Enticed by the Dark

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"Everything has changed, Nick, and I don't know what to do." Nick grins at me. "Don't worry. You always figure out what to do, little sister." "What about Damon?" "We'll figure it out." Natalia is Bloodline to the Tyrant King. Her mother escaped their lands and came to live within the confines of the Human Province to escape his wrath not long after Natalia was born. Everything changes for Natalia on her eighteenth birthday. A voice whispering in her head leads to an adventure between Provinces and the finding of new allies and enemies within the Provinces. Allies come and go, but the enemy always remains the same. Fate. No one can escape their Fate no matter how hard they try, and Natalia, along with her friends, must try to outrun theirs for as long as they can in hope to change the disaster filled future that lies ahead for their home.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The sky had turned purple and thunder was rumbling through the turmoil filled sky, brilliant flashes of lightning the only thing illuminating the darkness. The animals were silent, too silent for anyone’s liking, and made everyone within the lurking trees feel on edge, paranoia settling on the small group and making them flinch at any sound within their hearing range.

The sound of an angry cry could be heard in the distance, and they all knew that they were running out of time; they had to get to the Human Province where they knew the angry King wouldn’t follow unless absolutely necessary. The thought alone sent a tremor of undeniable fear through the congregated truants. They knew that one day the King would come for his Queen and bloodline, but, until that day came, they would protect them both at any cost.

“My Lady,” a male says, bowing his head respectively. “We must keep moving. We are too far from the Neutral Province to be considered under its protection, and we are close to the Human Province. The Blue Fey will not take kindly to us using their Province for protection from our own Kin.”

The woman looks up to the sky, holding a bundle close to her chest. “I know, Buster, but we have no other choice. We may tire slower than Humans, but we have been moving all day and expended most of our Power. We will continue on our way at First Light. Until then, we will keep our strongest on guard, and I will cast a protection over us as to divert animals and other Fey.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

The night was long and hard for the Fey, but they had to withstand it to continue on their way to the safety of the Human Province. The sound of a wild draco awoke them from their slumber just before First Light, and they all started on their way to their new lives.

The trek was hard on the younger Fey, but they refused to fall behind and leave their Queen unprotected. The small congregation reached the border between the Provinces and stopped as a female appeared in front of them, an iron dagger clutched tightly in her pale hand. At that, the Queen dons her glamour and steps in front of her protectors.

“I am Queen Lisbeth,” the Queen announces, tilting her head to the side in greeting. “These are my Protectors who helped me escape from the Tyrant King. We seek amnesty within your borders, and a place to live until the time comes that my child and I must return to our Kingdom.”

The blonde woman lowers her dagger and scans the group of Fey before her. “Very well. I grant you permission to enter our Province, and I grant you and your Protectors amnesty until you must return.”

Queen Lisbeth and her Protectors stepped over the border and, almost instantly, glamour was donned and they were hidden from Human eyes. The blonde Human stares at the Fey with a cold calculation before turning on her heel and stalking towards the three houses that were backed by the Sacred Woods, the small congregation of Fey following her into the houses. None of them realise the harsh red eyes that followed them, or the protecting silver eyes that watched over them.

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