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A Demon Attends my School and I Think I Love Her

By Kit Ardnalas All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Fantasy


"wait I have school?" I finished chewing and grumbled. "yes you do" Felix put the back down by me. "Well hell" I growled and put it on. "Welcome to earth my lady" a tall well-built man in a suit stated.

Black Roses

I woke up with a cramp in my wing, causing me not to only fall out of bed, but to also rip a hole in my favorite night shirt. Sure it had a giant cheesy smiling cat on the front with the words “Fish?” written all over it, but it was my favorite shirt. The matching shorts, which were covered in dead fish, held to my skin like skinny jeans. Which I mean being five foot six and only weighing about one hundred and ten pounds isn’t really a problem. I looked in the mirror and did a double take.

“Hell I look like a lion” I looked at my hair.

“Yes you do” my demon side noted.

I stretched out my sore and cramping wing, hoping the pain would subside soon. Ignoring my demonly half, I took a shower hoping the hot water would help. I wrapped myself in a fluffy towel and looked into the mirror. After blow drying my hair and my wings, I cooked breakfast. It was normal for a demon to not eat but on this occasion I thought I would give it a try. After suffering through eating some eggs I sat down with my half of a finished tea. I reviewed my acceptance letter a hundred times it felt like.

“Violet” My demon noted as I looked down at the letter.

“Stop it Lily” I drank the last amount of tea in my cup.

“Violet are you sure you want to do this?” I was getting irritated with this.

“Yes Lily I do”


I arrived at Lucifer’s doorstep by noon and was ready for the change. I was about to knock when his assistant Maranda opened the door smiling.

“Violet Grancy” She bowed and took my coat. “My master will take you in the operating room”

I passed rooms filled with other demons. Some had burns all over and others had been punished for some crime they did. One was having her wings ripped out. Ouch...

“Darling” Lucifer grabbed my hand kissing it carefully.

“Hello” I bowed a little and watched as he grabbed paperwork from his desk.

There was an operating chair in the room with shiny metal tools everywhere.

“You need to sign here” he marked a with a crows feather.

I took the feather and pushed it into my finger, the blood dripping down my hand as I signed my name on this contract.

“Remember the deal Violet. Your information will all be there” I nodded and sat down.

“I must never fall in love as long as I live on Earth” and the painful process began.

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