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We will always be sisters

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I was once Alana Williams but now I am Isla Maia Jarye and I will protect my sister, no matter what! Who's Isla's sister? Who is Alana? Who's Isla?

Fantasy / Children
Ms. Kiss
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This is my first story, so please be kind. I’m MissTheKiss or you can call me Ms. Kiss, I allow any feedbacks and any comments but however I do not allow harsh comments or negativity here, I will block you. Anyway, I hope you like this, Readers.

_____________________________________________ *****Prologue*****

“You should be grateful that we even took you in. Alana, if it weren’t for me and your father, you would be dead by now!” a blonde female voiced harshly as Alana scoffed. “REALLY… So you’re really using that stupid excuse, huh. Well, Jarie, you never took care of me. The maid did. Have you, father, or brothers socialize with me OR treat me like I’m your family? HELL NO, JARIE!” Alana yelled angrily, feeling her tears threatening to fall but she held it in. She quickly went to the closet, grabbed her clothes and started packing her stuff into her bags. As soon as she finished packing, she looked around her small but warm room, remembering when she used to hide under her old disgusting bed from her older brothers who were making her life hell. “You know, Jarie. I hate you… I really hate you.” Alana’s voice cracked but she tried to hide it. Jarie stood there, speechless as she stared into the pain and the anger in Alana’s glare, realizing it was her fault all along and for the first time in her motherhood, she regrets that she never gave Alana the love that she needed and deserved. “Goodbye, Jarie… You will never be my mother.” Alana whispered quietly but Jarie could hear her. “Goodbye, Alan—WATCH OUT!!” Jarie screamed as she watched Alana’s blood spatter.

_____________________________________________ What happened next? You have to wait and find out!
-Ms. Kiss
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