messed up magic that causes the human mother to die when the demon reaches 18. Mom died because her human body couldn’t cope anymore.” Olly tells me his voice shaking. Its what we found out and it was so common. It was common for humans to die because of getting knocked up 18 years previously. Its so messed up that on the day a kid should be celebrating turning into an adult they suddenly loose their parent. Olly should have been able to celebrate that day. but mom was gone, and we were suddenly different.

“Liv.” Olly sighs into my hair.

“I promise you your 18th birthday will be like any other unpopular home educated normal kids 18th birthday.” He assures me.

“hey I’m not unpopular.” I say in mock outrage.

“Uh internet friends don’t count.” He says a smile on his face even if its forced.

“then maybe you should have sent me school not home educated me.” I point out.

“uh huh send the demon into a high school. Because that’s not asking for problems.” He says looking worried. Yeah, I get it, I aint normal. I change in front of him. Rather than me stood in front off him, a girl I kind of think would have been me if I wasn’t a demon stood there. Her hair brunette and in braids, her eyes the lightest of blue. Freckles and moles on her face. Olly shakes his head at my glam. He touches the mole in the corner of my eye. Where I used to have one that matched moms.

“I take it you haven’t ate?” he questions putting my burnt pizza in the trash. I shake my head no.

“No, I was just going to have a pizza for dinner.” I admit.

“Alright I’ll cook us some mac and cheese you go get a bit of your math done.” He says.

“Oliver, why do I need math?” I ask.

“because you can glam Liv, you can have a better life than the common demon. You can get a college degree and a great job” He says seriously. He looks at me and shakes his head again.

“go do your schoolwork.” He says.

“alright. Alright.” I groan and walk off into my bedroom. I flop onto my bed and look at my laptop which is open on my English paper. I sit in front of it and load up my math work. None of it makes sense at all. I get lost into trig when there’s a knock on my bedroom door.

“Liv dinners ready.” Olly calls. I put down my laptop and go out. He’s even set our little table. I give him a sad smile.

“Liv you’re still wearing the glam.” He sighs. I go to drop it, but he shakes his head.

“no don’t drop it you need to go shopping later.” He says seriously, pulling out some cash from his pocket.

“How was work?” I ask sitting at the table and taking a mouthful of the yumminess.

“Not too bad, I got tips so alright. I got work at the bar tonight.” He says seriously.

“maybe I should get a job.” I bring up for the millionth time.

“no Liv your job is to get good grades at school and college.” He sighs.

“I’m 18 next week. I can help you out Olly. Most kids my age have part time jobs.” I point out. Olly doesn’t say anything he just takes a mouthful of his own mac and cheese.

“I don’t know Liv. I know I can’t keep you a little kid forever but the worlds dangerous.” He sighs. I nod knowing it to be the truth. People would say but you’re a demon what do you have to be scared off. But they live in denial. The worlds prejudges against the supes still exist to this day. It’s been 230 years since the great war and humans still treat us all like we are the plague. Being a demon as well, yeah most treat us like we are the scum of the planet. Even other supes. So, what Olly drives up peoples sex drives and sucks that energy, but he never leaves the girl wanting. He doesn’t hurt the girl. In fact, most girls love to boast that they’ve had sex with a lust demon. There is no better orgasm apparently.

“I could permanently wear a glam.” I point out.

“you could but you would be exhausted.” Olly points out.

“what’s the longest you can hold it now? Three four hours?” he asks me. I nod.

“four hours 22 minutes now.” I admit.

“You’ve been practicing.” He says with a proud smile.

“you told me to. It’s the only way I can have real college and not online.” I point out with a sad smile.

“That’s what I want for you Liv a life out this apartment.” He sighs, looking around our small apartment with a sad smile. We both know how lucky we are to have this place. If it weren’t for moms life insurance which they had reluctantly paid out to Olly even though they had fought it, we would have nothing. They had wanted to take me away to. They had told Olly that he couldn’t raise a human kid. Olly fighting that we had the same father and that meant when I was 18, I would be a demon to kind of had them wash their hands of me. I think me loosing my glam in front of one social worker and Olly having to fuck her till her brain went kind of mushy helped. She had signed it off that day and that was the last we had heard from them. It was also when Olly moved us out the town and to a supe and human friendly town. Olly works two low paid jobs to keep a roof above our heads and food in our bellies.

“So, your English essay?” he asks me.

“I’m writing it.” I tell him.

“uh huh and how many words have you got since yesterday?” he questions a weak smile on his lips.

“the title and my name.” I admit.

“Liv.” Olly sighs my name how he can make my name sound so disappointed must be a gift.

“It was due yesterday your professor has emailed me twice this term to tell me your behind.” Olly says giving me a firm look.

“Don’t give me that look Olly I’m trying I got an extension.” I tell him.

“I know your trying Liv. I know your doing everything you possibly can. Your stressed Liv I can see that. I’m not blind. But I also see you spending every waking minute either on your games console talking with your friends or reading. You need to set yourself a schedule. or you’re going to end up having to redo this term which means you’ll be late graduating which means you’ll be late applying to college. I want you to be able to have a good job.” He sighs.

“I want more for you than you working at a strip club or bar like most lust demons. I want more for you than that.” He sighs.

“you’ve never complained about working at the bar before Olly.” I say worriedly.

“no and it’s a great job for me. but not for you. You deserve more.” He says.

“what if I don’t want more?” I ask.

“I can’t I just can’t deal with you right now.” Olly says getting to his feet he walks out the room shaking his head. He slams his bedroom door. Him acting more like a teenager than me. as he often does considering he’s a 27-year-old demon. But then he’s going to live hundreds of years now. The benefit of being a supe. No wonder humans hate us with there small life spans. I wish though that I could give up my hundreds of years to have had mom longer. But I don’t blame Olly. I blame our dad. If he for one moment had told her. If he had prepared us. But no, him popping in that once just after I was born was the only time he had ever seen me. that I and Olly are aware of. I don’t know what mom was thinking. Why sleep with the guy who had already let you down. I look down at my half full bowl of mac and cheese. Groaning. I get up and scrape what’s left in both our bowls back into the dish that Olly used. There is enough there now for both of us to have it to eat tomorrow. I cover it up and put it in the fridge. I then clean up. I am on the last dish when Olly opens his bedroom door. He’s dressed in his black shirt and pants ready to go to work. He looks at me.

“I’m sorry Livy.” Olly tells me coming close to me.

“I’m sorry.” I tell him wrapping my arms around him. He bends and kisses my head.

“be in your room when I come home this morning, I’ll bring a meal.” He tells me. I nod.

“thanks.” I tell him. He squeezes me slightly tighter.

“Be good.” He tells me.

“never.” I tell him.

“there’s my demon sister. Love you stupid” he tells me.

“love you too idiot.” I tell him he squeezes me once more and then lets me go.

“English essay.” He tells me.

“yeah, yeah dad I’m on it.” I tell him.

“Urg don’t call me that.” He says he scrunches my hair.

“Go shopping tomorrow then you’ll have tomorrow’s tips to, I’ll leave them in the fridge.” He tells me.

“Alright. Thanks.” I tell him.

“anything special?” I ask him.

“Your birthday meal.” He tells me.

“also get the stuff for pulled pork wraps.” He tells me.

“alright but can we have that for my birthday meal.”

“what kind of girl should I get tonight?” he asks me, a smile on his face.

“desperate.” I tell him.

“the easiest kind.” He says. He then walks away from me.

“English.” He tells me from the door.

“I will.” I assure him, he opens the door then and then walks out. The moment the doors shut I smile.

Emailing my English essay off I smile. Olly will be happy when I tell him that. I look at the time. I got an hour till he’s due back. I immediately reach for mY controller and log in to the game, that came out only a few months back. Me and my friends on another game had all joined together and lately it was the game I would find them on. Even though I haven’t admitted to them its my least favorite. But after being by myself with just Olly since I was 9. Friends was something I wanted in life.

“Hey Livegirl where you been?”

“Actually, getting work done Cree. We can’t all just play all day, some of us have actual work to do. What are you losers doing” I tease him.

“but baby girl that’s what we do best and who you calling losers.” Reg questions.

“you looser why are you getting your ass ate out by zombies?” I question.

“because for some reason in this stupid game, zombie bites are toxic to dragons.” Reg groans.

“because they would be to any supe or human.” Cree points out.

“Uh idiot zombies aren’t real.” I point out.

“I think demon avatars are meant to be immune. Come save me baby girl.” Reg says. I spawn in front of Reg and he’s right zombie bites aren’t toxic to demon avatars although the bites do take down my health bar. But after a while the three of us clear out the zombies from the warehouse. I hear the front door open and Olly stumble in the sound of two girls giggling reach my ears. Two? I look at my bedroom door. I lean back against my wall to be closer to his room. I twirl a bit of my hair in my fingers. Its then that I realize its back to its white blonde. How long ago did my glam fade? Music gets turned on really loud.

“Again?” Reg questions laughing when Ollys sex soundtrack starts they are as used to it as I am.

“hey least he can get some.” I point out laughing.

“hey I get some.” Reg says.

“your socks don’t count.” Cree says before I can. I start drinking the energy that starts to charge the air. Not sucking it all. Sharing with Olly. I let out a sigh as I feel the part inside me that always feels like its empty lately start to get some food.

“You alright?” Cree and Reg ask at the same time. I didn’t realise that sigh was so worrying.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?” I question them.

“You’ve been rather quiet lately even for you.” Cree says I can hear his worry.

“Yeah I just, im stressing about college and graduating.” I admit.

“what ones are you interested in currently?” Cree asks interested.

“I dunno. I don’t see how they are feasible. Hes constantly telling me hes got my college money covered.” I admit.

“but you don’t think he does?” Reg questions.

“I know he hasn’t. he works two jobs just to get food on the table and pay for the appartment. I cant see him actually being able to afford it. He still refuses to let me get a part time job to help out. Even though I pointed out most people can work.” I groan.

“Live he just wants you to concentrate on your schooling. Its understandable.” Cree says.

“Yeah but that makes me feel guilty. I now keep thinking about the what ifs. What if he had managed college himself. What if he hadn’t had to step up and take care of me. where would he be now if he hadn’t had to give up his own life for mine.” I admit.

“he really isn’t giving up much. I know lust demons who get it less than your brother.” Reg points out. I sigh. That’s one thing I never admit to them that Olly and I are demons. I keep eating.

“Baby girl. This worlds hard. I aint even going to lie to you and tell you that theres actually sunshine and flowers outside that door. But its not that bad out there. One day you have eventually got to go out into it.” Reg tells me. I sigh again sucking more energy.

“I know. Its just hard.” I admit truthfully.

“Yeah Live we get that. Trust me, I get that its hard out there in the real world. But hiding in your room isn’t going to help.” Cree tells me. hes been telling me similar for a while.

“Can we just talk in chat?” Cree says and he logs out. Sighing I log out the game and log into our chat program. I take in Cree online. Everyone elses names are offline., I count my five friends. All guys. The guys as I call them. My lifeline to the real world since I was 15 years old and Olly got gifted the old game console and gave it to me for my birthday.

“We abandoned Reg.” I point out.

“Na the looser can log in. he was there when I told you to go chat. I was loosing stats because weren’t concentrating.” Cree points out.

“True.” I sigh.

“I haven’t seen the others in weeks.” I say truthfully.

“it’s a Friday night they’ll be at work.” Cree says I can almost hear his shrug. One of the girls crys out in pleasure the wave of energy then. I groan as it hits me.

“I can hear that through your mic.” Cree laughs.

“Yeah and over his music I don’t know why he even trys to drown them out.” I admit.

“because he doesn’t want his little sister hearing him get his rocks off possibly.” Cree says.

“Properly.” I admit.

“what I miss?” Reg asks.

“nothing.” Both Cree and I say together.

“Yeah yeah I believe you.” Reg groans.

“Harder, harder.” I hear shouted. I can’t help but let out a giggle as Reg and Cree laugh.

“Your brother really is my hero.” Reg laughs. Mine too. but I don’t say it as I suck in more of the lust.

“Have you talked to him about the games fair?” Reg asks hopeful.

“not today. He wasn’t in the right kind of mood with me to bring it up.” I admit.

“why not?” Reg asks.

“My English paper was late.” I admit.

“ah baby girl, your teacher ring him again?” Reg asks.

“Yeah shes a tattle.” I admit.

“Yeah its tattling telling your guardian you haven’t completed your school work.” Cree says sounding frustrated with me.

“whos side are you on?” I question him but still smiling.

“toss up. I want you to come to the game fair. But not if its going to reck your chance of getting into college.” Cree informs me. I doubt I can hold my glam long enough to go through college.

“What major have you been thinking about this week?” Reg asks interested.

“None really seem to have any future for me.” I admit truthfully. I haven’t got a clue what I want to do with my life. A part of me wonders what if I went into law, could I fight for demons rights. Demons rights to an education? But no one would take me serious. If I carried on glamming myself, surely I would be lying to everyone myself included.

“what would you both do if it was up to you?” I ask interested.

“still what I studied. Computer programing.” Cree admits. He graduated when I turned 17. Olly hadn’t liked the guys ages. But as I pointed out I would grow to be 100s and one day I would have to give someone my v card I’m a lust demon after all.

“It isn’t about what we would study though baby girl its about what you want to study.” Reg points out. I sigh.

“I don’t know.” I admit.

“not something that needs trig.” I tell them.

“or algebra.” Cree informs me.

“or English essays.” Reg pipes in. the girl screaming then makes us all break in to giggles. I suck in the lust from that.

“girls are you both done already?” Olly’s voice sounds through the wall.

“both?” Reg questions laughing.

“apparently so.” I giggle.

“He needs a medeal.” Reg laughs.

“don’t inflat his ego.” I laugh.

“Talk to him about the game fair. It would be great to finally get to meet you. I promise you we will all be better gentlemen than he is.” Cree laughs.

“Like that would be hard.” I laugh.

“where even is the game fair this year?” I ask interested.

“New York.” Reg tells me.

“if you can’t afford to come, if he says its money I will help out.” Cree says. I look at the wall.

“Where abouts in New York?” I ask hoping it’s a mixed area.

“Blaine towers.” Cree tells me.

“that really popular wizard is holding a game fair in his building?” I ask confused.

“Yeah think he’s a closet geek.” Cree laughs.

“What date?” I ask.

“23rd of Quintilis for actul event.” Cree says.

“I might be able to ask for it for a birthday present. But it might be pushing it. He doesn’t like me in crowds. Espically in a mixed area.” I say worriedly.

“would he prefer to send you during the human only day?” Cree asks, I can hear how torn he sounds.

“Not exactly.” I admit.

“A supe only time?” Cree asks more hopeful.

“Not exactly. Dude he home educates me. he would prefer to keep me away from everyone.” I point out with a weak laugh.

“He needs to let you live your life eventually.” Reg tells me.

“I know but the truth is he would prefer if I could come to send me at the least popular time. One that yes could be mixed just limit the amount of people around me.” I admit, thinking about how I could convince him into it.

“So maybe pre-opening VIP?” Cree questions sounding excited.

“Yeah but whats the chance of me getting that?” I ask.

“Check your emails.” Cree says laughing. I move over and open my laptop. I open my emails and I have one at the top from Nykel.

“I feel like I haven’t seen Nykel in months.” I say opening it not sure what to expect. A grand preopening VIP all access pass to the fair isn’t it. It’s the day before the grand opening. But the pass gives me every day I realise reading it.

“What the hell?” I ask them. Cree laughs.

“Nykels apparently working it.” Cree says.

“Shit I knew he was a workaholic just not that much of one. Surely he can go to an event and not work it.” Reg laughs.

“So all you’d have to convince your brother into is the travel money and spending. Say you can make it.” Cree says.

“I really will try. I will ask him. I hope he says yes.” I say actually excited. I start feeling lust back on the air. Omg round two already? I look at the wall and laugh as I hear the moaning start.

“Round two already?” Reg laughs.

“Your brother really is my hero.” Reg laughs.

“Did I give you permission to cum?” Olly questions. I burst out laughing so does Reg and Cree.

“So bossy.” I mumble laughing. But that kind of ups the girls lust alone. Woo that was strong. My head sways.

“I should be getting to sleep.” I sigh looking at the time and seeing 3am on the clock.

“Ah baby girl why when you don’t wake up till mid-day anyway.” Reg questions.

“you make me sound lazy.” I chuckle.

“Not lazy sheltered.” Cree says.

“But then as you’ve said before and proved you’re a night owl. You do your best work when its dark.” Cree points out.

“exactly my English essay was just my name until it went dark then I got it all wrote.” I admit.

“What was it about?” Cree asks.

“Midsummers night dream. All pre supe war novels this term.” I admit.

“what do you think shakesphere was trying to say?” Cree asks.

“I haven’t a clue, if I knew writing the essay would have been easier.” I laugh.

“Harder, Harder.” A girl screams out.

“don’t orgasim.” Olly says firmly. It makes all three of us giggle. I take in the wae of lust in the air. My head sways again. Its filling but its weird filling. Its like im filling up on drink and not a meal. I will talk to Olly about it tomorrow. Its been feeling that way for a while now. Like all im eating is liquid.

“So have you and your brother got anything special planned for your birthday?” Reg asks interested.

“Hes going to cook pulled pork wraps.” I admit with a smile. Even though they can’t see me.

“your not going to eat out?” Reg questions sounding torn.

“Nope just going to have a night in him cook then watch some tv until he goes work. I don’t really want to celebrate my birthday.” I admit.

“why not? It’s the year you become a grown up. And if you have any dormant magic the day the powers are revealed.” Reg says.

“or to the odd few of the population it’s the day there parents die.” I mumble.

“that is just a myth.” Reg says.

“demons are born now from other demons. An angel hasn’t been spotted on earth in over 250 years. Before the great war.” Reg says. I bite my lip to say the truth. I know for a fact theres at least one angel walking around on earth. Or at least there was 18 years ago. I have a filling that they may have learnt there lesson on having sex with humans now.

“I dunno.” I admit tiredly.

“Liv you never have mentioned your parents.” Cree says, I can hear the worry in his voice.

“Not much really to say. My dad has seen me once in my life and my mom died in a car crash on her way to work when I was 9. Its just me and Olly.” I tell them. But its kind of a lie, because they had proved my mom was dead before her car even hit the building. Mom had died of a heart attack at the wheel and then crashed her car. If she hadn’t have been up so early she would have possibly died in her sleep.

“I’m sorry Live.” Cree says I can tell he means it.

“Ollys been great, I can never say he hasn’t done his best.” I say meaning it.

“it kind of makes sense why hes so protective of you.” Cree says seriously.

“I know.” I sigh as the next wave hits me. That’s when one of the girls orgasims. I hear the bed move.

“Baby girl if you could have something special for your birthday what would you want?” Reg asks.

“nothing no one could ever give me.” I admit. Because what I want in life, is one day with mom here to spend the day with me and Olly and to tell Olly that its not his fault shes gone. He blames himself still to this day I know he does. Even though I make it clear to him I don’t blame him.

“What about the latest game set. Im sick of you lagging and not able to play all the games we do.” Reg says seriously.

“We couldn’t afford that. The fact we got the first one is still amazing.” I admit.

“I don’t even think the speeds in my neighbour hood could keep up with what yours do.” I admit.

“Baby girl please come to the game fair.” Reg says.

“I am really going to try convince Olly.” I assure them.

“what if you guys don’t like me when you meet me?” I ask interested.

“Baby girl I wouldn’t care if you were human or supe. Your you and that’s whats important.” Reg says. Human or supe but not demon. Most supes don’t class demons as one of them.

“I can say the same Live I wouldn’t care what you look like, your you and your my friend have been for years. Nothing you can do now could change that.” Cree says seriously.

“would you care if we were humans or supes?” Cree I ask hearing worry in his voice again.

“Nope. You guys are pretty much the only people in the world to me. your all you.” I say.

“this is getting really deep and I got work tomorrow well today so im going to say goodnight. Night Cree night Baby girl.” Reg says then he logs off.

“Live, can you email Nykel back when you can confirming you can come with yours and your brothers names. He will send you the form when you do so your all access passes will be ready. If you need any cash to come please tell me. because I can help.” Cree says.

“why are you suddenly so desperate to meet me?” I ask worried.

“Because Live next year a lot is going to be changing for me and I want to know that I didn’t make a mistake.” He sighs.

“what kind of mistake?” I ask worriedly.

“I’ll tell you when its confirmed.” He sighs sounding sad.

“Cree? Whats wrong?” I ask him worriedly.

“I turn 25 next year.” He sighs.

“I know.” I say wondering why that’s suddenly an issue.

“Yeah well i then have to step up and do what my parents expect.” He sighs.

“Oh and that will mean less gaming?” I guess.

“exactly.” He sighs.

“but gaming is your calm space.” I say.

“don’t preach to the preacher Live.” He sighs.

“Please come I just need to meet you before its to late.” Cree sighs.

“I will really try convince Olly.” I assure him.

“your 18 when it comes on, you don’t need your guardians permission then.” Cree sighs sounding like he already knows the answer from Olly is going to be no. like it was last year. But last year it wasn’t local to us. Last fair I was still 16. Now im 18 things can change. Because I could just go as a demon if I would get in.

“is there any no entrys?” I ask trying not to sound so interested.

“Nope Mr Blaine wants everyone to feel welcome.” Cree says seriously.

“People will only be asked to leave if they are aggressive or specicist.” Cree says.

“I will talk to Olly about it. I think for once he might actually say yes. He wants me to be able to go to a real college this year so maybe but im not say defiantly he will say yes.” I say.

“Yes, yes right there.” One of the girl shouts.

“Hopefully.” Cree says. I lay down on my bed filling full. A yawn slips out my mouth.

“so what have you got left to do for school this week?” Cree asks changing the subject. I tell him, I then ask what hes doing at work its all jacon to me really and he knows that. After a while I’m drifting off. I hear Cree chuckle slightly.

“Night beautiful.” He never says it to me when I am fully with it. I always mean to question him about it but I never really want to when im awake. Its kind of my hint on nights when I talk like this that its bedtime.

“Night Cree. See you soon.” I say then I take my headphones off. I roll over and log off and then sleep claims me a few moments later.

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