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Smoke and Ash (Wardens Book 2)

By Heather Glidewell All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


With Wesley gone Dawn is merely a shell of the girl she once was. Her unwilling Claim on Aaron breaking her slowly. When an old family friend appears out of nowhere and tells her what she is, Dawn is confused. Believing to be the only of her kind she is now faced with my choices than ever. She must rediscover who she is and the real reason for her gifts. When people start to die all over Midvale she is forced to step up and into a role that she is not ready for. There is a war brewing on the horizon and she is smack dab in the middle.


“Dawn look at me. Please open your eyes.” The voice whispered.

“Who are you?” I asked blinking in the darkness.

I could sense the cool ground beneath my bare feet and the chilling air on my flesh. I had no idea where I was the darkness plagued me as I felt I had never been here before. This was new, and it was frightening. I could feel the cold sweat beginning to bead on my flesh. My eyes darted in all directions searching for the voice’s face.

“It’s me.” She said softly.

I saw a glimmer of white light and a girl appeared.

“Krista!” I exclaimed stepping towards her as she took on a solid form.

She was exquisite in appearance, far more beautiful than I had imagined from her apparition. Her hair was blonde and fell in soft waves to her shoulder blades. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and they sparkled brightly. When she looked up and smiled at me brilliantly my heart instantly stopped. I was mesmerized, lost in her beauty. I could finally see why John was so enamored with her. Even years after he ended her life he was still left breathless in her presence.

“Nice to see you again Dawn, it’s been awhile.” She shimmered for a second then turned solid again. “Please excuse my appearance I cannot always maintain a concrete form when I am in this plane.”

“Why am I here?” I asked looking around the blackness.

We were the only two here, I couldn’t sense any other beings in the vicinity. I looked at her she was determined, fighting the flickering of her spirit to remain solid.

“Something’s coming.” Her smile fell from her lips and concern took over. “It’s not good either.”

“Then what is it?” I asked feeling out of place in this dark world. She had her reasons for bringing me here. There is always a reason to be brought into the darkness. Most of the time it is merely to convey a secret. Something that only the two of you should ever know.

“The Angels and Demons are conversing in soft whispers about what it could be. Nobody knows, it’s just a feeling.” Her voice was filled with dread like she had just communicated to me the world was ending. Honestly it could be for all I knew.

I looked at her blankly.

“Can you give me any additional information?” I asked hopeful. People seem to have this feeling about me that I can sense anything and know instantly what I’m supposed to do. Though I had freedom I had been sheltered from this world that I was getting to know.

She shook her head no and then her frown turned into a smile.

“How can we stop it if we do not know what it is?” I was anxious I could feel the adrenaline flowing through my body.

“I just merely wanted to tell you that things are about to get out of hand.” She gave me a sad expression and I caved allowing the silence to take over.

We did not speak for minutes both of us just staring at the other hopeful that either one of us had good news that could go with this bad.

“In an off topic announcement I was told because of my selfless nature I will be given a second chance at life. Isn’t that just wonderful?” She exclaimed clasping my hands in hers. I jumped and she muffled a laugh.

She looked around her like she had lost something. Her erratic mood changes were starting to give me a headache. There was sadness in her eyes now that I couldn’t place, like something had ripped her heart out.

“I cannot keep a hold onto John for much longer. He grows weary and needs to answer the call of his maker.” Her eyes dimmed the sparkle fading.

“I understand.” I clasped my hands together as fear shot through me. When he was free from her what was he going to do to me?

“With what is coming I need to remain focused on what is happening now.” Her eyes got big and her nostrils flared.

“What is coming?” I asked again softly.

I had a distinct feeling she did not want to talk about John anymore. The thought of losing him again only broke her heart more. I didn’t think that she could handle any more damage to it. Even being a spirit she seemed so fragile. I couldn’t understand how she could love someone that had taken her life. Then again, how could I love someone that ran off with a red headed Demon hybrid?

“I don’t know, I cannot see the future but I can feel the change in the air. Midvale is about to become a battlefield.” She began to shimmer again, her solid form turning transparent. “I don’t have much time, my power grows weak. Let me just tell you this…”

She paused and folded her hands delicately together..

“Everything you have never understood is about to take form. You will think by finding it that it would answer all your questions, but instead it will only create more. I will protect you the best I can from where I am.” She looked at me but I had no response. “Well, until we meet again on solid ground and not one created by vivid dreams.” She kissed my cheek and just like that she was gone. I was standing alone in the darkness.

What was I supposed to do? Who was I supposed to look for? Just when I think I have my next move all planned out something else happens that puts me on a different path.

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